Xiaomi Smart Lock E - a smart door lock that you can open in six ways

Xiaomi Smart Lock E - a smart door lock that you can open in six ways

Hardware Monday, 25 May 2020 10:37, Written by Maksym Słomski A modern form of real estate security. How to protect an apartment against burglary? There are a lot of ways, and the most reliable seems to be the installation of appropriate doors and anti-burglary locks. Then you should only invest in various types of motion detectors, alarms and monitoring systems. This task is to be facilitated by the Xiaomi company, which is introducing the Xiaomi Smart Lock E to its offer. The smart door lock with a bell function can be opened in as many as 6 ways.

Digital door lock from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Smart Lock E uses some interesting security technologies. The easiest way is to assign a pin code to open the lock. Another way is the system of temporary passwords, read with applications on the smartphone. The lock can also be opened via the Homekit application (i.e. indirectly through Siri or Google Assistant voice commands paired in the Mi App) or a verified nearby Bluetooth device. Other methods of unlocking the mechanism are biometric verification, using a fingerprint reader placed in the handle and finally the emergency opening. Fun fact: Xiaomi claims that the fingerprint reader recognizes the user's written fingerprint in 98.5% of cases. Hopefully the remaining 1.5% of the cases are not situations where the unsaved fingerprint of a burglar is correctly recognized ... Smart door lock from Xiaomi. | Source: GizmoChina Xiaomi Smart Lock E is powered by as many as eight batteries, which are to provide it with 18 months of operation. When the battery charge drops below 20%, the lock will signal its user to remember to replace them. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the system of emergency power supply via USB type C - this way the energy can be supplied to the system, for example, with a powerbank. Any questions: yes, in case of which the lock can also be opened mechanically, using a special key!

Xiaomi Smart Lock E test - what do you say?

The regular price of Xiaomi Smart Lock E will be 999 yuan (about PLN 580), but during the crowdfunding campaign in Xiaomi Mall, the equipment can be purchased for 899 yuan (about PLN 520). It may not be cheap, but home security should not be cheap, but effective. I am curious about the security issue in this case. I will not say, I would be tempted to review such an accessory. Would you like to read it? Source: Gizmochina Don't miss this news → Follow us on Google News. Share: SIMILAR THEMES Apple doesn't want AirTags to be used for tracking. Changes are coming There will be no new BlackBerry 5G smartphone. OnwardMobility without a license

Xiaomi Smart Lock E - inteligentny zamek do drzwi, który otworzysz na sześć sposobów