»Innovative Ford Puma with a soft hybrid under the hood, the largest luggage space in the class and the advantages of the crossover [Ford Puma Price list]

Dynamic performance and reduced fuel demand are due to the 48 -volt Hybrid ECOBOOST drive system, in which the electric drive moment discreetly supports the performance of a three -cylinder, gasoline gasoline unit 1.0 -ECOBOOST with a low internal friction coefficient, generating a maximum power of 155 HP.

Puma is a new chapter in the Ford design language, with an extremely charismatic stylization, whose reconnaissance signs are highly placed front headlights and muscular body lines.Inspired by models of the SUV segment, the proportions ensure a higher position of the driver, which increases the certainty behind the wheel and allows obtaining the largest trunk capacity in the class - 456 liters.

Among the advanced systems, supporting the driver and providing stress -free driving and simpler car operation, it is worth mentioning:

In addition, Ford Puma is the first model in this segment, which offers a non -contact trunk lid system and a lumbar spine massage function - both solutions available without subsidies in the luxurious version of Titanium x.ST-line version, inspired by the Ford Performance models line, will appear in showrooms with sports additions of the body, optional black 19-inch aluminum rims, with a sports suspension and flattened at the bottom of the steering. Nowy wariant ST-Line V znacznie podnosi komfort, dzięki skórzanym fotelom Windsor, dostępnym w standardzie i wysokiej klasy systemowi audio B&O.

- Our clients clearly declared that they need a compact car with a distinct style, which should offer solutions useful in everyday life and operation.As a result, a new Ford Puma was created - charismatic, functional and offering numerous technologies, from armchairs with massage function to a hybrid drive system - convinces Stuart Rowley, president of Ford of Europe.

Zaawansowane technologie napędowe

Last year, Ford announced that each model, starting from the new Focus, will receive a version with a drive using an electric motor.Ford Puma is one of the 14 electrified vehicles that Ford intends to launch to the market by the end of this year.

Puma clients will be one of the first to use the sophisticated soft architecture.

ECOBOOST HYBRID power technology supports a gasoline unit 1.0 ECOBOOST with the help of an integrated, BISG device belt, which combines the function of a starter and generator.The standard alternator has been replaced by an integrated BISG generist-generist, enabling the energy recovery speed, which is used for charging with air-cooled 48-volt battery batteries of lithium-ion.

BISG also acts as an electric motor, smoothly cooperating with a three -cylinder internal combustion unit with low internal friction loss.

Intelligent, self -regulating soft hybrid system constantly monitors the manner of exploitation of the vehicle to determine when and how to charge the battery intensively.This allows you to obtain measurable benefits and use the energy stored in the battery in accordance with one of two action plans:

BISG also enabled Ford engineers to reduce the compression coefficient in the 1.0 ECOBOOST engine and the use of a larger turbocharger, which they decided to limit the effects of a slower response to pressing the acceleration pedal.This was possible thanks to the use of additional torque, also increasing the engine speed and turbocharger.

BISG is able to restart the engine in about 300 milliseconds-more or less your blink of an eye-it also allows the use of the Auto Start-Stop system in the Puma Ecoboost Hybrid model to expand the range of driving scenarios in which it works.It also provides even more fuel saving, also while driving a runway to stop at a speed below 15 km/h, even when the vehicle is on the run with the clutch pedal pressed.

-Our 1-liter ECOBOOST engine proves that fuel saving can be combined with an increase in performance.The ECOBOOST HYBRID drive system transfers this connection to a higher level - said Roalant de Waard, vice president of.marketing, sales and service, Ford of Europe.- We believe that customers will love smooth and immediate supply of power by our Ecoboost Hybrid drives, and at the same time enjoy rarer visits to gas stations.

In addition, customers can choose from advanced ECOBOOST gasoline power units and ECOBLEE diesel engines, which are standard equipped with the Auto Start-Stop system, allowing for further fuel saving and cooperate with a smooth-speed six-speed manual transmission.

The ECOBOOST gasoline engine with a capacity of 1 liter and 125 HP offers CO2 emissions from 131 g/km and fuel consumption of 5.7 l/100 km according to WLTP (103 g/km and 4.5 l/100 km according to NEDC) 1, 1,And this year it will be available with a new seven -speed, dual clutch, automatic transmission, offering a smooth gear change and effectively increasing fuel saving and driving comfort.2

The liter Ecoboost and Ecoboost Hybrid engines, working under the masks of the PUMA model, are equipped with the first cylinder deactivation system in the three -cylinder engine in the industry, designed by Ford, which can be able to exclude one of the cylinders from work, when the full jumping capacity is not needed, for exampledriving a runway or driving with a slight power demand.The system may turn off or turn on one cylinder within 14 milliseconds.

Available diesel engine1.5-liter ECOBLEE with 120 HP, which will be introduced to the offer at the end of the year, will provide increased power and torque, as well as target CO2 emissions from 117 g/km and expected fuel consumption from 4.5 l/100km, measured in the WLTP cycle (from 99 g/km and 3.8 l/100 km in the NEDC cycle).2 Inne ważne rozwiązania techniczne, to między innymi:

The pleasure of driving has raised the introduction of the driving mode selection system, which allows the driver to change the throttle response, power steering force and the sensitivity of the traction control system, as well as gear shifts for models with automatic transmission, to match the vehicle's reactions and its performance to various driving scenarios.

Variable driving modes allow drivers to adapt the car's operation to road, weather and off -road conditions at each request.He can choose from the Normal, Eco, Sport, Sport, Unpaved road and slippery surfaces, illustrated with graphics adapted to its specifics, presented on the display.

Puma uses the optimized architecture of the B segment, known from the Fiesta model, which is famous for its excellent driving.The new rear wheel suspension design with a torsion beam, larger shock absorbers, stiffer sleeves and modernized upper mounting points allows you to limit friction and increases the structural rigidity of the entire chassis, which translates into the best dynamic driving properties in this class.

Pełne wyrazu odmiany i wzorcowa funkcjonalność

The new Puma represents the architecture of the B segment, with the optimal wheel and wheel spacing, thanks to which it was possible to develop proportions typical of the eye -catching SUV car.The low and falling roof line is a kind of model that contradicts stylistic trends promoting the "wedge" shape of the silhouette of the crossover.For a variety, Puma is distinguished by a flattened narrowing line, which allows you to keep a more sustainable proportions.

The expressive wheel arches emphasize the sporty character, and the conspicuous front draws attention to the highly embedded, intricately designed headlights of the shape -like shape.Low -embedded LED fog lights are integrated with the anterior diffuser bars that direct the air flow next to the front wheels to reduce turbulence and improve aerodynamics.

The unique design of the "floating" post A provides an uninterrupted connection of the narrowing line with the mask, thanks to which the optical weight of the cabin was moved back, providing a strong and elegant figure.

Puma versions diverse in terms of nature, such as sporting ST-Line or stylish Titanium, as well as two equipment list at the top: Puma Titanium X and luxury Puma ST-Line V, fit into individual customer preferences.

The Puma ST-Line V version, based on the ST-Line sports Puma, is distinguished by a satin aluminum upper radiator cover, along with a frame, bottom cover in ebony, the lower batch of rear bumper in the color of the body and a large rear spoiler. Standardowa specyfikacja obejmuje reflektory diodowe, skórzane fotele Windsor, skórzaną kierownicę Manacor, wysokiej klasy system audio B&O i system dostępu bezkluczykowego Ford KeyFree.

Puma Titanium X body draws attention to the luxurious, 18-inch, 10-brown rims in the pearl-gray variant and piano black in the finishes of several details, as well as chrome accents.The same treatments have changed the rear threshold strips, while the rear element of the diffuser and the lower engine cover have gray, metallic accents.Heated side mirrors in the body color have built -in direction indicators and lamps, illuminating the surface when the door is open.

Puma Titanium X is the first Ford to be removed and to be washed on the seats, facilitating the maintenance of a neat, luxurious interior for years.Integrated sliders greatly facilitate their quick disassembly.The interior has been additionally enriched with a steering wheel covered with material with a texture of natural leather, wood -like applications of clocks and instrument panel frames and expressive decorative material inserts of interior door panels.

- We wanted Puma Titanium X to be friendly and comfortable as a house, which is why we used colors, materials and general interior finish that reflects such surroundings - said Sonja Vandenberk, the main designer responsible for colors and materials, Ford of Europe.

The performance-oriented version of the ST-Line is offered with standard 18-inch rims or optional black aluminum 19-inch hoops and with a sports suspension, which includes modified springs and shock absorbers.The ST-Line radiator cover is distinguished by matte black decorative elements and a border with a black, shimmering coating, the same frames of the fog lamps and available in the option, a larger and more practical roof spoiler.

Elements of the Lower Specler of the ST-Line version direct the air stream to the front curtain inlet.Puma ST-Line cabin stands out M.in.The steering wheel flattened at the bottom and characteristic red stitching, available in a version with optional, partly leather armchair upholstery.The sports climate of the interior is also emphasized by aluminum pedals and gear shifts as well as a characteristic black headliner.

The palette of 10 vibrant Puma body colors includes varnishes: Blazer Blue, Frozen White, Race Red, Solar Silver, Agate Black, Lucid Red, Gray Matter, Desert Island Blue, Magnetic and Metropolis White.

Pomysłowa funkcjonalność

The compact crossover hides an interior with extraordinary functionality, which is additionally increased by thoughtful transport solutions in the back of the cabin.Puma offers the largest, uncompromising trunk capacity with a value of 456 liters.After folding the rear seats, the practical luggage compartment can successfully accommodate luggage with dimensions of 112 x 97 x 43 cm (length.x width.X height.).

The car was designed to meet with a large supply of customer requirements regarding the luggage space, and Ford Megabox provides a deep, universal container with a capacity of 80 liters.It is a compartment with dimensions 764 x 753 x 306 mm (width.x.X Gł.), in which you can transport higher, less stable items up to 115 cm high in a vertical position, e.g..Potted plants.And after leaving the cover cover, it can be used for discrete transport of dirty sports equipment or muddy wellies.On the other hand, the synthetic finish of the megabox clipboard and the drain plug at its bottom allow you to easily wash its interior with clean water.

» Innowacyjny Ford Puma z miękką hybrydą pod maską, największą przestrzenią bagażową w klasie i zaletami crossovera [Ford Puma CENNIK]

An even greater functionality is guaranteed by an adjustable trunk floor, the height of which can be changed with one hand and adapted to the dimensions and mass of the luggage transported.The floor can be set in one of the three positions:

The adjustable floor cover has-for additional strength and durability-a honeycomb structure, modeled on a structure with hexagonal cells, used for the construction of extremely durable components of jet aircraft and super-cars.

Loading of the luggage to the new puma is now extremely simple thanks to the debuting system of the contactless system of the trunk lid in this class.The system allows access to the luggage space even with hands full of bags, or with a child on your hands and is easier thanks to the use of a contactless technique of opening the trunk with a simple foot movement under the rear bumper.

In addition, this crossover also has an innovative trunk shelf, thanks to which the user does not have to worry about what to do with it during loading or unloading large luggage.The shelf has been integrated with the boot lid, which means that after opening the flap, it rises with it, enabling easy access to the interior.The advantage of such a solution is also the lack of the need for additional side brackets.And thanks to its flexible design, after closing the boot lid, the shelf can deform in a controlled way under pressure from larger loads that protrude above its normal position.

- Our primary goal was to develop unprecedented functionality of the compact interior of the Puma model - explains Norbert Steffens, chief engineer of the PUMA model.- The unique megabox storage space and the trunk shelf are examples of innovative solutions that allowed us to develop the highest functionality of the interior without prejudice to its style and appearance.

Technika budująca zaufanie

Thanks to the system of 12 ultrasonic sensors, 3 radars and 2 cameras, arranged around the car body, the new Puma can offer a rich package of Ford Co-Pilot 360 technology and systems that provide protection, support the driver while driving and parking and make driving a car still stillsafer, more convenient and stress -free.3

Adaptacyjny tempomat (ACC) wzbogacony o system Stop & Go, system rozpoznawania znaków ograniczenia prędkości i system utrzymania na pasie ruchu, pozwalają utrzymać bezpieczną odległość od pojazdów jadących z przodu.The system also helps to reduce stress during long journeys, keeping the vehicle in the middle of the lane.He can also adapt the vehicle speed to the restrictions in force in a given place, monitoring road signs located by the road and above the road.It is an addition to information provided from the on -board navigation system. Stop & Go i System utrzymania na pasie ruchu (LC) to funkcje dostępne tylko w połączeniu z 7-biegową automatyczną skrzynią biegów.

Stop & Go pozwala adaptacyjnemu tempomatowi (ACC) doprowadzić pojazd do całkowitego zatrzymania w ruchu wymagającym zatrzymywania się i ruszania, wykorzystując do 50 procent całkowitej dostępnej siły hamowania.It also allows you to automatically follow the preceding car if the stop time was shorter than 3 seconds.If the stop time exceeds 3 seconds, the driver can press the button on the steering wheel or gently press the acceleration pedal.

Thanks to the FordPass Connect on -board modem, the vehicle has gained a system of early information about danger on the road, which warns the driver about the threats located on the car route, even when this threat is, for example.behind the bend or in front of the vehicles ahead and the driver is not able to see him yet.

Messages about local threats are sent regardless of information from the satellite navigation system and are made available by local authorities and by vehicles connected to the data cloud.

Thanks to this, the driver is informed about such difficulties as road works or emergency stopping of another vehicle, the presence of animals, pedestrians or other obstacles on the road, and even about dangerous driving conditions.Often, the driver receives these warning messages before they are in his field of view.

For the first time in the Ford model from the B segment, the rear, wide -angle camera (180 °) will also debut, from which the image can be displayed on the on -board touch screen.Thanks to this, when reversing, the driver will be able to notice pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles faster.

The monitoring system for a dead field of vision in mirrors with the function of warning against vehicles on the transverse road warns drivers withdrawing the car from the parking space about vehicles approaching it and may be on a collision course.The system can turn on the brakes to avoid or alleviate the effects of collision if the driver does not react to earlier warnings.

The active parking assistant makes it easier to find the driver to find the right parking space and park the car without using his hands, behind another vehicle or parallel to other cars.The automatic road lights system (AHB) prevents dazzling of other road users by intelligent control of the car headlights.

An improved version of the lane control system (LKS) has the function of detecting the edge of the road (RED), which can recognize the tip of the road and the place of its connection with the surface that does not take safe driving, e.g..with unpaved or paved, gravel side or green belt.The system can also prevent an uncontrolled downhill ride from the road, applying the appropriate moment on the steering wheel to correction of the track.

Systems used by the PUMA model also support the driver while driving around the city.The active braking support system can detect pedestrians on the road or near it, as well as those who can enter the road in front of the vehicle.

It has been designed to reduce the effects of some frontal collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians, as well as to help drivers to avoid them.Puma has been equipped with an improved version of the system with a wider camera camera that helps you better track pedestrian and cyclists' movements.

In the event of an accident, the braking system after a collision helps reduce the effects of a potential secondary collision by automatically using a moderate braking pressure after detecting the first collision.The slowdown of the vehicle can potentially reduce passengers' damage and avoids further damage to the vehicle.

Other solutions designed to help Puma driver avoiding accidents include:

- Puma offers a rich package of solutions and systems that you will not find in other models from this segment - argues Steffens. – Takie systemy jak funkcja bezprzewodowego ładowania czy układ Stop & Go zaprojektowano jako perfekcyjne uzupełnienie stylu życia współczesnego klienta.Thanks to them, the use of the Puma model becomes even simpler and more intuitive.

PUMA has obtained a maximum safety assessment.She also scored a set of points, both in a collision with a barrier and in a more demanding side collision with a pole.Support systems, including active braking support system, intelligent cruise control and maintenance system on the selected lane, have also gained recognition.

Innowacyjne i kuszące

The owner of Puma can opt for many solutions that provide comfort on travel, including the front seats debuting in this segment with the lumbar spine massage function, which have a beneficial effect on the tense back muscles and make the ride even more relaxing.The system offers a three -stage intensity and massage direction.

The driver's seat has a height adjustment, just like the front passenger seat.The backrests of both were designed so that thanks to their flat form with a cavity, gain as much space as possible for the knees of second -order passengers.The construction of the seat in the second row makes it easier to get on and off.The full -size, opening panoramic roof window makes the PUMA model even more spacious and better illuminated.The window, which is made of tempered and tinted glass, consists of two panels that occupy almost the entire width of the roof.

Such solutions as an integrated wireless smartphone charger allow you to meet everyday challenges of professional and social life more easily.None of the two USB sockets now have to be occupied by a traditional charging cable, because the wireless charger was placed just below the instrument panel.This device can detect compatible electronic equipment and automatically initiate the charging procedure.

When induction charging, the device may remain connected by Bluetooth to the Sync 3 communication system and entertainment, which allows the driver to control the help of simple voice commands with sound, navigation and connected smartphones.The Sync 3 system is supported by an 8-inch color touch screen.It is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto ™, available without additional costs.

The FordPass Connect system with a on-board modem makes the new Ford Puma become a mobile Wi-Fi access point, guaranteeing wireless connectivity for up to 10 devices.Thanks to the FordPass mobile application, the system offers a number of convenient services, such as vehicle location, vehicle status function that informs the driver about the fuel level in the tank, alarm system, the need to change the oil, etc.., as well as the function of remote locking and unlocking doors and remote starting of the engine in versions equipped with a seven -speed automatic transmission.4

Opcjonalny system nagłośnienia firmy B&O został przygotowany z myślą o jakości dźwięku klasy premium, który zachowuje czystość brzmienia niezależnie od warunków jazdy.One of the elements of the 10-speaking set is the integrated subwoofer (150 x 200 mm), which guarantees the extraordinary quality of the low tones.Although the subwoofer was placed in the trunk, it does not limit the capacity of the luggage compartment.The location of the tweeters has been optimized to get a wider sound stage at the seating level, providing a great acoustic impressions in all places in the car.The heart of the system is a digital signal amplifier with a power of 575 watts, which is responsible for equalizing and mixing the sound, and also offers a selection of spatial sound modes.

In addition, the driver can adjust the type and order of displaying information of driving support systems and navigation tips thanks to the fully configurable 12.3 -inch digital clocks team.In order to smoothly integrate the indicators module into the dashboard, the technology of free forming was used, enabling the bending of the upper edges.The panel contains circuits built into the display, which enabled designers to give it shapes beyond the traditional rectangular form.

In addition, the 24-bit "True Color" indicators display detailed, more intuitive images and icons in the full color spectrum, thanks to which they become brighter, less tiring for the eyes and easier to read.

The new Ford Puma joins the growing European range of SUV class cars and inspired crossovers SUVs, which are created by models such as M.in.Fiesta Active, Focus Active, Ecosport, Kuga, Edge, and New Explorer Plug-in Hybrid.

Ford employed an additional 1,700 employees here and invested around EUR 200 million to support the production of Puma in the latest Ford Department at the National (Craiova) in Romania.All Ford investments in the Nationality from 2008.They reach almost 1.5 billion.euro.

"We are convinced that Puma will go into the tastes of Europeans planning to buy a compact car," said Rowley.- We have made every effort to provide customers with the universality they expect, thanks to which they will be able to drive the best -looking car they have ever had.


1Deklarowane zużycie paliwa / zużycie energii, emisja CO2 i zasięg napędu elektrycznego mierzone są zgodnie z wymaganiami i specyfikacjami technicznymi regulaminóweuropejskich (WE) 715/2007 w aktualnym brzmieniu.

2Oficjalne dane homologacyjne dotyczące zużycia paliwa i emisji CO2 zostaną podane przed rozpoczęciem sprzedaży.

3Systemy asystenckie wspomagające kierowcę są uzupełnieniem jego uwagi, ale nie zastępują oceny sytuacji i konieczności kontrolowania pojazdu przez kierowcę.

4Tam, gdzie jest to dozwolone przez prawo.

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