Atheist Letters 3.0 The lady takes the towers, and the pedrill - the catholic!

Pervert! Sodomite! Pedal! pedro! Steam! faggot! Syfiar! Assfucker! Shit Eater! And many, many other definitions of gay have been circulating and circulating in backyards, schools, homes, offices, workplaces, holiday homes, churches, catechetical halls, processions, pilgrimages; they were in jokes and heads. All Catholics. There is no other population in Poland.

Gays, until very recently, did not occur in nature, nor did homosexuals. It seems that for the first time I learned the term "homosexual" from a book by prof. Andrzej Jaczewski. But he himself must have been a pervert to write about such perverted things.

Michalina Wisłocka must have been even worse, which is why she was widely read, with pastries and under the covers. So as not to scandalize the Absolute Love - the Good Lord God.

Dehumanizing a man whose nature, pardon me - His Supremeness, Perfection of Love - Good Lord God, made a homosexual or a transsexual, is 2,000. + years of Tradition. In the name of the love of man for man.

We live in a monstrous, deadly depth. We don't feel the poisonous stench at all. Homosexuals are everywhere. Dehumanization, defilement, denial of dignity, rights and freedom to be who you want to be without harming others. The gay is blasphemed by the right Catholics themselves, led by bishops and exemplary Catholics from the state aisle.

Duda willingly blazes. Thus, he dehumanized himself, although it is doubtful whether he ever was a man, because he does not do it out of low desire for profit - to be able to further destroy the constitution, laws, interpersonal ties and Poland, but from the depths of the so-called. heart - it is. A well-bred, decent, correct Catholic.

Atheist Letters 3.0 pedrill - catholic!

I have the luxury of being straight. When normal Catholics around defecate super-good and ordinary people who are gay, I get furious. I DON'T HAVE MY CONSENT to dehumanization!

The persecuted women can already go out into the city, go to the palaces of power and bishops in protest, march with black umbrellas. A decent Catholic cannot and doesn't want to, and he is decent by virtue of being a Catholic. He does not go out in crowded marches to the city to scream at the top of his voice in front of the palaces of his episcopal and state power: ENOUGH! It doesn't come out because it's pointless as long as the monster is in its own head. So a Catholic either throws profanities or sits quietly, that is, prays loudly and nicely to the Absolute of Love, who with pleasure murders both sodomites and men and women with children and conceived children. He proves to himself, to his neighbors and to the Good Lord God, what a proper Catholic is.

Let the pedrill beat the Catholic in the elections! Pedryl and the one who considers a gay man as worthy as others. Just for a person, not an object, an object of mockery, blasphemy, beating and killing. Yes! Because humiliation, denial of humanity kills.

May the religion of violence, fused into one with the power of the state, perish. So that people would finally be people, not just Catholics, and the state would be for them. It's completely enough.

Pedryl - beat the Catholic in the elections! Man, do the same!