Review MIO MIVUE C570 - "must have" every driver!Review MIO MIVUE C570 - "must have" every driver!

Review MIO MIVUE C570 - "must have" every driver!Review MIO MIVUE C570 - "must have" every driver!

Mio is a company with which I have been close for a long time - especially with their main segment, i.e. car video recorders.From the very beginning of adventures with this type of devices.

It will be no different this time, i.e. with the next car video recorder, which I had the opportunity to test.First of all, I will start with the fact that no matter what camera you buy, so that during a collision, accident or other event there would be any confirmation of your words to what happened.Mio Mivue C570 will be the perfect choice.

The camera is very simple to install.First of all, you should start by placing a microSD card in the nest - it is important that it is not too low capacity.Of course, if you have a less capacious card, it does not prevent you from using a smaller one until you buy a larger one.The camera is constructed in such a way that at the time of lack of memory for new recordings, it removes old.Now the question may arise, what then with important files that have already been recorded by the recorder?The camera will remove them?No, if these are important files that were made when the sensor is detected.In this case, they stay until the user decides what he wants to do with them.

The next step is to connect the power cable to the lighter socket.In my case, a problem arose - my car is equipped with a wider socket, which prevented the camera from connecting using the cable included in the set.I was saved by a private cable and car charger with a corresponding standard for my car.

The suction cup included in the set integrated with the handle is very stiff, and thus solid, thanks to which it neutralizes vibrations while driving.The suction cup itself, which is a very important element of any set that is to hang on the glass, is so strong that even if we want to detach it from the glass, we will have to use a lot of force - of course I write it through the prism of a huge advantage, because there is no questionwith the spontaneous detachment of the camera from the glass.

The camera from the MIO stable discussed today is so interesting that in addition to traditional video recording, in addition, it is equipped with a built -in speed camera base.I have always had a small problem that the screens in these webcams are too little used during operation and we do not use them in 99%.However, this has changed with today's model.On the camera screen when approaching speed cameras, there is information about the limit, speed and distance we have to a given speed monitoring device.The function is very useful and useful, and in addition, MIO swears to update the speed camera database for life.

Review MIO MIVUE C570 -

The equipment is made entirely of plastic, i.e. like 99% of this type of devices.However, this does not bother you, because the camera is placed by most of its life on the glass.Only the keys are placed on the right edge, which we move on the interface.The left edge is hidden in the miniUSB port and microSD card entry.

The most important in video recorders are the lens itself and the matrix that records our routes.In the discussed device we have a Sony Starvis CMOS sony matrix.The camera records in full HD resolution and 30 frames per second, which is enough.If the producer decided on 60 frames, it would translate into larger sizes of recorded materials.And so we will not record this camera from holiday films, which is why these are the most sufficient values and 60 frames are in my opinion unnecessary in the car recorder.

The lens has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, which is actually useful when recording collisions and our or other people's "adventures" on the road.A wide angle is also useful because it doesn't matter where we will mount the camera on the glass, because through its wide spectrum of vision it will catch every detail, regardless of the location.Another important information is the clarity of the lens - in this case the aperture has f/1.8, which translates into recording bright and clear materials at night due to Night Vision technology in difficult lighting conditions, such as underground parking lots.

The camera is equipped with a 3-oxois overload sensor, thanks to which the device knows when to start emergency recording.It is also used for parking mode - when we hit our car, the camera will start recording video.The recorder has a built -in battery, but it is so small that external power will be needed to use parking mode, e.g..powerbank.The recorder has a built -in GPS, thanks to which it also records the geographical position of road incidents.

The camera hangs on the front windshield, which means that there is no physical and technical possibility of registering the back of the vehicle, but we can buy a second Mio A30 camera to gain more safety - it costs about PLN 300, so it is not cheap, but it offers an ongoingness comparable to the reviewed model.

Finally, I have a video for you, in which I prepared a cluster of killi videos in various lighting conditions.Save yourself how it looks in practice!

Review MIO MIVUE C570 - "must have" every driver!