Review Dying Light 2. We have a real hicior!

Review Dying Light 2. We have a real hicior!

It took 7 years to the Wrocław studio to create a continuation of the successful Dying Light.However, these years also passed on constant development, updating and expanding with a new content of "one", which only fueled the appetite of the players.Techland himself, however, developed a good brand as a developer who cares about his players, constantly pampering them.In the era of games-services, where every tiny DLC is paid, and unprofitable productions are abandoned after 1-2 years, it is of great importance.Anyway, Dying Light 2 is to be no different - a preliminary plan has already been presented for the next 5 years.

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At the outset, it is worth raising the most irritable issue - bugs.Did Techland make up his homework and draw conclusions from his colleagues from CD Projekt RED?I think we definitely have nothing to worry about.Most of the mistakes in the game (and there were not so many of them), which I came across the collision of the objects - here some corpses got stuck, there I could not go through the hole in the wall, etc..In places, the timings of some animations require refinement, but it is generally good.My opinion concerns the PC version, which I played on quite strong equipment, so it's difficult for me to assess the optimization of the title.However, it is probably enough to just watch this video:

More apocalypse, less zombies

It was possible to invent a drug for THV virus.Everything seemed to return to normal.Unfortunately, people (like people), wanted to use the virus as a weapon.Something went wrong again, which resulted in another apocalypse.The fall was even more painful - to the extent that the world was almost completely depleted.People live in small enclaves.Everything is missing.Villedor remained the last city on the map - simply called "The City".

Czytaj dalej poniżej

It doesn't sound too original or revealing, right?Both the history of the world and the motives of the main character do not kidnap from the first second.But it is also difficult to create something really original today.The whole is really based on quite well -worn schemes.There is a crazy scientist, there is unrestrained power, saving the city.And in the background of the fighting of the faction - chaotic survivors from the bazaar (literally bazaar commodity), paralyimilim order service, which is a kind of self -proclaimed police and renegades - anarchists who have everything and everyone in ... nose.Fractions are fighting for everything, but mainly for water and electricity, which of course we will participate in.

The most important thing is that with each hour the plot takes on blushes, and subsequent twists are even surprising and difficult to predict.Although it is also unfortunately adorned with logical slip -ups.There are also absurdities.In one of the scenes, our hero talks to an important NPC, who asks him to follow him.And the same NPC literally takes two steps, and the hero faint and falls.After a while, he wakes up and hears a worried NPC on the radio-it turns out that it stands about 20 meters away based on the wall ...

In another scene we are chased by the main evil.But when we throw ourselves to escape, it turns out that the bad one stands in the window and threatens us instead of chasing us.So we can stand and listen to ourselves ... In general, the chase is quite strange, because the path is shown by an allied character who ... closes all the door behind us, so we must waste time to open them.What this is about?About reading textures and the content of the game...It is a pity that at the expense of logic.

In general, during the pursuit itself, I felt like a fairy tale looney tunes.I ran away, closing the unfortunate door behind me, and several meters away the antagonist chasing me like a rabbit of Bugs passed door next to me.And the whole scheme was repeated several times ... I don't know, maybe it's just my subjective grotesque feeling.

There are a little more such kids, but it is not all glaring enough to spoil the fun.It just makes a slight smile on the face.Speaking of repeating ...

The game world, i.e. copy-hole at the whole

In Dying Light 2 we are dealing with a completely different color palette than in one.The game world is beautiful.Already at the beginning, in the bosom of nature it looks great, and when we get to the city, it's even better.Feel this post -apocalyptic atmosphere here.The city is ruined even more than Harran from one.There are abandoned cars everywhere, the streets are one big mess.On the other hand, attempts to rebuild civilization can be seen - windmills and wooden sheds are formed on the roofs, in which survivors protect themselves.The grain is growing here, there are hives, and somewhere else jars with preserves.This fallen city in combination with beautiful sunny days creates a certain dissonance.An allegory of hope arises here.

The scenery changes quite radically depending on which part of the city we are in.In time, we will go to the center, where the buildings are definitely higher and the architecture is denser.Anyway, some surprises in this field await us in each district.

It is completely different at night.It is true that there is not much to admire then.However, the night in Dying Light 2 plays a much greater role than in one.The creators wanted to encourage players to explore night (in Jedynka most went to sleep ...).Monsters during the day are hidden in stores, alleys, warehouses - locations where there are the most valuable items.At night, however, they go out into the streets, so plundering is easier.What's more, some of the main and side missions can only be done at night.

The problem of the game world is unfortunately overwhelming repeatability.Many places are identical.During exploration, there is a constant deja vu and if it wasn't for the map, I would have the impression that I am circling over and over again.I understand that in such a large world it is impossible to create only unique places, but this repeatability can be masked, sometimes changing systems or using other tricks.This is missing here.

However, it cannot be said that nothing is happening here, because the map was filled to the brim with markers.Some of them can be "revealed" with a binoculars, and others have to visit ourselves.These are generally side tasks, mentioned locations with loot, supplies (requiring a lot of climbing), parkour challenges and the most important camps, windmills, pressure towers, energy stations - strategic points that we will take over.

And here we reach one of the key mechanics of the whole game.Well, the city was divided into districts, and in each of these districts we have one key object, the takeover of which requires a lot of west.Then we need to decide which fraction we will pass this building (and thus control over the district).This will affect the architecture of the area, but it will also give us some benefits - downhill cables, trap cars and many others.The more districts one fraction controls, the more bonuses we get.It is therefore not worth dividing equally.

Speaking of this, the main thread will require us to tell one of the parties.Therefore, when performing subsequent tasks, we will often face the decision who to help.As you can guess, we will later bear the consequences and it will affect the plot and end.How much?I am not able to say that, because I have passed the game only once and I do not know (yet) how much it will be different when I make completely different decisions.However, it promises to be quite strong.

Recenzja Dying Light 2. Mamy prawdziwy hicior!

And unfortunately you can't check it on the basis of saving the game, because there is no such function in the game.Just when we start the fun, the machine saves the background progress and it takes place completely outside our control.Do you want to come back?Start the game again.It makes a certain sense, considering that the shape of the player depends on the player's election.On the other hand, it is burdensome.For example, in the first region I skipped several side quests.The game after some time does not allow me to come back to them (which, moreover, did not clearly announce that I am approaching a breakthrough point in the story).To make up for it, I would have to start again...

Gameplay, i.e. parkour and sticks

The heart of the first Dying Light Parkour returns here in a beautiful style.I have the impression that the mechanics of jumping on roofs, climbing, etc..This time it is much smoother and at the same time much more pleasant and satisfying.The same applies to a fight in which these elements of parkour are also present - especially during clashes with human opponents, where we must use more blocks than dodge.Interestingly, there is many more here - fortunately not enough to miss the fight with monsters.

Here we reach the development of our hero, which has been fantastically designed.We gain two types of experience points - battle points and parkour points.It is easy to guess for what each is allocated (therefore, e.g..It pays to run/jump around the city for running/jumping - especially at night, when we still get a bonus).After gathering the appropriate number of points in one of the trees, we get the opportunity to unlock a new skill.However, it will not always be possible, because some skills require a specific level of health or endurance from us (this is something that falls when climbing, sprint, etc..).And here comes another element - inhibitors, which can be found in the most dangerous (and those associated with the main thread) locations on the map.Each three inhibitors can be exchanged for increasing health or endurance.Therefore, we can become a lively and fast cheer or fast -tiring robber with time, which is not strong.

Regardless of which option we choose, each use of the inhibitor increases our immunity.It is an indicator that falls every time we are outside the impact of UV rays (sun during the day or lamps at night).When it falls to zero - we turn into a mutated one, i.e. we just die.It is therefore an additional element that we must take care of all the time.

It all is of course complemented by our equipment.And here again there is a lot of extensive mechanics.Of course, Crafting plays a key role, which we will use almost non -stop to create medicine, weapon modifications, throwing knives and other useful gadgets.However, for this to happen, we need recipes.Recipes, however, can be improved to create stronger items.And that's enough for you to have an infinite motivation to open any chest and container in the city in search of resources.

The main items, so weapons and elements of clothing (armor) are in the game a whole bunch.They were divided into colors - depending on the number of bonuses they give.While we do not have to be afraid of the strength of our outfit, it is used to use as the armament is fought as they fight.So we still have to look for a new one.Anyway, we will do it anyway, because as the game develops, the weapon becomes more powerful.We also get access to distance weapons.

In terms of proposed mechanics and the Dying Light 2 development system, it is extremely satisfying and effectively encourages exploration.Actually, in this field, it's hard for me to fault anything.Techland did it for five.

It should be added that Dying Light 2 is a really nice game.Character models have been refined to the limit - just rubbing on photo -report.Scenery and locations are also impressive.The latter almost never shine empty - and if this is at least a lot of zombies.And these look equally good - especially those special species with which the fight requires a different approach.However, all this would not matter if it wasn't for the phenomenal play of the lights.All this means that the graphic design can be admired - especially when tracking the rays turned on.

Dying Light 2 will be a hit!

It's a game doomed to success, I am convinced of it.Nice story with a few good twists combined with a damn interesting world and a very satisfying gameplay filled to the brim with mechanics create an excellent product.It was hard for me to break away from the monitor and I already know that I would go through the whole thing again.

Of course, it was not without certain mishaps.This ubiquitous copy-pasting of the location hurts the most.Much less logical stupidity in the plot and cut-skenks.However, these are not things that, to a greater extent, would spoil the pleasure of the game.

However, I am incredibly excited about how Techland will develop its production, because in this world you want to do something, tell more stories and introduce new attractions.This is an excellent foundation on which you can build and build.

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