ŁÓDŹ.They terrorized the cashier in the lombard with an ax.They stole a fortune [PHOTOS]


One stood in the chats, the other was pushed inside with an ax in his hand.He terrorized the employee of one of the Łódź pawnshops, then stole the whole cowel and pledged jewelry.Bandits looted several days.On Thursday, November 12, they were detained by policemen from Łódź.It turned out that they allocated looted money to play in a game room.

The brutal robbery took place on November 4 at 5pm.- At that time, there was a cashier in the pawnshop and the client she served - says Krzysztof Kopania, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Łódź.- then one of the attackers came inside, holding an ax and a hammer in his hand.He was aggressive, used vulgar words and began to break the ax with a glass attached to the desk counter.The terrified client ran outside.The attacker started pushing the door leading to the currency exchange rooms.Through the hole stamped in the glass, he opened the castle, and then got into the facilities.He threatened the cashier with deprivation of life, grabbed her shoulders and held it - he adds.

The woman managed to break and escape, and the robbers packed money and jewelry into bags.

Zuchwały napad w Tesco. Policja publikuje nagranie

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ŁÓDŹ. Sterroryzowali kasjerkę w lombardzie siekierą. Ukradli fortunę [ZDJĘCIA]

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They stole tens of thousands of zlotys, they also took a bag belonging to the cashier.When the owner of the exchange office reported a robbery, police from the criminal department entered.Analysis of monitoring, interrogation of witnesses, and especially good knowledge of the criminal environment very quickly led the law enforcement officers to the trail of criminals.

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On November 12, 2020, the criminal determined that the 37-year-old suspected of robbery and his 3-year older companion are located in a game room in the city center.After driving to this place, the police noticed that one of the men was leaving the room with the back door.While trying to stop, the suspect undertook to escape and tried to prevent you from stopping, but he was quickly incapacitated by the uniformed.After entering the game showroom.Detained men who in the past were noted for similar crimes heard the allegation of robbery in multi -levy conditions, for which they could threaten them up to 15 years imprisonment.Today (13.11) The court decided to arrest them temporarily.

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