How to fix the entrance door for low set?

Expert response: The standard clearance under the door leaf at the unfinished floor should be at least 3 cm.Then you can easily finish the floor with any floor.Ceramic floor tiles are usually 8-10 mm thick, which, together with the adhesive layer.

Jak naprawić za nisko osadzone drzwi wejściowe?

To a small extent, the door leaf can be lifted on the hinged in a way depending on their structure, but the limitation is the distance of the mountain of the wing from the frame of the frame.The required ground clearance can also be obtained by grinding a floor primer on the surface of the entire room or at least in such an area to ensure an imperceptible tilt of the floor.

When checking the clearance under the wing, you must first check the floor equality, then the gap in the entire door opening area.It will be helpful to attach the slat at the bottom of the wing so that it is at a minimum distance from the floor surface.Then, opening and closing the door - we will detect where, possibly the height of the gap is smaller and the strip rubs against the ground.

If the above treatments are not sufficient, the door leaf will have to be shortened.This can be done with most metal and wooden doors, but in consultation with the manufacturer (warranty case) and preferably in a specialized company with appropriate tools.

Jarosław Antkiewiczna is opening: when installing the door, you need to take into account the target raising of the floor level by 1.5-2 cm after laying the floor.Not every door can be shortened (photo.Inch)