How to arrange cameras in the house?

My home is my fortress - we used to say about our home, to which we return every day after a few hours spent at school, university or work. It is the walls of the house that provide asylum, guaranteeing the comfort and safety of the whole family. Out of concern for the well-being of your loved ones, it is worth increasing the level of security at home by opting for monitoring. Where is the best place to place cameras to maximize the potential of monitoring devices? This is determined by several important factors.

Aesthetics and discretion

When deciding on home monitoring, aesthetic considerations should be taken into account. The cameras must be discreetly hidden so that burglars do not realize they are being watched. The recording from such monitoring is often evidence for the insurer, as well as for the police, which will start searching for the perpetrators and stolen property. Preventive measures will also be a good solution. One of the cameras can be left in a visible place to deter possible robbers.

Home space monitoring

Even before buying cameras, it is good to seriously consider which rooms are to be monitored. For this purpose, it is worth convening an assembly team that will tell you in which points of the house it is best to place the cameras. Modern solutions offer a lot of possibilities. The cameras can be placed in places that allow observation of two rooms at the same time. The arrangement of the equipment should allow zooming in, as well as tracking moving people. An important issue is the distance from the objects that will be monitored. Then, the capabilities of the equipment should be adjusted to it so that the approximate image is readable.

The same principle applies to external monitoring. Strategic points around the facility usually include the main entrance, windows, garage door and gate. In the case of a large property, the cameras can also be mounted on the fence. The spacing of the cameras should eliminate the problem of unmonitored places.

Camera connection

There are several ways to connect cameras, so it is worth getting acquainted with the possibilities and choosing the most convenient for users, also from the aesthetic point of view. The monitoring equipment can be connected wirelessly by using a WiFi network. In this case, you should take care of the appropriate data transfer speed and good wireless network coverage to have a stable image of good quality.

The cameras can be powered by a power adapter that is directly connected to the camera. In such a situation, ensure that the power outlet is at a sufficient distance from the surveillance camera. The second solution is central power supply. Then all cameras are connected to one cable, which will be used for both power supply and audio/video image.

Home monitoring is a great idea to complement other forms of security, such as an alarm system or protection of the facility by an external company. Of all the methods, cameras will guarantee the most complete set of information about all events both inside and outside the building.

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