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Rushing demand for small SUV vehicles significantly affects the evolution of this species.Automotive brands in a cheerful innovation and customer are putting more and more interestingly for fighting.They were joined by a new Ford Kuga, which he has grown up, became more extensive and better finished in the cabin, and at the same time got cheaper in relation to its predecessor.An innovative -designed car with an intelligent 4WD drive is sensational in various road conditions, but it is not too suitable for trips to a more serious area.In the sixth episode of the SuperAuto24, we present the test of the test, i.e. everything about the new Ford Kuga.

Ford Kuga II - Introduction

In 2008, Ford decided to develop a niche lower class segmentut in Europe, falling into a group of off-road vehicles.This movement on a company with a blue oval was logged in the growing demand of SUV cars, characterized by practice, universality and multi -functional associated with drive4x4.The segment, dominated for several years, well -selling products from Japan, was filled with a model with the graceful name Ford Kuga.The car derived from the concept model IOSIS-X made the official premiere in 2007.It was built on the basis of P1 floor plate, which was previously used to build a Ford Focus C-Max.Introduced W2008.For sale the vehicle quickly appealed to customers and has already received the body lifting for many years.The demand for the car turned out to be so great that until it was replaced with a new model, the sale exceeded the level of 300,000 copies.

The new Ford Kuga debuted for the first time in 2011 at the Frankfurt marketplace as a conceptual prototype called Namertrek.The study shown was then a preview of a new faculty chosen by Ford.On the other hand, the production version of the second generation was only known in the September Salon -Ladies Geneva 2012.A completely changed SUV has entered the concept of the "Oneford" brand strategy, in one of the creation of uniform world cars, which is direct with minimizing production costs in global terms.Projects such as Focus, Fiesta, and still expected for the introduction of new Mondeo, were created toy with its assumptions.Europeans a few months later (November 2012) got to know the prices of Kugi number two, and the Samsa -car entered the salons of authorized dealers at the beginning of 2013.


Rushing demand for small SUV vehicles significantly affects the evolution of this species.Automotive brands in a cheerful innovation and customer are putting more and more interestingly for fighting.They were joined by a new recreational and teron Ford Kuga, who has grown up and has become a uniform citizen of all latitude.A stylistically softened in the world, which looks the same all over the world, although it lost your youth character at the expense of noble balanced lines, is innovative and holds a high level.The futuristic project of the construction of the construction of most produced today, it is easy to taste.The cockpit has a nice decor and attention to detail.Supporting instruments is not excellent, as it seems at first and you are quickly convinced to Ford solutions.Enthusiasm immediately raises a high level of materials used, a rich cabin finish and comfortable seats.You can feel that the kuga has grown in the interior, because the area by the team allows five people to travel, but the trunk like an out-of-a-how SUV could be a bit bigger, although in comparison with the withdrawn and so it gained a lot in liter.

The tested SUV in a version with a stronger diesel unit with a power of 163km, was characterized by good dynamics and flexibility.The high torque in combination with the turbocharged horses stable drives Kuga accordingly, which, analogously, translates into the freedom of driving even with passengers.The chassis in an ordinary passenger car is definitely a strong point.The car in the movement behaves confidently and allows you to get the pleasure of driving, and at the same time skillfully overcomes encountered as befits a SUV.The four -wheel drive used in more expensive Modelachinteligental drive is quickly adapted.In unforeseen situations, Fordy4WD is a big advantage, but unfortunately I don't.

In the Euro NCAP tests carried out, the new kuga obtained 5GWIDEK and as much as 88%points for general security, which is one of the notic noted in the category of medium-sized SUVs.In serial equipment, the customer gets 7 airbags and a rich package of electronic systems that support and braking.Additional interesting goodies that improve traveling have already been found on the list of additional options, which cost their own.Prices of the car itself by an average of PLN 6-9 thousand below, compared to those from a few years ago, affect the more positive reception of the new Kuga (base from PLN 95,900).However, confronting them with competitors' products, this is the amount for a new car from the living room still not owned by.Ford Kuga (behind the Atlantic ESCAPE designation) currently competes on the market with such models as (given prices take up the subtractors): Hyundai IX35 - 68 100 PLN, Kia Sportage -68 800 PLN, Nissan Qashqai - 72,000 PLN, Volkswagen Tiguan - 92 290 PLN,HONDA CR -V - PLN 94,900, MAZDA CX -5 - 94 400 PLN, TOYOTA RAV4 - 96 900 PLN, MITSUBISHI OPLANDER - 98 990 PLN, or Suzuki Grand Vitara - 107,900 PLN.


The silhouette designed according to the stylistic trend called "Kinetic Design", it looks very innovative, but not just like in the previous model.Due to the evolution of philosophyping, the body has become visually lighter and a little less ascary.The shape of the block similar to the compact Focus profile has ceased to be as intriguing as in the case of the first generation.Youth feisty character has been replaced with more mature, more made features, typical of today's family SUVs.The autowy looks at larger and proportional, which is confirmed by the increase in the length of the body and the reduction of the height of the recess to its predecessor.

Despite the alleviation of the characteristic Ford's Kuga design, it's hard to confuse him with the competition.The inflatable front, as in Nowe of Fundy.Holes filled with wide black slats and a place for the license plate.Attractively designed headlight shades can look different depending on the version.The basic ones are halogen with high -pressure washers.In the configuration with xenon lights (surcharge PLN 3,100) with lenses in the interior, LED lines of daytime running lines.Highly in the place of the GRILLE, a typical accent for all new Ford, i.e. a blue oval from a logomarka, separated by one chrome -like.The engine covering on the fenders, got in the middle -handed hump and extreme profiling of harmoniously passing through and the air inlet of the air.The belt of fog lights integrated with direction indicators, innovatively fitted into the side grilles, is an element of serial equipment.

Although the profile was strongly retouching, utility values are cheated on plastic covers on sheets.Just like in Stara Kuga, the lower part with a wide protective belt on the door got an additional fever.The segments most exposed to damage were not even painted, but left in the watt black.The compact accuracy inherited from Focus, but the lines outlined on the body immediately reveal.The main line of the side of the sheet metal, just like in class C bestseller, the door ran at the height of the door handles.The lightness of the structure is added by moderate roundings.The side mirrors are already serial.The back of the car, despite the abundance of the embossing.The appearance of the lamp is softened with an Isrebry bumper cover inserted in a black protective belt.The reference to the feisty character of the predecessor are only serial two round tailpipes.The lights with a marsh wedge.The third light of the boot tailgate is a series.


The new kuga available in the showrooms in two equipment versions (trend and titanium), in the subject of cockpit design is unlikely to surprise.Ford, based on the construction of a dashboard based on a cosmic pattern known from Focus, has already got used to customers to the futuristic style of the console.What in the interior extends before the driver's eyes is absolutely not common - in Kuga there is a nice decor and above all a modern atmosphere.The shapes of the segments are terribly separated from each other say a lot about designer innovation.Stock -up planes are impressive, three -dimensional, setting dicts of bounds were inscribed in interesting luminaires and spread them symmetrically relative to each other, and the center of the console was dominated by a comprehensive segment of the instruments.In the middle tunnel like a boomerang, a solution known from Focus returns in the form of a handbrake lever forming in the letter "Z".It is worth adding here that the impact on the project Malpolak Bogusław Paruch - STYLIST AND DESIGNER FORD MOTOR COMPANY.

The materials from which the materials were made are of very good quality.The entire soft -shaped, a soft, flexible structure.Plastics of bacon and console elements in higher parts are also pleasant to the touch, but in the lower segments they are already characterized by hardness.All this makes a positive impression and has been accurately folded.The number of ornaments is not exaggerated, because only small fragments of plastics were painted with silver color.Some strips are covered with shiny piano varnish, like the central dome of the radio.The craze in the list of options is lighting with LEDs with a moody climate function (only in Titanium - cost PLN 500).LEDs in: handle recesses, in the shelves in the door, in the tunnel storage and wpnel on the headliner, they highlight these elements on 7 different colors with the possibility of adjusting the power of power.

A large number of buttons in the central console are used to operate the devices in the cabin.This solution, unfortunately, is not the most emergency, because it is difficult to use a radio or navigation, without taking your eyes off the road.To choose the "na Watch" options, you need to remember the location of a little too small keys, ATO takes time.The best impression is also done by the multimedia display- maximum size 5 "is a bit too little of it.In addition, the test during the test was that he was agreed at too much distance of the Discadiers.

Under the oval Dashdesk District there is an interesting team.A traditional analog tachometer was located on the left, and on the right speedometer.In the middle from the top there is a large digital computer display, and below indicators of the Standaliwa and water temperature.The tips are intense blue and the numbers illuminated with white light.All other ielelectronic switches displayed, however, a light blue color.A lot of points belong.A well -profiled, correspondingly thick and soft to the touch rudder, it looks as if it has been lived on Focus.Basically, it is located in the component component control and with a radio.

It is much easier to operate ventilation settings than radio.Intuitively functioning manual air conditioning is a standard of equipment.The electronic air conditioning with automatically set temperature and display is an element of more expensive Titanium (in the trend variant, the additional payment PLN 1250).Automation of front and rear windows with obstacle sensors, just like mirror adjustment electrician along with the heating of the glasses and heating the front seats of the car.The heated windshield with heating the washer nozzle in the trend costs PLN 800, and in Titanium it is a standard.Cruise control with a speed limiter is a series, and an intelligent cruxatacc with an early warning system requires an additional PLN 5,600, or PLN 3,700 at Titanium.

Comfort and spaciousness

Contact with SUV can be felt immediately after getting into the cabin.Large doors and a higher suspension allow you to comfortably enter both the front and the bare compartment.There is nothing to worry about the space for the body.The elevated position behind the wheel, allowing you to observe the road in advance, also clearly feels that the car is not a compact.The extensive front seats care for the comfort of driving - people who like driving cars from the "high stool" will appeal to.Drivers, however, accustomed to the low position behind the wheel will be disappointed, because the seats located high above the floor cannot be lowered, despite the adjustment of the adjustment.Proper profiling of the backs is good in terms of side holding.The seat of the most important person in the car is set in 6 directions and has lumbar regulation.

There is also a place in the second row of seats.A convenient sofa offers a kuga, increased leg and elbow space compared to the previous generation.Departing on the further route on three people will not cause trouble.The floor is practically flat, the feet can be easily inserted under the seats, there is also no fear of hitting the knees on the backrest, unless people traveling at the front do not move back as much as possible.A convenient solution is an adjustable angle of the sofa backpack, which increases the comfort of passengers.His increase is influenced by the armrest retractable in the middle, which, unfortunately, is not serial.

Visibility forward is perfect, but the same can no longer be said about the field of Widzeniado Rear, limited by the small glass of Izerokie Bars.Sensational cabin enlightenment can be obtained thanks to the electrically folding out adventure - its price is PLN 3,000.Kugi's test ours was equipped with a panorama with a small material roller blind.This solution allows you to take heaven while driving while driving.The upholstery in the basic trend is material, and in a higher Titanium (as in the tested copy) the material is partially intertwined with the skin.Sports style seats with whole leather hem, electrically controlled in 10 directions, with additional folding tables in the backs for the passenger compartment, cost PLN 7,200.


Factory built -in CD/MP3 radio with 6 speakers and remote control from the steering wheel is mounted as standard in the basic version of the trend.A higher variant of Titanium has the same extensive set with a 3.5 "multifunctional display with a USB and AUX-in port in the storage compartment and enriched with Ford Sync system (Bluetooth wireless connectivity with voice control function and calling for help).In the trend model for such a set you have to pay PLN 1,400.

If music plays an important role during car travels, a higher multimedia level based on Sony's branded will take care of the right sound.Thanks to the black -colored panel, it looks more exclusive, ICO has more goodies.Smartphone fans will certainly be more satisfied with it, especially when they also like to use voice commands, which the system recognizes.It includes: CD/MP3 player with a color 4.2 "display, 9 speakers, Speaker setbluetooth with an extensive Ford Sync control function, USB/AUX-in socket.).

The satellite navigation system with European maps on the SD card, a 5-inch color illuminance from the menu and voice messages in Polish and the DAB+digital radio tuner, cooperating with the ordinary CD/MP3 radio, costs PLN 4,850 in Titanium, and in Titanium PLN 3,450.For the same satellite navigation with a digital tuner, attached to the above -mentioned Sony playing set, you need to spend PLN 5,650 (available only to the Titanium version).

Storage compartments

A lot of shelves and storage spaces have a positive effect on maintaining order in the cockpit.The solutions are based on drinks for drinks, shelves and several recesses.First of all, a very large closed storage space in the dashboard is available..In the waist running between the front seats is a 12V socket and a partition with two round cavities, adapting to the diameter of the containers.At the end there is an armrest covering a capacious deep recess.At the end of the tunnel, instead of shelves, ventilation channels with a useful 230V power socket, allowing, for example, charging during the traveling of an electronics.

On the left side of the board, a slim drawer was pulled under the optical fiber control knob.Designers, showing ingenuity, attached plastic gutters at the interface of the seats with the floor, thanks to which coins falling out of their pockets or other small things stop on it and do not fall under the seats.The upholstery of the front and rear doors received quite extensive pockets with cutouts for bottles.The headliner in the central part at the mirror contains eyelets for the glasses, and the sunlight illuminated mirrors for makeup mirrors.The backs of the front seats got sewn in pockets.The package for smokers (lighter with a wandering ashtray) was valued at PLN 40.


The new Kuga trunk has grown by 46 liters compared to the previous generation.The capacity is now 456 l, but nevertheless it does not even approach the top among compact SUVs (the most optimistic variant without a spare wheel gives 481 l).Dodging of KFFRYPRYPERATIVES: Mitsubishi Outlander - 591 L, Hyundai IX35 - 591 L, Hondacr -V - 589 L, Kia Sportage - 564 L, Toyota RAV4 - 547 L, Mazda CX -5 - 503 L, Volkswagentiguan -470 l, Volkswagentigai, Volkswagentiguan -470 l- 410 l, Dacia Duster408 L, Suzuki Grandvitara 398L.

The luggage space after opening the high rear cap is a good impression.The wheel arches only slightly go inside, thanks to which the trunk is a regular, flat floor increases functionality, and the blind develops and disassembles without resistance.Places for shopping or travel bags are enough for a longer trip for the whole family.A big plus is the lack of loading threshold, which makes it easier to arrange things and then reach for them.If you need to transport a more extensive item and the place will be too little, it may be useful to adjust the tilting of the rear backs.In the case of longer items, a folding sofa, asymmetrically divided in a ratio of 60/40, comes to the rescue.The background assembly system works extremely lightly and only the resulting unit dividing after their location deserves minus.After such an operation, the size of the trunk grows 1615 liters.

On the wall of the trunk, we can find a lighting lamp and an additional 12V power socket as standard.Under the floor there can be either a repair kit with a triangle with a triangle and fire extinguisher, or for an additional PLN 400, a commuting with a set of keys.An interesting innovation in Kuga is the optional ability to automatically open and close the tailgate using the foot shift under the bumper.If you have both hands, this idea is a hit.The flap lifted with the help of an electric actuator also has the function of opening remotely from the remote control key.Such a convenience is in the price list for PLN 1,100.

Engines and gearboxes

One of the four power units can find the location under the hood.Two ecoboost gasoline games and two motorwysocoppit duratorq with different power ranges are used.They are all four-cylinder, 16-valley systems.Engine 1.6ecoboostz with direct injection and support of the turbocharger, the dazzling variety develops 150 hp and 240 Nm.In this case, the drive is only set to the front wheels and has been factory-filed with Auto-Start-Stop, self-uniting the starting of the usable.The more powerful variant has 182 hp and TyleSamo 240 Nm of maximum composite torque with 4WD drive.

Diesel DuratorQ motorbikes, marked traditional for Ford Symbilemtdci, tubes known turbocharged engines, with direct fuel -firing Common Rail, mounted in other models.There are two variants of the unit with a capacity of 2.0.First -length 140 km and 320 Nm and you can choose it with both FWD JAJ4WD drive.The stronger generating type 163 HP and 340 Nm has been connected only with a 4WD known.

The engines can be configured with various running gears.Ecoboost gasoline cooperate with 6-speed manuals or automatic 6-speed boxes.Diesels, on the other hand, outside the 6-speed hand crates, have an innovative power-like PowerShift transmission option (dual clutch and 6-speed manual gear shifting).In the case of mechanical crates, the optimal indicator light is to have a positive effect.This indicator discreetly displays nazes and indicates the most appropriate moment of changing the gear to minimize the combustion of diesel.There is one more Ford Eco Mode system on board informing on the Driving Osekonomice Display.

Ford Kuga II 2.0 tdci 163 km - test

A four -cylinder diesel unit does not stand out with anything extraordinary.The culture of idle work is typical of the Fundy "abscess" because after firing the characteristic sound.Inside the cabin, the murmur is already pleasantly soundproof, and Motorabsoil does not transfer any vibrations to the body.You need a key to start it, because it is suited to this as a serially embedded in the FordPower starter designer instead of a traditional ignition.Manual gearbox, which was on board the tested cart does not cause precision, and the short lever of the jack is nice.The acoustic experience at the time of faster driving is also overlapped, because even with the gas pedal overclocking, the volume does not get into the cockpit.

Tested kuga with TDCI aggregate in the 163-horsepower variant, tonajmocie diesel placed under the hood.A large amount of galloping horses with a maximum torque of 340 Nm, supplied between 2000-3250 rpm, fits the new Ford well.Thanks to the turbocharger with driving a car weighing almost 1,700 kg, not to mapblems, even with a set of passengers on board.Optimism also good acceleration to the first hundred (9.9 seconds) and good adhesion of all four wheels.SUV thanks to the 4x4 drive changing the power between the front and rear axle of the power, pleasantly "repels" from the start and while driving.Moving from the hoof is easy, butless electronics in the blink of an eye eliminates the Society of Piszczeniapon.He behaves gently with a quiet tuft exhaust, whose round tips fitted on both sides of the bumper only build in sports.

The properties of the engine, however, can be appreciated the most in the different time.Flexible diesel smoothly gains speed, copes properly with lane changes and allows you to safely relieve car columns.Developing higher speeds is not foreign to Ford, because on a longer straight road there is a valley of up to 200 km/h without problems, which is a good result for a car above the ground.In addition, the highway dismissal of absolutely unrestricted comfort thanks to good quality mute.Significantly, the cruise control with a speed limiter, enabling the driver to rest behind the helm, is considerable.A more intelligent ACC adaptive cruise control, independently maintaining a distance from the system of earlier warning, significantly simplifies distant travels, but you have to have no already calculated PLN 5,600 in the trend version, or PLN 3,700 in Titanium.

Ford Kuga II 2.0 tdci 163 km - combustion

The car fuel tank has a capacity of 60 liters.An interesting fact is the Easy -Fuel plumping - its special -konstruction eliminates the cork, prevents pouring improper fuel into the tank and do not allow the influence of impurities when refueling.According to data, producer diesel 2.0 163 hp tdci duratorq, in combination of a rancid 6-speed gearbox: 7.3litra/100km urban cuts, the car is to settle with a dose of 5.1 liters per hundred, and the citizen is average to burn 5.9 l/100km..

As you can guess, catalog data on diesel consumption obtained in laboratory conditions, differ from those in reality.Superauto24 tests.They have shocked that the driving of the driving needs more fuel than he gave in his tableprint.TDCI he consumes the least with unhurriedly overcoming the next kilometers on the road.On the fast route, maintaining a speed of 100 km/h in the sixth gear, with a small amount of time, we managed to reach a 100 -kilometer result of a result of a hundred per hundred.Faster movement with highway speeds increases consumption.The movement of the Pomiejska agglomeration increases the appetite for oil to about 9-10 liters, the average dose is in the range of 7.5l/100km.

An extensive on -board computer known for the more expensive focus variants, Wkuga is a serial element.Fasted between the main digital display, you can present data in a variety.Access to extensive features and information on combustion is obtained using the buttons.There are absolutely no accusations for readability, and the idea of the functioning of even a few information at once is great.Interesting position of the computer is also monitoring the travel style -after choosing the right position in the menu letter, weak or good -economics is presented in the form of avid green leaves of flowers..


The construction of the new Kuga chassis is based on the floor plate, which was used in the first generation model earlier.This samolafing is also used to build Focus or the C-Max minivan.The suspension is based on the design scheme of the predecessor, with light modifications introduced.Auxiliary frame with McPherson columns with swingarms and transverse tilting stabilizer was used at the front.On the back, the nave was placed full of an independent multi -link suspension with a flat element determining the onazwie Control Blade.The tilt stabilizer was attached to the hub, with the help of a double ball joint.Such -bounds significantly affect the good driving.

Sitting behind the wheel of a new Kuga, it's hard to believe that he is dealing with the real SUV.Keeping the cart is not a segment for cars, which Kuga is a full representative.When you overcome the next kilometers, you can feel a strong kinship.Excellent driving properties are a brilliant result of tuned up.The car in the topic of driving is a lot ahead.The car at higher speeds.Traveling more dynamically, the bars of the car body are very moderate, which is significantly scored against the background of the competition.Only the e -electric power steering (EPAS) worked a bit with force, but does not perceive the certainty of the lead and allows first of all precision on parking maneuvers.

Suspension despite moderate elasticity, in a sufficient way.Specification skillfully captures the defects of IBEZPRAMMs coping with poor surfaces.Drive through humps, railway tracks, or sleeping policemen, they are calmly.A well -soundproofed body and chassis mechanisms take care of quiet work.Even the large size of the wheels (in the model size 235/50 R18) is not able to spoil the comfort, and at the same time cares for good adhesion to the asphalt surface of the iPositative aesthetic impressions when you admire the kuga standing quietly parking.

In the tested copy over the adequate body stability and what was happening with the wheels, he was supervised by four -wheel drive.In the new second generation, the heart of the system is developed by Ford, the own multicoline, electronics controlled (in the previous kudzkonstruction used Haldex).The 4WD drive in the trio with a higher ground clearance and plastic covers around the bottom of the body, allows you to move freely in poor ground quality.Electronics monitoring wheels rolling resistance, constantly developing the torque between the anterior and rear axle, which is minimized by the loss of adhesion, or the occurrence of podstelness on the slaughter.The driver can still observe on a special board on the computer, a picture of the torque distribution to the individual.Driving only the front is possible in its entirety only with a very roomy ride.All this means that in the 4WD models mountain -ranges, forest paths and grass wet meadows are not a problem.It was only the trip to a more bitter and uneven area that the car's weakness revealed.


The braking system contains ventilated shields on the front axle of the 300 mm sight and solid discs at the rear with a diameter of 280 mm.In the case of an emergency braking, four -circuit ABS supported by electronic braking forces (EBD), measures the pressure on the brake pedal of Isamo -rearrange.The basic brakes still have EBA support (emergency braking support system).In addition, in the case of a sudden pressed brakes floor, the car expressly warns other drivers of the automation of pulsating emergency lights.The whole set is prepared for full readiness Iszybko copes with stopping the vehicle.


As many as 7 airbags are mounted in the cabin.They include: driver and passenger airbag, side pads protecting heads and cages, air curtains stretching along Linookien, as well as the driver's knee pad.The car uses three -point, inertial seat belts.Donated wires, the belts additionally have pyrotechnic tensioners with a reduction of voltage force and height adjustment.The signaling sensors.The rear seat seats are equipped with three serial height and systemisofix for children's fasteners in the side seats.Autosynaujuje with the sound and image on the computer display leaving the door uncomporated.Power package covering the electric rear door lock system, preventing them from opening from the inside by children in a set of 230V power supply, costs PLN 500.

Ford in care for safety and excellent guidance assembles a rich set of advanced systems in Kuga.The driver is a basic retaining the power steering package: ABS (a system for blocking the braking circle) ZEBD (intelligent -throat -colored braking wheel braking), ESP (electronic stabilization stabilizer.Options requiring subsidies are LKA from ACS (a system supporting the maintenance in the lane with a system to prevent collisions at low speeds, which costs PLN 2,600.

Security and sensors

Each Kuga basicly mounted a factory central pilot lock, automatic locking button of the inside -core door and a Ford Power starter button in the dashboard.A central locking with two -stage locking requires PLN 250.The optional circuit and capacitive auto -themeter. Thatcham costs PLN 650.Additional Ford Keyfree system for the central locking (colloquialinteligental key, releasing the locks of the car after a close -up door) also allowing non -contactless opening and closing the flap with the flap due to shifting the foot under the bumper, costs PLN 2,800.

We will not find any sensors in Kuga as standard.If we desire goodies that facilitate driving, you need to look into the list of additional options.Parking radars at the rear cost PLN 1,100, or an element of one of the packages.The SYSTEM SYSTEM (Monitoring of a dead field of view of wrshorec, electrically folded mirrors, PLN 2,350.The test tutor was equipped with just such, which did not end up as if it was expected.During the day, the system worked and lamps mounted in the mirrors correctly informed the blades in deadlypol, but at night the orange diOnapotraphic was ignited even when the obocant was nothing.DDS sensors, i.e. a vibration pressure monitoring system, costs PLN 200.

The most expensive composition is a rich packet -packers (which is an electronic guardian angel) containing: LKA (system..The monitoring function of the fatigue officer gives the need to take a stop.Catching road signs Tociekawa Option, because on the computer there is a colorful color with a current speed limit on the computer.In the trend, this set valued PLN 3,400, and in Titanium its price decreases to PLN 2,600.


The headlights can look different depending on the version.The basic ones are halogen high -pressure washers.In the configuration with xenon lights (surcharge PLN 3,100), the interior of the shades adorned with a modern LED belt for daytime running lights.The bixenon has the automatic adjustment of the angle.Fog lamps integrated with direction indicators, fitted into the bumper grilles are part of the serial equipment.

The side mirrors, regardless of the version, have built -in direction indicators.The rear lamp shades with a splinic on the bokicaroseria, only in the package with the bixenon are equipped with strangers, arranging with light stripes.The third light light integrated into the roof is the basic element.


The basic warranty on the vehicle mechanics includes a 2-year kilometer unit.The warranty for the body paint coating is a period of 2 years, and the perforation of sheet metal is a 12-year-old time-war mileage camper.It is possible to buy additional repair insurance depending on the choice of options, from 3 to 5 years of operation, or a maximum mileage of 150,000.kilometers.Warranty 10 years or mileage of 200 thousand. kilometers aktywowana jestprzeglądem wykonywanym w ASO.As part of Ford Protect, the client, a programemassSTISTANCE program, identical to the conditions of the FordasSistance program 12.

Film from the euro ncap test test

In the crash tests of the Independent Research Organization of Euro NCAP, the maximum score of the five -hand was granted.The car has obtained 88%of points for general safety, which is one of the highest noted in the category of medium-sized SUVs.94% of points were awarded in the category of protected passengers, and 86% of points for the protection of children.

Price in Poland

The car in Polish salons is available in two equipment versions.Basic Trend with engine 1.6 ECOBOOST 150 HP, with only front drive costs PLN 95,900.The cheapest model with diesel engine 2.0 TDCI 140 HP with front -wheel drive costs PLN 102,050

Described and tested by the editors of SuperAuto24.PL Ford Kuga is a version of Titanium equipment.In the Polish offer, such a model with engine 2.0 TDCIO Power 163 HP and 4WD drive was priced at PLN 122 350.An identical interior with additional equipment packages as in the test costs PLN 140 400.

1.6 EcoBoost 150 KM M6 ASS FWD95 900 zł103 900 zł
1.6 EcoBoost 180 KM A6 4WD113 550 zł121 400 zł
2.0 TDCi 140 KM M6 FWD102 050 zł109 900 zł
2.0 TDCi 140 KM M6 4WD111 050 zł118 900 zł
2.0 TDCi 140 KM PowerShift 4WD120 050 zł127 900 zł
2.0 TDCi 163 KM M6 4WD114 350 zł122 350 zł
2.0 TDCi 163 KM PowerShift 4WD123 350 zł131 350 zł


Ford Kuga II 2.0 tdci - technical data

Pojemność1997 cm3
Moc maksymalna120kW/163 KM przy 3750 obr/min
Maks mom. obrotowy340 Nm przy 2000-3250 obr/min
Prędkość maksymalna198 km/h
Przyspieszenie 0-100km/h9,9 s
Skrzynia biegówręczna/6
Zbiornik paliwa60 l
Masa własna/ładowność1692/2250 kg
Opony235/50 R18
Emisja CO2154 g/km
Bagażnik/ po złożeniu456 l/ 1653 l



The second generation, despite the based on the same floor plate, gently charging the previous model, the new kuga has 4524 mm (it is longer by 81 mm), its width is 1838 mm (minus 4 mm), Awysość reaches 1701 m (minus 9 mm).2690 mm resentment is the same as before.The clearance is 192 mm.The trunk capacity is 456 liters (a trunk increase by 46 l), and after folding the space increases to 1653 l in configuration with a setting set.

The second kuga's own mass may change depending on the engine version equipment.The lightest -inch with engine 1.6ecoboost weighs from 1580 kg and the heaviest 2.0 tdci with automatic box 1707 kg.The permissible massive mass is up to the maximum depending on the version, from 2100kg to even 2230 cilograms in the case of TCDI diesel.

Body colors

The car is offered in one of 9 body colors.The base varnish is Blazer Blue.Another Frozen White costs PLN 750.The next metallized varnishes in the queue require the customer to pay PLN 1950.Special metallized colors are PLN 2,850.Painted bubbles in body color, door handle and side mirrors are the standard of every version.STRES UNDER THE LINE OF THE SHAMPLE COLLECTIVELUM WITH STANDARD, and Silver Roof Refiring Roof Refirs Profile, in a package with tinted rear windows, cost PLN 1,400.

Rim designs

The manufacturer has a wide range of rims in the offer.Customers who decide on a new KUGA have several wheel designs to choose from.The offer of the basic Trend variant starts with steel 17 with full hubcaps.In the higher version of Titanium equipment, 17-inch alloy wheels are already installed (in the trend cost PLN 3,500).The catalog also does not lack other designs and the size of the light alloys - for the appropriate extra charge you can have nice wheels in sizes 17 ", 18" or19 ".

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