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I absolutely am in favor of it. Even though prof. Hartman already referred to the topic on the neighboring blog, I wanted to look at it a bit differently. So I leave aside all the laughs that have already appeared in various comments: that in a democratic country a king cannot rule, and from the afterlife; that a Jew would reign over Poles; that Poland already has a queen, the Mother of God, so her son can at most be a prince; that it is not known whether Jesus himself would like this position, and it is difficult to obtain any information on this matter, because no one has such a wiretapping range, etc., etc.

Note that the episcopate, probably due to the need to control the sheepfold, takes the matter quite seriously, since it has established the Team for Enthronement Movements. The name also suggests that in this area there is no single group of people, which in itself seems absurd - are they arguing about how to reach Jesus with the offer? (unless the name is parallel to "worm-like movements" or other movements).

So let us try for a moment to take seriously the idea of ​​enthroning Jesus Christ as the king of Poland. Jesus Christ became the king of Poland. This, of course, has two dimensions: symbolic and practical. The symbolic dimension (entrusting, entrusting, enriching, devotion, defense, cultivation ...) can be written for a long time, beautifully and touchingly, but I cannot. Besides, as a man who does not believe in God and in this mythical-literary-mystical figure, I am more interested in the practical dimension of that reign.

And here again, in order to shorten the argument, I will not elaborate on such issues as e.g. changing the constitution (rather necessary), although finding a legal formula for the relationship of the king's authority to other authorities, and especially to select the representation of the necessary intermediaries who would carry out the will of the physically absent king (and also the way of knowing this will) would be an interesting challenge for the best Caucasians. It would also be interesting to learn, for example, the rationale behind the selection of such and not another specific image of the figure (after all, the image of the king of Poland would have to be sent to all public offices and schools) and the rules of treating these images ("Why was the portrait of the Most Bright Lord removed? Sorry, that mockery again.

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So seriously. Either someone rules or not. The effects of governing are directly and interpersonally felt by the governed, verifiable. Even in the case of this unique formula, which was managed by President Kaczyński - ruling precisely through intermediaries - the effects and effects are known, so to speak, organoleptically, and we know who is responsible for them (even if there is no way to enforce this responsibility).

Decreeing Christ's reign over Poland (in any form - be it only symbolic ceremonies, or also taking into account the aforementioned formal and legal consequences, which would only additionally ridicule the whole idea) would, however, be an activity that exposes the emptiness hidden behind the divine myth. It would be a blow to all people who live with the blissful hope that if not here and now, then maybe “there” they will finally experience relief, happiness and justice.

The promoters of enthronement (including PiS MPs) clearly do not notice that, in the name of the fervent faith they declare, they want to ridicule its very basis and disavow its transcendent dimension. For if God has to be made the king of one country in order to finally start to act, and then it turns out that it does not change anything anyway, because the same people still rule and, what is worse, the same, then a painful self-compromise of the very idea takes place. Christ reigns at human request, but helpless in the face of politicians' lies, deaf to human harm, indifferent to poverty and helpless in the face of the ruthless market? Who needs such a king?

That's why I'm all for.