Legia.Net - Legia Warszawa - Marko Vesovic's wife is hard on the management of the club

Legia.Net - Legia Warszawa - Marko Vesovic's wife is hard on the management of the club

- When the best player gets injured, previously giving 101% to the club, and you leave him alone in a wheelchair to go to France for surgery - is that family? When you tell him you can't cover the costs of surgery and rehabilitation - is this a family? When you say that he has to stop his rehabilitation immediately and urgently return to the club, and his condition is deteriorating by 80% because you do not have doctors - is this a family? When you tell him he has to play in the fourth league in the mud before he gets back to the first team, and then you don't respect it and don't let him play another minute in the next league games that don't really matter anymore - is this the family?

- When in an interview with the media you say that Marko is not ready and his form is questioned, and then in training Marko reaches the highest speed in the run and runs the most kilometers of all - is that a lie? When you say in the press that Marko is asking for more money, even though you didn't even invite him to talks - is that a lie? When you say you don't have the funds to buy new players and extend the contracts of your best players, then you offer a new player contract for the amount of seven of your players' contracts. Is that a lie?

Legia.Net - Legia Warszawa - Żona Marko Vesovicia ostro o zarządzaniu klubem

- When you lie to your fans. It is only because of them that you exist. Then do you expect banners with praise? Or maybe you will be surprised again when they ask - What do you want? What are you doing?

- And I? I love this club! But the people who manage it - oh God ... I can talk about the last three years, I can say a lot, because I know a lot. But my husband asked me to stop, not to. Can you imagine it? He respects Legia Warszawa all the time, my husband is such a man. But I won't stop there, I promise. But that's enough for now, because she respects her husband's opinion.

Such entries appeared yesterday on Tamara Vesović's Instagram profile. This is, of course, the result of the club's late negotiations with Marko, whose contract expires after the current season. This week, Vesović is to receive a concrete proposal for a new contract. As long as he does, because after his wife's emotional publications, it is equally possible that the talks will not take place.