Przasnyska Economic Zone under the watchful eye of a big brother.It will be safer and the cost of maintaining the zone will decrease.

Before the weekend, the assembly of cameras of monitoring the area of the Przasnysz Economic Zone in Sierak began.A dozen cameras have been installed in sensitive places where devastation, theft or littering occur.Now each such event will be registered in the device's memory and if necessary used in the explanatory proceedings.

Przasnyska Strefa Gospodarcza pod czujnym okiem wielkiego brata. Będzie bezpieczniej i zmniejszą się koszty utrzymania strefy.

Monitoring was installed by the Poviat Road Administration in Przasnysz on the initiative of the staroste Krzysztof Bieńkowski.

Devastated stops, devices or tons of garbage collected from the zone are additional costs of functioning of this multi -million investment.And so, instead of allocating it to the expansion of infrastructure.On average, a ton of garbage is exported every 2 weeks.Cloting perpetrators often manage to determine and the police impose fines on them.Many residents of nearby towns have already found out about this.Now the zone manager is counting on a significant decrease in the amount of garbage imported there or increased detection of this type of offense.It is a pity that by creating the Przasnysz Economic Zone, no one thought about securing multi -million property that serves all inhabitants of the poviat.