Intelligent and safe home.Elements and burglars under control

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Accessories from the Smart Home category are used not only to ensure entertainment, cleaning or cooking.There is also a group of devices that allow you to monitor threats and warn them.Such equipment is especially useful when nobody is at home.

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Let's start with a gate, which is the first line of access to the property.Here, the obvious solution is to use the video intercom.The devices available on the market allow you to connect to the home router, which allows them to be operated with a smartphone.Thanks to this, being in the garden, for example, you will not miss the fact that someone has just come to visit or the courier came to leave the package.

Some models are equipped with touch screens and memory card readers.In combination with the movement detection function, they can be used as an element of home monitoring.The recordings can be later played on the monitor or via a phone, tablet or computer.Manufacturers also provide for support for more than one camera.Thanks to this, you can mount an additional device in a place where, for example, it will cover the entire field in front of the property.

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Inteligentny i bezpieczny dom. Żywioły i włamywacze pod kontrolą

Anyone can buy a monitoring camera currently.The prices of devices start from just over PLN 100 and such equipment allows you to record in Full HD resolution and transmit an image using a LAN or wireless network.The infrared recording function also allows monitoring at night.In order to save the current, the camera are equipped with motion sensors.The image can also be saved on the memory card.When buying.

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Another group of devices are those that inform about the visits of unwanted guests and try to scare them away.Of course, the best solution is to buy a ready set that consists of a control panel and various sensors.Among them are motion, temperature and opening of windows and doors.Such a set can work with cameras and offers, for example, a face recognition function.If you start, the appropriate information will be sent to the smartphone, and the data from the cameras can be saved on the card, in the cloud or on the FTP server.

Of course, there are cheaper ways to secure.You can buy sensors separately and pair them with the phone without the control panel, although it will be less comfortable.Just for about PLN 100, motion sensors are available for easy fixing at any point.You will receive information about the burglary almost immediately and you will be able to, for example, run a picture from the camera to see what is happening.

Elements under control

Uninvited guests are not the only threat to the home and its inhabitants.Elements such as water and fire are the next.Here, smoke and flood sensors come to the rescue, which will inform you about the threat.There are also devices on the market that detect excess carbon and gas, which will be useful if you have a gas stove or fireplace at home, for example.By combining with the router you will receive information about possible problems, also being on vacation, for example.

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The article contains links and boxes with the products of our partners.By choosing them, you support our development.

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