A real cost of building a house.Cost estimate of sample investments

How much does it cost to build a house?

From year to year, investors and people who want to build a house for their family must take into account the increasing prices of building materials, and specialist services.In 2022, you have to take into account costs that increased by OK.14 percent.compared to last year.

The Central Statistical Office provided data on the price of 1 m2 of the usable area of the residential building put into use.You had to pay OK for 1 m2.PLN 5347.Given the increase in prices, it is worth rounding this amount to PLN 5,500.This means that building a house with an area of 140 m2 will cost OK.770 thousand.zloty.

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The average prices of materials and labor are taken into account in the calculations below.The approximate cost estimate includes net prices (without taking into account VAT, which differs in the case of self -purchase and purchases by a construction company).

House construction cost estimate - how to calculate?

Building a house is high costs, which include placing a house in a development state, buying a plot and finishing the interior and garden.See what planning and payment of investments looks like step by step.


The purchase of a construction plot depends on many different factors, including the place where it is located;voivodships, towns, distances from the city center or utilities. Według tych zmiennych ceny działek mogą wahać się od kilkudziesięciu tysięcyzlotyotych do miliona czy kilku milionówzlotyotych. Na terenach wiejskich ceny za m2 mogą wynosić nawet kilkadziesiątzlotyotych, natomiast w miastach – kilkasetzlotyotych za m2. W najbardziej pożądanych miejscach cena zbliża się do 1000zloty za m2.This year, however, a decrease in plot prices is noticeable compared to the previous year.

The optimal size of the construction plot for the construction of the house is OK.600 m2 in urban areas.1000 square meters is the optimal size of a single -family house with dimensions of 140 m2.A minimum of 400,000 should be paid for a plot of land for a single -family house near Wrocław.zloty, ale i znajdą się działki za 200, a nawet 120 tys.zloty daleko od dużych aglomeracji.If the plot is unarmed, you should add additional costs for pulling up the media.The price for armament, however, depends on the connection power, area or network owner.


The implementation of the project is the basis of each construction, including a single -family house.A good design takes into account the specificity of the area, determines the shape of the building and planning all rooms with the necessary details.Without education in the field of architecture and design, it is a big challenge.It is best to familiarize yourself with the current prices of house designs before building and starting work. Gotowe projekty kosztują kilka tysięcyzlotyotych (od 2 do 6 tys.zloty).It is also possible to order an individual project, which costs OK.10 thousand.zloty (albo nawet 30, w zależności od rodzaju projektu, jego wielkości i stopniazlotyożoności).The package receives a plan taking into account the customer's requirements and a package of documents.


The beginning is always a pour out of foundations.Prices depend on the size of the house.The most frequently chosen model is a 140 m2 storing single -family house.Assuming that the house has 2 levels of 70 m2, the cost of foundations is ok.30 thousand.zloty.Then the investment includes: load -bearing walls, partitions, ventilation, ceilings, etc..Their total cost is ok.100 thousand.zlotyotych, który uwzględnia materiały i robociznę.An important element will be the implementation of a complete gable roof with a cover, the construction of which will be from 30 to OK.60 thousand.zloty z wliczonymi materiałami i robocizną.However, there are also more expensive solutions, e.g..roof covering with ceramic tiles.

Then you should also add the cost of building concrete stairs, which range from 2 to 3 thousand.zloty, z czego mniej niż połowa to koszty robocizny.The construction of the balcony is also an additional issue.The price depends on the size, construction, materials used or railing, which can strongly affect its height.However, in the plans to build a balcony, you should allocate OK.10 thousand.zloty.An important expense are also windows and doors, terrace doors or a garage door.The whole thing for them will be ok.35 thousand.zloty.

Construction usually ends with achieving a development state.Different developers accept different standards regarding home finishing.Most often, however, it is assumed that this is the state of the house to which the building is brought on the basis of a construction project, without involvement in interior design.

The cost of the development state includes: facade costs, internal installations (installation, water and sewage work, electrical, ventilation and central heating), floors, plasters, or window sills.Costs for this stage of construction can be even ok.200 thousand.zloty.

Finishing works

Finishing works are the last activities that cause the final surface finish.They affect the subsequent interior design.The price of finishing works is very different.It depends on many factors, including the expected standard of household members.It includes laying glaze, laying floors, floors, painting walls, as well as the so -called.White assembly, i.e. assembly of sanitary fittings, such as a sink, bathtub, shower cabin, bidet, concealed sets, battery, etc..

The choice of devices and materials is wide and differs from each other in the price. Ceny płytek podłogowych czy paneli to przykładowo kilkanaście i kilkasetzlotyotych za metr kwadratowy.Similarly, toilet fittings, whose prices can be counted in hundreds or in thousands. Na całokształt prac wykończeniowych należy przeznaczyć więc od100 thousand.zloty do ok.300 thousand.zloty, w zależności od oczekiwanego wyniku i standardu.

It is also worth taking into account the cost of the garden.Not everyone invests in it, but most decide to buy plants, terrace or gazebos.The fence is also an inseparable element crowning the house. Zależnie od wizji domowników, koszty zaczną się od10 thousand.zloty, ale mogą sięgać nawet100 thousand.zloty.

Costs of individual stages of construction

The construction stages can be divided into an open raw state, which consists of the location of foundations, walls, roof.Closed raw state, which is added to the windows, doors, gates.The next one is a development state, i.e. enriched with electrical, water and sewage installations, insulation, floors, plastering walls, ceilings, filling and leveling.

How much does it cost to build a house in a raw state?Open raw - OK.200 thousand.The closed raw state will be tens of thousands more, i.e..240 thousand.zloty.440 thousand.zloty zaś to koszt całościowy, czyli do stanu deweloperskiego (pod klucz).

How much does it cost to build a one -story house?If the choice falls on a one -story house with an area of 100 m2, the house construction costs will decrease, but not much. Stan surowy otwarty, czyli koszty materiałów budowlanych z robocizną, powinien zamknąć się w200 thousand.zloty, stan surowy zamknięty – 230 tys.zloty, a stan deweloperski – ok.350 thousand.zloty.

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Building a house - total cost

What is the total cost of building a house?The purchase of a plot plays a big role here. Jeśli inwestycja domu 140 m2 planowana jest na działce o wartości200 thousand.zloty, koszty budowy wyniosą ok.440 thousand.zloty, a wykończenie zmieści się w200 thousand.zloty (z ogrodem i ogrodzeniem), całkowity koszt to ok.840 thousand.zloty.However, saving at finishing can reduce the price and close the investment in 800 thousand.zloty.

However, if you take a more expensive investment, i.e. a plot of land for 400,000.zloty, budowę za 500 tys.zloty i wykończenie za ok.300 thousand.zloty, całość wyniesie ponad milionzlotyotych, a dokładniej ok. 1 200 000zloty.

Construction of a 100 m2 one -story house will reduce the cost of building a house to OK.350 thousand.zloty. Z działką za200 thousand.zloty i tańszymi pracami wykończeniowymi za100 thousand.zloty, całość inwestycji wyniesie ok.650 thousand.zloty.

Brick house and wooden - which one should you choose?

The above plans and calculations relate to the construction of a brick house.This is still the most common choice among investors and people interested in building a house.It owes its popularity to the fact that it is an investment for years, lasting and solid.Builders available in Poland mostly specialize in this type of construction.So there are many professionals or plans.The increase in the prices of building materials, however, makes wooden houses enjoy more and more interest.

First, building such a house is much cheaper.The cost of putting foundations and construction is smaller.The expected prices are ok.2 thousand.zloty za m2 domu z bali, a o.3 thousand.zloty za doprowadzenie do stanu surowego zamkniętego za m2 domu drewnianego.Secondly, the construction of a brick house lasts much longer than erecting a wooden skeletal structure.However, if the house is to guarantee durability for generations, it is worth focusing on brick construction.

It is not easy to create a cost estimate of building a single -family house. Przez wzgląd na tak wiele zmiennych wynik może różnić się od siebie o kilkaset tysięcyzlotyotych. Aby jednak wybudować dom, który będzie służył domownikom, warto uzbierać budżet w wysokości około milionazlotyotych.

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