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After a short mission of what with Colin we start the Subtitle Stage.Exit the hideout outside to talk to Ryan, and then leave the base with the gate - you will get to the new location, the hospital district.

Go straight and right and you'll meet Jennifer.Follow her a bit and wait for her to open the gate.You will go a little further, then stop at the corpse and after a while you will stay alone.You will get a lure that makes sounds - it will be useful later.

Go on the road, search the garage (1).Then avoid him on the right and keep going.Behind the building on the left, turn on the night vision to see the robots buried underground (2).

It's best to shoot at a distance.After the first shot they will go to the surface and you can beat them before they reach you.Turn on the night vision to see your opponents every now and then.

Go on and beat the next silver.From the main street with the truck, go to the right for the net and down the stairs.In the room you will find a hacking device (3).Go back to the main street (you can search closed rooms before).

Going further, you will come across spiders and one armored spider.You can just leave the biggest one by running further.Just watch out for the silvers that are waiting on the road.You will further reach the tunnel and the underground garage.Turn on the night vision before you go to the end.

Defensive turrets

Watch out for a laser plot.Hide cars and approach the wall.Then jump over the car masks to the other side of the parking lot, towards the turret.Then, steal from behind to hack the device (4).This is not necessary, but you will gain practice.

Hait the door lock and move on.You will go to the next area with turrets - now a few.First, sneak out to the one on the right.Happy her to start attacking the second plot.The plot you take over are more durable and then they will even be able to destroy terminators.Useful.

After destroying the second tower.This time they are two turrets and an armored spider.Again, all you have to do is hack one cannon on the left (5).It will eliminate the spider and the second tower.

Go on to reach the hospital.


Go the corridor in the hospital.You won't meet anyone for some time, you'll only hear screams.On the way to the goal, you can look into a few side rooms to collect resources.

After entering the stairs to the first floor, go on, and in front of the laser dam you will see the entrance to the ventilation shaft (6).Use it to go to the operating room.On the way you will see the terminator for the first time.

Now you have to go on a line route from the corridors, but you also have to avoid terminators.However, it is very easy thanks to your nightlife backlit.Each corridor also has a lot of objects that you can hide behind, wait for the enemy to pass you out and go on.

You will finally reach a room with prisoners.After the scene, you will get out of it with a second door and get to a larger room - turn on the night vision, and you will see the terminator and two plots.You have to hack it on the left (7).

You will get to it by sticking to the left side of the room.Sneak up all the time.When you hack the cannon, it will shoot the terminator.Then sneak up next.Hait the generator and leave the room, then hide in the ventilation by the plot.Wait for the turrets to deal with terminators.

Go with the newly opened passage, from which one enemy came out and go to the mission icon and you will leave the hospital.Go straight and hide behind the car (8).Wait for all the robots to pass by and just move on.

After a while, you also have to hide behind the next wreck to wait another set of terminators.When they pass, you can run to get out of the location.Nobody can kill you.

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