Thief harvest.Burglars are just waiting for this moment

Pandemia has left a mark on the lives of millions of people.Also those who do not sin with honesty and get rich in someone else's misfortune.This applies to who have a very difficult task in the current situation.We spend more and more time at home.We not only relax, but we learn and work, so it's getting harder and harder to rob them.

For us it is great news, but thieves hopefully look into the future.After a clear decrease in the number of thefts, they plan to catch up with a more than.It all depends on when another lockdown will last.


As soon as adults return to work and children to school, one should expect increased activity of criminals.

Temporary decline

The British police data shows that the number of burglaries has fallen by over 20 percent for a year.However, this should not sleep our vigilance.The thieves have not become extinct and soon want to go to action.The more that they can count on more valuable loot.During the pandemic, many of us have invested in home furnishings and electronics.

Recent months are real harvest for computers manufacturers, tablets, TVs and sports equipment.New smartphones, garden furniture, smartwatches and projectors have also appeared in many homes.

Burglars know it well and they are already rubbing their hands.

Forewarned is forearmed

Safety experts call not to forget about protecting their belongings.For this purpose, a more solid fence in the case of a single -family house will be useful, but also lighting with motion sensors, alarm system, window locks, and even replacement of door locks.Neighborhood vigilance is also not to be overestimated.

When leaving the house, let's never leave expensive devices in the view, and when possible - let's take them with us.It is worth remembering to check the windows, the entrance door and leaving the light turned on.

We will make life difficult for thieves and protect ourselves from losing their belongings and a sense of security.

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