Nowa Mazda6 2017 - Changes and price list -

Nowa Mazda6 2017 - without changes in styling?

Mazda6 is the flagship model of a Japanese manufacturer who has entered the European market with a hit.Customers (also in Poland) were particularly liked.

The manufacturer is also aware of how much advantage in this case is the producer who, during the modernization of the model, decided to carry out minimal changes in the appearance of the body.As Mazda representatives agree - at the moment a modification of a great -looking body does not make sense.The same only news in this area are slightly modified side mirrors (with larger direction indicator lamps and the function of electrical folding) and introducing a new color to the offer - Machine Gray.

In addition, it was decided to modify the appearance of some interior elements.

In addition to the introduction of new decorative elements inserts on the device board, modification of storage compartments in the door pockets, or introducing new LED lighting, the steering wheel was modified ( buttons have been placed in a new way).The changes were also covered by a panel with a speedometer and tachometer.The indicators are now clearer, the appearance of the on -board computer display on the panel with "clocks" has also been improved.

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The appearance of the Head-Up display was also modernized.Now it is colorful and its setting is saved in memory together with the driver's seat setting.

In addition, efficiency of the air conditioning system has been increased and the offer was extended to be ordered to order a heated steering wheel.

It is a pity that during the modernization, the manufacturer did not decide to modify it facilitating the operation of the on -board system.The central display (placed on the central console top) can only be operated at a standstill.When driving, the on -board system control is possible only using a knob and buttons located on the panel between the seats.This raises inconvenience, e.g..In the event that we want to quickly change the destination point in the navigation while driving.If the screen did not have a blocked touch service function in this case, it would be easier.

The spaciousness of the interior has not changed either.Traditionally, in Mazda6, traveling on the rear sofa of the sedan version have a little more space than traveling on the rear sofa of the Sport Kombi version.With the difference that now the rear sofa can be heated.The trunk capacity of the sedan version is 480 l, and the station wagon version 522 l.

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New mazda6 2017 - drive/driving system

We will still find five drive units in the Mazda6 2017 drive range.Three gasoline: 2.0/145 km, 2.0/165 HP and 2.5/192 HP and two diesel units: 2.2/150 km and 2.2/175 km.The offer also includes automatic gearboxes and, as before.

Nowa Mazda6 2017 – zmiany i cennik -

Japanese designers decided to modify in Skyactive-D.The modernization was aimed at silencing the operation of diesel engines and increasing their dynamics.

According to the manufacturer's information, three new solutions were used:

"The High-Recision de Boost Control system increases the top-up pressure and allows more precise fuel injection, thus dynamizing the response to pressing the acceleration pedal.

The Natural Sound Smoother system suppresses the characteristic sound of a diesel engine in the range of 3.5 kHz, in which it is the most troublesome for travelers.

The Natural Sound Frequency Control system controls the timing phases to neutralize pressure waves and suppress three critical frequency bands (1.3 kHz, 1.7 kHz and 2.5 kHz), at which the engine components fall into the most famous vibrations."

However, the innovative system used for the first time in Mazda6 2017, of which Mazda engineers are the most proud of GVC (G-Victoring Control).In a nutshell, it is a system that increases driving comfort and improving traction while driving on turns.It is true that many competitors already have such systems, but G-Vectoring Control is the only one to work by controlling the torque of the power unit, not the braking system.

System operation, Japanese manufacturer explains as follows: "In the initial phase of the steering wheel trading, e.g..At the time of entering the corner, the GVC system reduces the value of the engine torque, generating overload, which in normal conditions occurs during braking, which results in the load on the front axle wheels.This, in turn, results in an increase in the adhesion of these wheels and greater precision of lead.And in a situation where the driver maintains a steering steering wheel angle, the GVC system will immediately increase the value of the torque, which will translate into the rear axle wheels and improve the stability of the track."

This system also improves driving comfort, because the effect of its operation is stable, more smooth driving on corners.

In addition, the functionalities of already available driver support systems, including

In the braking support system-Advanced SCBS, the laser sensor close to infrared was replaced with a camera monitoring the area in front of the car, which enabled the increase in the speed range at which the system is active from 4-40 km/h to 4-80 km/h.What's more, the system is able to detect passers-by, and additional ultrasonic sensors ensure action when reversing in the speed range of 2-8 km/h.

Thanks to the use of a modern monitoring camera, the speed range (to 15-160 km/h from 14-145 km/h) was also increased, in which the SBS intelligent braking support system operates, which detecting a rapidly approaching obstacle in front of the vehicle, first activates the warning sound signal and increases the warning sound signal and increases the warningpressure in the brake system, and when the driver still does not respond, he brakes the car to stop.

The new camera also enabled the on -board computer functions to be extended with a road signs recognition system, which is also displayed on the HEAD up color display.

During the first test drives we had the opportunity to ride Mazda6 2017 in a version with a diesel engine.Indeed, you can feel a clear improvement in the work culture and silencing the diesel engine in relation to the version before modernization.

Choć po krótkiej przejażdżce i bez bezpośredniego porównania z wersją sprzed modernizacji trudno jest ocenić efektywność działania systemu GVC, to faktem jest że nowa „Szóstka" bardzo dobrze radzi sobie z dynamiczną jazdą po ciasnych łukach.Especially since the tuning of the suspension remained a very strong point of the model.

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Engineers from Hiroshima (there is the headquarters of the concern) did not decide on revolutionary changes within Mazda6.They focused on better use of potential in this construction and increased the use of modern driver support systems. Spoglądając na poczynania Japończyków z „Szóstką" można wysnuć wniosek, że jej stałe udoskonalanie to droga, którą zdecydowali się podążać.Thus, Mazda once again proves that it follows its own path, distancing itself from pressure to introduce the next generations of the model as soon as possible as soon as possible.And good.

Mazda6 2017 - price list

Sedan/Sport KombiSkyGOSkyMOTIONSkyENERGYSkyPassion
2.0l SKYACTIV-G 145KM 6MT89 900---
2.0l SKYACTIV-G 165KM 6MT-101 900111 900 zł-
2.0l SKYACTIV-G 165KM 6MT i-ELOOP---123 900 zł
2.0l SKYACTIV-G 165KM 6AT-109 900 zł119 900 zł
2.5l SKYACTIV-G 192KM 6AT i-ELOOP---143 900 zł
2.2l SKYACTIV-D 150KM 6MT i-ELOOP-123 900 zł133 900 zł-
2.2l SKYACTIV-D 150KM 6AT i-ELOOP-130 900 zł140 900 zł-
2.2l SKYACTIV-D 175KM 6MT i-ELOOP---145 900 zł
2.2l SKYACTIV-D 175KM 6AT i-ELOOP---157 900 zł
Sport Kombi 4×4 i-ACTIV AWD
2.2l SKYACTIV-D 150KM 6MT i-ELOOP 4×4-133 900 zł143 900 zł-
2.2l SKYACTIV-D 175KM 6AT i-ELOOP 4×4---167 900 zł