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Sometimes it doesn't take much to slam the car door with the keys inside. The moment of distraction can be especially dangerous when it is necessary to get inside quickly - in a situation, for example, when an animal is there. How to deal with such a situation?

Help of professionals

It is best to leave the emergency unlocking of the car to specialists. If fortunately it turned out that we still have access to a mobile phone, because it was not in the car, we can call the castle emergency service, which is often available around the clock. A qualified employee will be able to open the car door very quickly, and we will be able to get back inside our car. Importantly, a professional should not damage the car in any way, so this is definitely the most effective method of solving the problem. We can also try to contact our mechanic friend who may have the equipment needed to open a locked door or know someone, due to the specificity of their profession, who could help us.

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do it yourself

Emergency opening of the car door is not a difficult activity, although an inexperienced person may damage the car body and if you do not feel confident, you should contact someone who knows it in the first place.

If we prefer to act alone, we need tools that can be easily purchased on the Internet. The cost is several hundred zlotys, you can also come across offers oscillating around one hundred zlotys. The way in which we can try to open the door with this type of set is to pry the door with a pumped hydraulic cushion and insert a hook (rod, wire) inside through the resulting gap, which will allow us to open the door from the inside by pressing the handle. We can also try to remove the keys from the inside of the car. An inexperienced amateur of emergency opening of the door should take no more than thirty minutes, but if you do not feel confident and the situation requires quick action, it will be better not to do it.

To sum up - opening a car door without a key is not a difficult activity. It is crucial to have the right tools and to act carefully and carefully.