The most important features of interior doorsWe are building a house

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Who determines the dimension and type of interior doors?

In the architectural and construction project, its authors define the dimension and type of interior doors, taking into account the specific requirements regarding the representative, private, sanitary and economic zone.Do not hastily change these detailed guidelines, because each wing must correspond to the building regulations and safely implement specific functions.The door is needed not only to decorate the rooms.

In the vestibule and in the garage, i.e. on the border of the cold and warm zone, professionals recommend inserting versions well thermally insulated.In the boiler room - fire.In bathrooms, toilet, laundry - models ensuring correct ventilation, i.e..with appropriate holes or undercut in the lower part.They usually recommend glass variants to the dark corridor.While for the office, children's and bedroom rooms - full.In the entrance and day zone they design those with a spectacular appearance, e.g..double -leaf, glazed, open, sliding.

Currently, investors will easily find products with the technical parameters listed above, with a appearance matching the interior design.What's more - manufacturers intentionally produce extensive series, enabling home furnishings with various models from one collection.Each design line contains full wings, completely or partially glazed, for "special tasks" - e.g..with the function of thermal and acoustic insulation.

How to open interior doors

Due to the opening method, the door is divided into:

Dried doors - the most important features

Although they take up a lot of space after opening, this is the most popular type.The wing, suspended on 2 or 3 hinges, opens after pressing the handle on the left or right.In construction hypermarkets, or directly from manufacturers (or with their distributors), we can easily buy single -leaf doors in several standard dimensions - 80, 90, 100 cm wide and 200 and 205.Wings with non-standard dimensions (more expensive by 10-20%), you need to order in the service department and wait for the implementation of several weeks.

Decorative double -leaf models will match the daytime or representative rooms.They usually use elements from charmed glass, ordinary or crystal, they provide the effect of spaciousness and the penetration of the rooms.Full of wings is unlikely to be used, for fear of overwhelming the main utility zone.

Sliding doors - the most important features

These are single or double-leaf doors, which completely or partially, divide and connect adjacent interiors.They perfectly replace wings, wherever there is a lack of space for them.It is necessary to leave the space by the wall, or to construct a special cassette inside it.A modern and fashionable solution is the use of synchronously opening wings - when we start moving one of them, the other moves automatically.

Folding doors - advantages and disadvantages

As with other types, they are made of one or two wings, but they "break" on two segments along the vertical axis.Advantage - such products take up little space.Disadvantage - they reduce the frame of the frame.

Drzwi składane przesuwają się na jedną ze ścian.(photo. Pol-Skone)

Harmonious doors - where to use it?

These are longitudinal panels with a width of 5-10 cm, connected by flexible plastic joints.Good for pantry and wardrobes.

The direction of opening the door depends on the room

Comfortable closing and opening the door matters, it clearly translates into safety and comfort of use of rooms.It is not possible for the neighboring wings to hit themselves, or "corner" communication routes.

For safety reasons, doors in bathrooms, toilet, kitchens, boiler rooms must open outside, although it is allowed to replace the sliding or swing versions in these places.In other rooms, the direction and how to open them is free.You just have to decide if the door should be left or right.There are often difficulties to distinguish between right and left varieties.Just stand forward to the door to see the hinges - the right models have them from our right, left - on the left.


If the building designer has not decided for us, you should choose a more convenient option, taking into account the location of electrical fasteners, stairs, furniture, other doors, etc..The decision must be taken before laying the electrical installation so that the lighting connectors can be located near the door handle.The fusion of two types of floors should be found under the wing.The direction of opening the model (outside or inward) is important in determining the location of such a line (closer to which the edge of the wall we will place the door).

Editor: Lilianna Jampolska with an opening photo: sliding doors can move around the wall or hide in the cassette in it.(photo.Ecllisse)