Toyota Aygo X - spacious interior and quality finish.  Polish price list

Toyota Aygo X - spacious interior and quality finish. Polish price list

Toyota Aygo X is to replace the Aygo offered so far, which we wrote about during the world premiere last year. The car is significantly longer (by 235 mm), wider (by 125 mm) and higher (by 65 mm). The wheelbase has also been significantly increased (by 90 mm), due to the fact that the Aygo X is based on a slightly modified (shortened at the rear) GA-B platform, known e.g. from the current Yaris. Together with the significantly increased ground clearance - 146 mm - large wheels - 17 or 18 ”rims - and the" inflated "body, the Aygo X is such a small A-segment crossover.

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What else is worth paying attention to on this occasion is the great "bravery" of the Aygo X in urban conditions. In part, this is due to the large wheels on this car, which will allow you to attack curbs with less fear. The turning circle has also been significantly reduced, which is now around 9.5 meters, which will ensure great maneuverability of the car.

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In the back… it is clearly tighter. Starting with a small door, through which it is not easy to get in, I hardly "fit" behind me on the back seat. I had to put my knees wide apart and my head just touched the ceiling and I had to bend it a little. So there is room for people up to 1.8 m tall. Additionally, the rear windows can be opened. On the other hand ... the second pair of doors is not so obvious in this segment.

The quality of the interior is rather typical of the A-segment, although it is surprisingly good in many places. Of course, hard materials dominate the door. On the other hand, the steering wheel - identical to the one known from the Yaris - is of good quality, and the touches are quite pleasant.

Visibility from the center is good, even to the rear - of course taking into account the fact that a significant part can be covered by potentially taller people sitting in the back.

As an option (for Style), or rather in the highest trim levels (Executive and Aygo X Limited), a 9-inch multimedia system screen with Toyota Smart Connect system is available. The same one that is available for the Yaris Cross - really fast and comfortable.

A reversing camera - of reasonable quality - is already available as standard from the second trim level - Comfort.

Each Toyota Aygo X will be equipped with almost the full package of safety and driver assistance systems provided for this model. This is basically the same kit that is available on the Yaris, except that the Aygo X does not have a blind spot warning and cross traffic warning when reversing. Active Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist? In every version! It is a pity that the parking sensors are available in the two highest versions, and in the Style it is an option.

There is, unfortunately, only one USB socket inside, one 12 V connector (cigarette lighter) and wireless charging (present in Executive and Limited, option for "Style"). Android Auto and CarPlay is always available, but their wireless operation is only available for the two top trim levels and as an option for "Style".

Toyota Aygo X – przestronność wnętrza i jakość wykończenia. Polski cennik

Engine and gearboxes

Toyota Aygo X will be powered by only one engine: 1.0 VVT-i with 72 HP. You can choose between a manual 5-speed gearbox or the Multidrive S continuously variable transmission. Approved fuel consumption is 4.7-5.0 and 4.9-5.2 respectively (depending on the gearbox). The acceleration time to 100 km / h is almost 15 seconds ...

Price list

Toyota Aygo X prices start from PLN 58 900 for the Active version. An Executive, which has almost complete equipment, costs 73,900 (manual) or 78,900 for an "automat". It cannot be denied that this is a lot, also for a segment A car, but still clearly less than for a SIMILAR EQUIPPED Yaris. The equipment is an important aspect here and it is this that constitutes the core of the price difference between the Aygo X and the "old" Aygo. After its equalization, the new Aygo X is… cheaper!

Will the Toyota Aygo X be successful in the market? In competition with other A-segment cars, there is no doubt. It can be a challenge to compete with some B-segment cars that are already available in this price range.

Toyota Aygo X will enter Polish roads at the turn of April and May 2022. You can order in advance from the end of December 2021.