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Kamil Sobczyk Reviews 2022-01-29
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Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 review - summary in three sentences

The new purifier from Xiaomi is very good equipment for relatively little money. It is distinguished from the competition by its minimalist design, good performance and low operating costs, but still the Chinese-sounding application may discourage someone from buying. Compared to the predecessors, the changed air quality thresholds, which are closer to European standards, should be considered a big plus.

Overall rating

8.7 / 10

Smog is a ubiquitous problem and even if you do not live in extremely polluted Silesia like me, you probably feel its effects. Although smog has been with us for a long time, knowing now the unpleasant consequences of living in it and with it, it is worth taking care of yourself and limiting its access to our apartments and houses. The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro air purifier can help us in this task.

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A large purifier comes to us in an even larger box, which shows us the parameters and basic functions of the equipment. Inside the package you will also find a power cord, a foil filter and, importantly, a manual in Polish.

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The hardware parameters are as follows:

We will pay PLN 1399 for all this, which, considering the parameters, seems to be a fairly good value for money. In addition, if we want to compare the operating costs, we also have to look at the price of the filter, which will have to be replaced after some time. The only matching filter I could find is one that also removes formaldehyde. Its price is just over PLN 300, which is also a very competitive proposition.

Construction and appearance

Contrary to appearances, air purifiers on the market differ greatly in design and it is often the case that the equipment is the more expensive the more elegant it looks. How is the new Xiaomi model? First of all, if you have ever seen any smarthome equipment from Xiaomi, the minimalist look of the Air Purifiera 4ki Pro will not surprise you. Also, if you've seen their previous purifiers, then you know what to expect.

The body of the purifier is quite large, 68 cm high, white column with a square base. The sides of this square are 27 centimeters each, and the entire purifier weighs less than 7 kilograms. The perforated bottom is the inlet holes, and the outlet is at the top, where we can also find a flap with the Xiaomi logo. By opening it, you will see a screw that will allow you to easily disassemble the top and clean the fan blades. The whole looks quite slim and minimalist.

On the front of the device we find an OLED display with much more going on. First of all, we can read the current concentration of PM2.5 dust, the degree of coarse-grained pollution (up to 10 µm), air temperature and humidity. Secondly, somehow there is also a place for the negative ion icon, WiFi, and the current mode of operation of the purifier. In addition, at the bottom of the screen, in what resembles the graphics of a conveyor belt, we have two buttons - power and mode change. Despite the abundance of information on this small panel, we should not have any problems with its readability.

The power cable attached to the purifier is 1.5 m long, but there is no space in the body to hide its excess.

On the back of the purifier there is a button that adjusts the brightness of the display, a laser particle sensor and a flap, thanks to which we can get to the filter.

Work and performance

Xiaomi has equipped its new purifier with a 3in1 filter: pre-filter, HEPA H13 and carbon filter. According to Xiaomi, it will last from 6 months to a year of work. However, for me, after almost three weeks of work, it shows 274 days, which is less than 9 months. The manufacturer recommends the device for rooms ranging in size from 35 to 60 square meters. I used it in a room the size of the lower limit, and it worked very well. It was standard to keep the PM2.5 level below 10μg / m3 during the heating season, and on bad days it always kept PM2.5 at a green level.

Even with a sudden increase in contamination, e.g. as a result of opening the front door longer, in automatic mode it took the purifier 25 minutes to go from 80 μg to the acceptable 20. Certainly this time would be shortened if I manually set the maximum, and therefore the noisiest power.

However, it is not for this that we have automatic settings to manually control the device depending on the needs - in the case of this purifier, the automatic mode works efficiently and adjusts the device to the conditions well. In addition, now you do not have to wait for terribly high pollution readings, such as in Air Purifier 3h, for the device to speed up a little.

The standards for this device are more restrictive and so the Air Purifier 4 Pro considers air up to 20μg excellent, then 30 as good, up to 50 as medium and everything above too weak, thanks to which the air pollution level in the apartment is better kept low. I also managed to obtain values ​​that were harmful and dangerous to health, and the purifier coped with these surprisingly quickly. Pollution threshold values ​​are similar to the European Air Quality Index.

Although the purifier is quite quiet (according to the manufacturer 33.7 decibels in night mode, and at maximum power less than 65), I would not take it to the bedroom because of the very quiet and occasional, nonetheless irritating beeping of the fan.


Theoretically, the purifier can be used without the application and you do not have to reach for it often in everyday use. Still, it's worth taking a peek at what it offers. Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro will connect to WiFi 2.4Ghz with the Xiaomi Home application. There, the most important and eye-catching information is that about PM2.5 and the coarse particles. Below, we can read the basic indicators related to the purifier's surroundings: temperature and air humidity. From this level, we can turn off the purifier or choose one of the available modes:

Under the operating mode selection field, we find a negative ion switch, the estimated number of days of the filter's operation, we can plan to turn the purifier on / off, choose one of the three available screen brightness options, turn on the child lock, so that our kids do not always turn on the maximum power, turn off terrible sounds whether to set up automations.

Additional features and information are hidden under the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Despite the fact that Xiaomi Home supports the dark mode, the plug responsible for this purifier does not support it.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro review - summary

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro is a very good device, and its price, PLN 1399, distinguishes it from the competition. The device not only looks good and fits into most interiors, but also cleans the air well. It also has sensible, similar to European, air quality thresholds. The only downside is that my filter would be enough for 6 than 12 months of work, but in the summer season I don't have to use it, so I would change the filter once a year anyway. If you are looking for equipment with a good value for money, the Purifier 4 Pro should be of interest to you.

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