Toys for the garden - how to create a safe zone for a child? News of the day Popular Adblock User Community!

Create a safe haven for your child

Man has always strived for contact with nature, willingly staying in forests, parks or by water reservoirs. Thanks to the closeness of nature, our well-being improves and our body's immunity increases, and thus we are less likely to get sick. These arguments are very convincing for a child to be outdoors from an early age - surrounded by greenery, trees, flowers and herbs. However, the mere presence of garden flora and fauna is not always enough for a child. It is therefore worth creating a playground in a carefully selected corner of the garden, i.e. a safe paradise for children of all ages. What garden toys to choose so that the toddler has a great time?

The most popular devices that children willingly use include:

Garden house

The garden house is an irreplaceable element of the playground. It can be wooden or made of plastic. It should have windows, doors, a porch and the most necessary furniture. There is usually one room in the cottage that serves as a playroom for children. In the cottage, the little ones will play in any weather. If you have manual skills, you can do this type of house yourself.


This is a must-have for children aged one year and up. The soft and clean sand in the sandpit is perfect for making cupcakes or grand castles. If the sandpit is small, it is worth installing a canvas roof over it to protect against the sun's rays. However, when the sandbox is large, it should be located in a shaded place.


Garden toys - how to create a safe zone for a child? News of the day Popular Adblock User Community!

This element of the playground is most often mounted on a wooden structure, and a slide chute leads to a sandbox or paddling pool with water. It is a favorite toy that brings a lot of joy to children of all ages. Equally willing to use it are both slightly older and playing independently, as well as toddlers under the care of a parent.


Various types of swings can be installed in the garden. A weight swing or a swing attached to the frame will work great. A good idea is a swing attached to a tree branch, where instead of rigid metal rods holding the seat, thick ropes are used. For the youngest, you should choose a bucket seat that will properly protect the little user from falling.


This is the perfect garden toy for older children. Jumping on a trampoline develops balance, improves motor coordination and provides a lot of joy. The trampoline is secured with a net on the sides, which protects the child from falling out.

A paddling pool

A small inflatable pool is a great way to cool down your body on hot days. The water in the paddling pool heats up from the sun, so it will not cause the risk of thermal shock, but only slightly cools the heated skin. However, it should be remembered that children should use the paddling pool only under the supervision of adults.

All toys for the garden should be made of high quality materials and must have a safety certificate during their use. It is also important that they are adjusted to the age of users (manufacturers are required to provide information from what age the equipment is safe).