The idea of a "green city" in the Kutno development strategy?Check what could change

The idea of a "green city" in the Kutno development strategy?Check what could change

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Kutno in a green city!Councilor Robert Małachowski made such a proposal to the city authorities.In an extensive interpellation, it explains what the idea of Green City is.Will the project be implemented in the coming years in the city's strategy?

"I am asking the idea of establishing the idea of" Green City "one of the key assumptions of the Kutno development strategy for the coming years.This idea is the subject of research by many scientists in Poland and around the world.One of them is Mrs. Anna Hulicka, who in a notebook of geographical works of the Jagiellonian University, in a clear and accessible way, presents the assumptions of the idea of "green cities" and the influence of cities developed in accordance with this idea, on the quality of life of residents " - he writes in interpellations toPresident Kutno, councilor Robert Małachowski.

Idea „zielonego miasta” w strategii rozwoju Kutna? Sprawdź, co mogłoby się zmienić

At the beginning of approximating the subject of "green cities", it should be very clearly emphasized that this idea is not new. It was created in the 19th century in the form of the concept of "garden cities", whose precursor was Ebenezer Howard. He described in his publication entitled "Garden Cities of Tomorrow" how to manage urban space and shape it, especially the one located far from industrial agglomerations. This idea is gaining recognition that today, in the 21st century, in connection with the growing awareness of people about the need for environmental protection. According to Howard's planning rules, there were to contain "green protective stripes" and a central city park performing a health function. Cities of this type were to combine everything that can be found in cities and villages. The concept of "green cities" over time began to evolve to more and more new characters. In the meaning of foreign scientists, the concept of "green cities" is strictly related to urban greenery, which is to have a positive impact on the state of the environment and the climate. A separate idea in the meaning of the aforementioned scientists is to take care of "the well -being of people", including On sustainable development, equalizing social opportunities, taking care of well -being at the place of residence, and most importantly nowadays - for health. Both of these concepts were included by Polish scientists in the idea of ​​"sustainable development", which in turn can be implemented as part of "green cities".

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The idea of implementing the idea of a "green city", even in a city like Kutno, does not have to be a utopian vision.A commonly known problem is to see the chances of improving the quality of life of residents only in huge investments (by capital letter "I").All other attempts to change (especially small ones) are treated as a failure that is not worth bragging.Meanwhile, with great success, even the smallest innovation (through the lower letter "and") is able to bring a lot of good to the life of Kutnians.In connection with the above, it is necessary to develop a package of "green changes" that we can use in Kutno.I believe that they can be divided into two most important segments, resulting directly from the generalized definition of the "green city" (in the meaning of Polish scientists):

  1. „Miasto zielone” – miasto ekologiczne
  6. „miasto zielone” – miasto zrównoważonego rozwoju
  9. „Miasto zielone” – dodatkowe rozwiązania:

"The concept of" green changes "for Kutno presented by me is only a handful of ideas that can be proposed to improve the welfare of residents and counteract the environmental degradation. It is necessary to carry out a number of public consultations, on the basis of which it will be possible to adjust the solutions to the expectations and needs of Kutnians. At the same time, limited funds should be kept in mind, which forces you to establish priorities. Each of them can become a "small innovation", which made up of a larger success plan, divided into many years of development of Kutno. I am convinced that the proposed direction of transformation of the "city of roses" will significantly improve the living conditions of the inhabitants, and will also encourage people from outside the area (especially the older of the largest urban agglomerations) to settle in our city. As a result of the changes taking place, our "small homeland" will become open, tolerant and safe " - comments councilor Robert Małachowski.


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