How to fix a damaged kitchen countertop?- WP Woman Share

How to fix a damaged kitchen countertop?- WP Woman Share

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The kitchen is a place where household members usually spend a lot of time, which is why furniture and accessories in it are exposed to quick destruction.Cancer is with kitchen countertops, in which scratches form, highlighting under the influence of water or burning.Here are some advice on how to deal with them.

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How to fix the hole in the kitchen counter?

In laminated or wooden kitchen countertops, holes and splinters can be packed using retouching wax.

In stores with similar substances you can easily find retouching wax in the equivalent of color matching the color of kitchen countertops.You can choose easier to process soft wax or more difficult to prepare, but in the long run more durable hard wax.It is important to collect excess wax with a delicate tool that will not scratch the countertop.The last step is to polish the surface evenly with a PVC cleaning agent.An alternative to wax can be epoxy resin, especially recommended for laminated kitchen countertops.

Such steps can also be taken in repairing chips on the kitchen counter.However, this activity will require more precision, because the repaired surface will be slightly smaller.

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How to fix a swollen kitchen countertop?

The bulge on the kitchen counter resulting from water is basically irreversible.

The swelling of the countertop usually takes place in the case of chipboard composites with laminate.It is then that the water persisting on the surface for a long time gets into the structures of the plate, which then swells.If the damage is not too advanced, you can try to pour salt into the material bag and put in the bulge place so that the salt absorb water.In more serious cases, it will be necessary to replace the countertop or place it with plexiglass or tiles.

How to remove the burning of the kitchen countertop?

Burn the kitchen countertop will be possible on laminates.Wood and concrete will wear the features of destruction, unfortunately forever.

A home way to burn the laminate top is to prepare a mixture consisting of juice with 1 one lemon and 3 tablespoons of vinegar.The liquid should be poured at the burning place and rubbed with a rough sponge.

How to renew laminated kitchen countertop?

If we are dealing with a scratched and worn laminated top in the kitchen, you should think about its maintenance.

The best way to refresh the laminate kitchen countertop is its waxing - it will restore color and fill the features.With deeper sparkles, it is worth reaching for epoxy or polyester resin or gelkot.For each of these substances you need to choose the right dye, which will blend with the color of the kitchen countertop.Maintenance consists of grinding a damaged fragment, cleansing it and sinusing.After filling and drying, the top should be polished.

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