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OK is installed in Otwock.100 city monitoring cameras that no one watches on a daily basis.The recordings are used only when looking for the perpetrator of some noticed offense or crime.Over a quarter of a million zlotys went to the equipment and its installation - is it effectively spent money?

There are 32 cameras in the city park, in the "Wiejska" forest park - 9, in the so -called."monkey grove" - 16, then a few - a dozen cameras at different points of the city, M.in.at the pitches.A total of over 100.However, at the Otwock UM, there is not a single person who would watch these cameras constantly.The recordings are viewed in "free time" by the person who installed them for the city or checked in the event of observation and/or reporting devastation or other crime.Therefore, the perpetrators are detected "by the way".This mentioned person is Mariusz Królak, the owner of the company Security Services, who in the last three years won almost all tenders announced by the Medical University of Technology for the Purchase and Monitoring Installation in Otwock for a total amount of OK.A quarter of a million zlotys (list below).

There are cameras, no service

During the deliberations of the Health and Social Affairs Committee of the Otwock City Council, on August 26, the state of security and public order in the city was discussed.

During them, councilors asked about the functioning of monitoring: Małgorzata Rock, especially in the context of persistent vandalism in the city park;Then, what are the procedures for using the recordings Ireneusz Paśniczek, and Andrzej Sałaga - how many people are needed to support city monitoring.

All issues were explained by Mariusz Królak, whose company currently installed cameras for the city, and which - earlier in the forums has been negative about monitoring carried out by the previous authority of Otwock.However, a few years back there was a room in the office, where you could follow the image from cameras - which during the abovementioned.The committee was mentioned by councilor Rock.Now there is no such place at the UM, and you can't find one in the Otwock command.For comparison - Józefów and Karczew have both the rooms intended for this purpose as well as employed employees.

- informed.

As he further explained, his cooperation with police officers consists in providing them with recordings in the event that they are submitted to the reports of crimes from residents.

The entrepreneur proposed to create a Poviat Monitoring Center, a place where people followed the image from Cameras live from Otwock, Karczew, Józefów, etc..In his opinion, the poviat would be cheaper than if each commune separately organized its own.

This idea - a monitoring center for the poviat - did not like the councilor.

Among the arguments for tracking cameras live was also a matter of equipment failure:

- said Mariusz Królak, emphasizing that because of this when the recording is needed, it turns out that it is not there, because the camera did not work.(Now he notices that the devices can break down, he criticized monitoring made in the city a few years, also for failures).

How many people need to track cameras to fully use the installed monitoring for safety purposes?Mariusz Królak calculated that to efficiently operate existing cameras (OK.100) Two people are needed for 8 times.change.There should be 8 people permanently employed.At the moment, President Otwock leaves this task to do one WW.a person who "has no commitment to this".But which has collected from the city in the last three years at least a quarter of a million for equipment (not to mention e.g..About the order to install cameras for opwik, which apparently struggles with finances.I wonder who you need to monitor non-stop?-Tam is conducted live observation ...).

There are other doubts regarding access to monitoring.Says councilman Ireneusz Paśniczek:

Equipment without people useless...

Cameras have been coming in the city for three years, and the president's conversations with the Poviat Police Commander NT.creating a monitoring service under police supervision at their headquarters further in progress.(Similar to investments from previous years still implemented this year).It is to be found in the planned, new KPP Otwock building, whose construction is only in the initial phase of preparation.

During the said committee, its chairman, Marcin Kraśniewski, submitted an application to buy two electric bikes for 40 thousand.for the Otwock police, although its representatives were against it.They talked about the drone they needed, but probably no one heard that.As for monitoring, no specifics have been made, there is no decision whether to entrust the cameras to an external company or hire your own employee.

- councilor Radosław Kałowski rightly noted during further discussion on.possible financial support for equipment for the police.However, hanging more cameras in the city, from which no one regularly observes, does not object to objection.As you know, only because they are hanging and registering events, safety is not improved...Although of course it sounds good when you say "monitoring works here".

Here are the amounts that went from the city of Otwock to contractors for the purchase and (usually) installation of cameras:





UM Otwock



city ​​park



SP 5 area



SP 4 area



SP 3



Forest Park



city beach



City market



PLN 259 035.90

These are not all expenses - the larger ones can be mentioned, for example.PLN 147,600, which in 2019 went to "the performance of the sound system and the monitoring system as part of the task - revitalization of the City Park and the square of the 7th Uhlans Regiment and Lennestadt Square".

As you can see, considerable amounts from the city cash register went to the purchase of equipment and the monitoring installation.Now the question - is it effectively spent money, since cameras are used to such a small extent?And it arises primarily in the context of the multiple declarations of Jarosław Margielski as the chairman of the RM and President Otwock about the need for economical and thoughtful spending of public money.

So how - thanks to hung cameras in Otwock - do you feel safer?

Kazimiera Zalewska

In the picture.Despite monitoring in the city park in Otwock, small and larger acts of vandalism are repeated

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