Ostrołęka. The 26-year-old went crazy! He started with irons on parents. Then he beat another man


A resident of Ostrołęka, according to the findings of the local prosecutor's office, committed several serious crimes, during which he had no mercy even for his relatives. First, he destroyed the door at his parents' house, and when they refused to give him car keys and money, he took two irons and started threatening them. He allegedly used a dog for one of his subsequent crimes.

Ostroleka. The 26-year-old was furious. He started with irons on parents. Later, he tortured another man

A resident of Ostrołęka faces from 3 to 15 years in prison, after allegedly committing several crimes in less than 3 weeks, including to the detriment of their parents. The whole series of events involving Patryk Z. began on October 10 this year, when he was supposed to intentionally damage the wooden, glazed interior door and the wooden frame by kicking it with his leg, which resulted in breaking the glass, damaging the door structure and loss of structure of the door frame at the height of the lock bolt socket. This led to a loss of PLN 1,000 to the detriment of Anna and Grzegorz Z., the parents of the 26-year-old. On the same day, according to investigators, the man wanted car keys and PLN 1,000 from them, and when they refused to hand them over, he threatened to kill them and bodily harm, taking two irons in his hands. That's not all, because another crime that took place on October 27 at ul. Haller in Ostrołęka, he was even supposed to use his dog.

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Ostrołęka. 26-year-old went crazy ! He moved with irons on his parents. Later he beat another man

Ostroleka. The 26-year-old was furious. He confessed to damaging the door

In the course of the investigation, Patryk Z., a resident of Ostrołęka, only partially admitted to committing the alleged acts, ie he admitted to destroying the door to the detriment of his parents. In the submitted explanations, he reported the events in a different way than it was established in the course of the proceedings. When explaining the robbery with the use of a dog, he denied that the dog was his property and that it had been trained to behave aggressively. He also denied that the dog bit the victim. He added that he did not give the dog a command to attack the victim, nor did he threaten him with murder and did not ask him to hand over money and phone. The District Court in Ostrołęka fully granted the request of the District Prosecutor's Office to apply pre-trial detention to the suspect. On October 29, 2021, he applied the strictest preventive measure to Patryk Z. for a period of 3 months. The alleged crimes of the suspect are punishable by imprisonment from 3 to 15 years.

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