Construction Construction Castle in Pieskowa Skala goes to renovation

Construction Construction Castle in Pieskowa Skala goes to renovation

Necessary renovation and maintenance of works of art

Works at the castle in Pieskowa Skala will consume PLN 18 million.So much for renovation was allocated by the Wawel Royal Castle as part of the Culture program of the European Economic Area Mechanism 2014-2021.Actions are necessary, to the needs of people with disabilities.In both courtyards and halls, wild limestone surfaces with an uneven structure make it difficult.Maintenance work is also necessary.Will include the maintenance of the chapel of the St..Archangel Michael together with the original seventeenth-century polychrome, currently covered with later layers, as well as museums inscribed in the inventory of the Wawel castle: two baroque wardrobes and dated to the beginning of the 17th century altar located in the chapel.Their technical condition will be improved and the appearance of 17th-century decoration will be improved.

Ekostacja w sercu nowej brytyjskiej sieci kolei dużych prędkości

Budownictwo Budownictwo Zamek w Pieskowej Skale idzie do remontu

New exhibition in 2023.

Thanks to the Culture program of the European Economic Area Mechanism 2014-2021, we will create a new permanent exhibition and open the doors of the Pieskowa Skała wider.We will be able to show one of the most important works of Old Polish culture: the Kodeńska Sapieha gallery and the magnificent seventeenth-century zinc Sarcophagi Sieniawski from Brzeżany.They can be described as a kind of "monuments" of the Culture of the Commonwealth of the modern period.Our viewers will also be able to visit the restored castle chapel - says Dr. Hab.Andrzej Betlej, prof.UJ and director of the Wawel Royal Castle.A new exhibition, Old Polish culture, will also be available virtually.The presentation of the collections is to be attractive and modern.

Air quality measurements

Other works are a specialized measurement of climatic conditions prevailing at the exhibition in Pieskowa Skala, which will allow you to create better protection of exhibits and the facility itself.These activities will be carried out thanks to cooperation with Norwegian Norskinstitut for Luftforskning.

Pieskowa Castle Skała located 30 km northwest of Krakow, in the heart of the Ojców National Park, has been dominated by the picturesque Valley of Prądnik for centuries.Written in the Jurassic landscape with the famous Hercules club is today the only well -preserved stronghold on the Eagles' Nests Trail and belongs to the most important modern residences in Lesser Poland and the whole country.Today, as a museum, it is a branch of the Royal Castle in Wawel.

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