Knock on my door - it will happen on January 25-27.Summary of episodes

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Knock on my door a series that for some time can be seen on Polish television at 19:50 on the WP channel.This is an ideal proposition for Turkish fans soap opera and romantic comedies.What will happen in the next episodes?We have prepared for you summaries of sections that will be broadcast from January 25 to 27, 2022.

January 25-27, 2022 are days when WP viewers will be able to see the new episodes of the series knock to my door.Episodes 43, 44 and 45 will be broadcast on these days.Emission as always at 19:50.Many people will definitely not miss them, because knock on my door impresses fans of Turkish series.What is it about?The main heroine is EDA.She is a young girl who comes from a poor family.Her dream is to get a good education.Serkan Bolat, a rich entrepreneur, through whom Eda was to lose a scholarship for higher education appears in her way.The man, however, finds a way to alleviate the situation.I suggest paying her studies if she decides to pretend to be his fiancee for two months.Although at first Edzie does not like the idea, he changes his mind over time.Yes, their relationship is slowly beginning to change into a hot romance.In their lives, however, there will be people who will want to break their relationship at all costs...Check what will happen in the new episodes.

Knock on my door - how will the Turkish series end?

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Zapukaj do moich drzwi - to wydarzy się 25-27 stycznia. Streszczenie odcinków

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Knock on my door - episode 43

Serkan leaves the company immediately.Eda runs behind him and tries to tell him that she did not know the identity of the secret partner.Serkan does not listen to her, but Eda does not give up.Semiha Hanım, using the absence of Serkan and Edy, announces a state of emergency in the company.He calls everyone to say that they were threatened with Alptekin Bey and escaped abroad.Aydan was confused by what to do with the divorce agreement with Alptekin.

Knock on my door - episode 44

Ayfer develops the Aydan and Seyfi protection plan against his mother's anger and presents Aydan as his neighbor Aysun.Eda finally finds a way for Serkan to listen to her.They both agree that their relationship is in crisis.Serkan wants to start the new year again.Will the magic of the new year be able to surround Serkan and Ed?Are new beginnings possible?When the clock knits twelve at night, they conclude a contract to allow each other to decide on their relationship.

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Knock on my door - episode 45

The New Year's Eve party turns out to be unpleasant due to the stopping of Serkan.While Serkan spends the first hours of the new year between the safety walls, of course there are those who have fun.How will New Year's Eve night end?

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