Royal Residence. An exclusive housing estate will be built in Wilanów. With a yoga room, a relaxation zone and an anti-smog pavement

Joanna Postrzednik
Zobacz galerię(3 zdjęcia)Dodaj komentarz:Udostępnij:W Miasteczku Wilanów powstaną nowe, ekskluzywne apartamenty. Inwestycja Royal Residence zaoferuje wysokiej klasy mieszkania, ale także ekologiczne rozwiązania, pokój jogi dla mieszkańców, ławki solarne do ładowania telefonów, budki dla ptaków czy ścieżki spacerowe wykonane z antysmogowej kostki. Szczegóły w tekście poniżej.

Prestigious apartments are being built in Wilanów

Yoga room, toddler club, fitness zone, park chess, ping-pong table, anti-smog pavements, birdhouses, insect houses and solar benches. These are some of the amenities that will be used by the residents of the future Royal Residence estate in Wilanów. As part of the project, high-class apartments will be built, ranging in size from 25 m2 to 157 m2, including penthouses with spacious terraces. All will be equipped with a smart home system, spacious terraces up to 100m2, loggias, balconies and arranged gardens.

Low buildings and park greenery

The investment will be built at ul. Sarmacka, on an area of ​​approximately 9 hectares with a construction potential of over 90,000 sq m. PUM. Stage 1 will include a complex of low-rise, exclusive 4-storey buildings with apartments up to 160 sqm. and an intimate service arcade. - A very large part of this area will be allocated to green areas, which will significantly increase the greenery factor in the estate. The park's natural greenery will also be preserved to a large extent, without any intervention from the developer.

Stone, ceramics, wood

According to the developer, the high quality of workmanship and the use of noble and natural materials such as stone, ceramics and wood will guarantee the residents comfortable conditions, both in the apartments and when using the tastefully decorated common areas. Automatic contactless doors will lead to the entrance hall. The exclusive character of the two-level lobby will be emphasized by elegant lounge furniture and specially selected lighting, harmonizing with the whole.

Royal Residence. W Wilanowie powstanie ekskluzywne osiedle. Z pokojem do jogi, strefą relaksu i chodnikiem antysmogowym

Ecological solutions

The apartments will be equipped with a smart home system that increases the comfort and safety of use and allows you to reduce operating costs by up to 30%. - This is currently one of the most important expectations that customers have towards housing infrastructure - ecological solutions that support saving and are positive for the climate are a key element of ROBYG's sustainable development strategy - says the developer.

The estate will be equipped with photovoltaic panels supplying energy to common areas, LED lighting, attractive green areas have also been designed. The estate will be fenced, security, protection and monitoring will be ensured. A green zone full of lush, diverse vegetation has been planned between the buildings. There will also be a playground for children, an indoor fitness area and relaxation areas for adults. Walking and cycling paths and elements of small architecture will complete the whole.

Anti-smog solutions

Anti-smog and anti-allergic ventilators will be installed in the apartments. In addition, an anti-smog cube will appear in the housing estates, which reduces nitrogen oxides in the air. It also uses natural daylight. Thanks to UV rays and the presence of rainwater, it accelerates the natural oxidation process, thus allowing for the rapid disintegration of harmful compounds in the air and polluting the concrete surface. In addition, the areas of the estates will be equipped with solar benches, where each resident will be able to charge their devices free of charge thanks to solar energy.

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