Nowa Mazda 3 Skyactiv -G 2.0 6AT - beauty is not everythingTEST

Nowa Mazda 3 Skyactiv -G 2.0 6AT - beauty is not everythingTEST

Rear visibility is terrible.Trunk - small.The engine has only 122 horsepower, which is not much for today's standards.For now, you won't get even with a more powerful charge.The multimedia system screen is not tactile.The adaptive lighting system can sometimes blind the opposite direction.And why this critical introduction?To avoid the impression that I am writing a laurel for Nowa Mazda 3.Because the facts are that I had no compact for a long time..

The first impression is perfect.The new Mazda 3 lives even better than in the pictures.What can be seen outside is just a foretaste of how fantastically the interior of the Japanese car was designed.The dashboard looks classic and at the same time fresh.Not like a compact car, but like a decent sports car, and from a high shelf.Not only the design is perfect, the quality of materials and workmanship is also impressive.This is really the highest league - more classic sports elegance here than in the cabins of the new Mercedes A class, BMW 1 Series or Audi A3.After taking a seat in the driver's seat, you can understand where the high price mentioned at the beginning.The new Mazda 3 apparently is not to compete with ordinary compacts at all - this is a clear attack on the premium segment!

Nowa Mazda 3 - interior like in a premium class

It is important, however, that in Nowa Mazda 3 beauty does not interfere with ergonomics.All indicators are clear and the service turns out to be intuitive.There is also a lot of progress against the background of the previous generation of the model.A decent Head-Up display hit the standard equipment, which shows the speed and other important information on the driver, and not on the retractable piece of transparent plastic.

Mazda has finally changed the multimedia system criticized with a poor display and not very convenient control.Until now, the solution specific to this brand was that the screen allowed for touch control only at a stop, while driving, individual options had to be selected with a knob.In Nowa Mazda 3, the touch control was completely abandoned, but the display is larger (8.8 -inch diagonal), has a much better resolution and image quality than before, and the menu system has become more readable and logical.The function for controlling the functions is located in a comfortable place on the central tunnel, there was a separate volume knob.There are also options for integration with smartphones - both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay work.

Nowa Mazda 3 Skyactiv-G 2.0 6AT - uroda to nie wszystko | TEST

In terms of performance, the new Mazda 3 cannot meet the expectations awakened by the sports interior.Mazda has not succumbed to the trend of the supercharged small units - there is neither a turbocharger or a compressor here.The engine achieves a maximum power of 122 hp only at 6,000.revs, maximum torque (213 Nm) is generated by a two -liter engine at 4,000.turnover.

About the fact that it is a "soft hybrid", the average user will only learn from reading the folder, because you do not feel it at all. Na plus: auto jest dobrze wyciszone, więc korzystanie z wysokichturnover nie męczy.For driving around the city, even a dynamic, the engine is enough.In combination with a 6-speed "automatic" during faster driving on the highway, however, it easily reaches the limits of its abilities.Any attempt at vigorous acceleration causes the chest to reduce, often even by two gears, and the tachometer jumps towards the red field.

Nowa Mazda 3 - there is a lack of power outside the city

Most interestingly, the new Mazda 3 proves that such a large engine can be economical.The average fuel consumption on our standard test route was 6.8 l/100 km, which is less than with many competitor with a engine with a capacity smaller by half!Unfortunately - and maybe also a hundred - suspension and steering are so good that they intensify the impression of unsatisfied in the field of performance.

In Nowa Mazda, 3 twice as many power and torque would certainly not hurt.The more so because safety equipment is rich - we have all assisting systems at our disposal, from an extensive driver fatigue detection system, via adaptive cruise control and emergency braking systems, up to transverse traffic monitoring systems both when reversing and driving forward.Only the brakes could be a bit more effective.

Nowa Mazda 3 - we like it

Finishing quality, beautiful body line, great interior, low fuel consumption.

Nowa Mazda 3 - we don't like it

Relatively high price, little space on the rear sofa, small trunk, too weak engine.

Nowa Mazda 3 - in our opinion

A completely new Mazda 3 (this is not no facelift) has several objective defects through which it will not win comparisons with other compacts.This does not mean that he will not win the competition for the hearts of customers, because it is a really unique car.In the future, more powerful engines with very original technical solutions are to reach it.We are looking forward to!

Nowa Mazda 3 - test results

Przyspieszenie 0-50 km/h3,6 s
Przyspieszenie 0-100 km/h10,3 s
Przyspieszenie 0-130 km/h16,9 s
Czas rozpędzania 60-100 km/h6,0 s (aut.)
Czas rozpędzania 80-120 km/h7,9 s (aut.)
Masa rzeczywista/ładowność1430/477 kg
Rozdział masy (przód/tył)62/38 proc.
Śr. zawracania (lewo/prawo)11,8/11,6 m
Hamow. ze 100 km/h zimne43,9 m (opony zimowe)
Hamow. ze 100 km/h gorące 44,5 m (opony zimowe)
Hałas w kabinie przy 50 km/h55 dB (A)
Hałas w kabinie przy 100 km/h62 dB (A)
Hałas w kabinie przy 130 km/h66 dB (A)
Spalanie testowe (95 okt.)6,8 l/100 km
Zasięg750 km

Nowa Mazda 3 - technical data

Silnik: typ/cylindry/zaworybenz./R4/16
Ustawienie silnikapoprzecznie z przodu
Zasilanie/napęd rozrząduwtrysk bezp./łańcuch
Pojemność skokowa (cm3)1998
Moc maks. (KM/obr./min)122/6000
Maks. mom. (Nm/obr./min)213/4000
Przyspieszenie 0-100 km/h (s)10,8
Prędkość maksymalna (km/h)197
Śr. spalanie wg WLTP (l/100 km)6,5
Emisja CO2 (g/km)/norma148/Euro 6d-Temp
Skrzynia biegów/napędaut. 6/na przód
Poj. bagażnika/zb. paliwa (l)351-1019/51
Marka i model opon test. autaPirelli SottoZero Winter
Rozmiar opon215/45 R 18

Nowa Mazda 3 - equipment and prices

Pakiet Luxury Black (skóra)6 000 zł
Klimatyzacja dwustrefowaS
Matrycowe światła LEDS
System audio BoseS
System kamer 360˚S
Syst. mon. ruch przed autemS
Lakier Soul Red Crystal3 500 zł
Cena podst. tej wersji silnikowej94 900 zł
Gwarancja mech./perforacyjna3 lata lub 100 tys. km/12 lat
Przeglądyco 20 tys. km lub rok
Cena testowanego auta127 400 zł
Mazda 3 - przestrzeń to nie wszystko