Remote car control - using the application

We have already got used to the fact that we can use electronic devices in our home using a smartphone, the garage gate, start central heating, turn on a cleaning robot or monitoring camera.For drivers, however, it is more important, however, that in a similar principle you can remotely control the functions of the car.For many people, this is still surprising, as for viewers, the scene in the film from 2002 was surprising."Death will come tomorrow", in which Pierce Brosnan, using a smartphone, driven the car remotely during the pursuit.

Many drivers do not even know what a car connected to the network can, and to check it, just download a free application for a given brand - for example, in Skoda it is called Skoda Connect.It is possible to check the technical condition of the car, locate it on the map, open and close the doors and windows, and in more expensive models - remote parking.

We write about the functions already available, what can we expect in subsequent years?The introduction of the so -called.virtual key.Thanks to NFC (it's the so -called.contactless connectivity, as with card payment) Just go to the car, which "senses" the smartphone in your pocket, shock locks and allows you to start the engine.Soon the car and the phone will be inseparable.

Battery charging control in a hybrid and electric car

By connecting using the application on a smartphone, we can see the fuel condition and the forecast range of the car.Hybrid and electric cars have more extensive functions.For example, after connecting a smartphone with Skoda Octavia IV, we can check the state of charge of lithium-ion batteries and the range of the car in hybrid or electric mode.The application can also be programmed when charging is to start (e.g..At night, to use a cheaper tariff), as well as monitor the condition and speed of charging - after completing the batteries, the application also sends a notification of readiness for driving.Along with the technical development of chargers of cars and applications, they will be enriched with the C2G (car-to-grid) service, i.e. the possibility of automatic "sales" of electricity stored in car batteries to the power network, when we do not use the car.

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Remote closing and opening the car

In the introduction, we mentioned that work is underway to design the so -called.virtual key wykorzystującego łączność NFC – nad stworzeniem jednego standardu działania tej funkcji pracuje konsorcjum złożone z największych producentów aut i dostawców nowoczesnej techniki.However, today you can use a substitute for this function using the application - you can check whether the doors and windows of the car (also roof) are closed, and with one button to open or close them with one button.It takes a little longer than using NFC and requires internet connectivity, but also has advantages, because the commands from the application can be sent from anywhere in the world.

Other application functions

With the help of a GPS connection in the application you can constantly check the location of the car - it allows you to find it easier to find in a large parking lot.The car also sends us various notifications, e.g..about towing or attempting to break into its interior.Thanks to the internet connectivity with a smartphone, we can also remotely start the airflow in the car to ventilate the interior before we get into it or start the parking heating in winter, and in more expensive cars also heating the seats and steering wheel.In the application you can also upload the purpose of the next journey - enter the address of the destination, so that, after starting the car, the navigation will automatically start driving to the target.

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Checking the condition of the vehicle

Thanks to internet connectivity, you can constantly control the technical condition of the vehicle-not only the aforementioned range in electrical mode or the battery charge status in the plug-in hybrid model, but also pad condition, tire pressure, oil level and the condition of the remaining operating fluids, as well as the temperature in the interior of the vehicle.The car is monitored by the application without a break, and some data can be made available to the service - thanks to which the review date is approaching, the website will be informed and then proposes the date of the service.

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Remote parking of the car

Driving a car with a smartphone, e.g..Sitting on the couch like agent 007 in the aforementioned film, it is not possible, but there is no technique, but common sense - such a function will simply never be allowed.Despite this, in a few cases the smartphone allows for remote control of the car.There are cars (e.g..Skoda Enyaq), which supported by the application in the phone can, without a driver, enter and leave the parking space.There are also those that can move without a driver in the field - gas, brake and steering wheel at the smartphone screen at a minimum speed, but the driver goes next to the car to control the road in difficult terrain.

Sharing the car to your friends and family

Along with the possibility of remote opening of the car, another feature also appears - sharing a virtual car access key.We do not need to transfer a physical key, it is enough to give a person access to a car in the application, and after installing the application it will be able to open and start our car with your smartphone.We can also monitor the way the vehicle is used, e.g..You can receive notifications in the Skoda Connect application when the car exceeds the speed we set or go beyond the designated area (e.g..out of town).

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