You'll get drunk faster on a plane, and pilots avoid the Bermuda Triangle? Six things you should know about flying

Shots in the plane do not mean that, like in an action movie, there will be fire and a big "boom", although much depends on the development of the situation on board.

Let's start with the fact that due to the meticulous control processes, weapons are not allowed on board. Even functionaries store their weapons in a safe place, in a special box, transported in the luggage hold. A single shot at the window will not cause significant damage to the machine, e.g. a large piece of the plane will break off. Rapid depressurization of the aircraft is to be expected, but pilots should deal with it by implementing the descent procedure, i.e. descending to a safe level where you can breathe freely

- Bolesław Radomski, airline pilot, told Skyscanner.

Although it is possible that the shooting on board will not lead to damage to the machine and, as a result, to failure. There is no need to panic, planes are designed to be as controlled as possible.

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