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Annke is a company that has been providing cameras for both home recipients and companies since 2006.The offer includes dome, rotary, wired and wireless cameras, which for little money can compete with much more expensive models of famous brands.Today, an Annke Nova J review, a shapely camera for monitoring children and home.

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Annke Nova J is an IP camera designed for internal use.Its body is made of shiny, varnished plastic.The camera looks aesthetically pleasing and the housing is well fitted.The dimensions of Novy J are 100x90x126 mm, and its weight is only 220 grams, so it is really light and we can easily mount it on the wall or ceiling of the apartment.At the front we have a two -megapixel two -member lens with a CMOS sensor and motion sensor on the movable head, around which six IR diodes supported observation at night were placed.The camera can rotate around its axis by 360 °, and tilt up the vertical by 100 °, with its field of view 80 °.On the back of the camera there is a RJ45 connector, a micro USB port for camera power supply, microSD memory card slot, as well as a reset button.On the left you will find a microphone for two -way communication, and a speaker under the camera.

The camera can connect to the network both wirelessly and using a cable using the Ethernet port, which, however, does not support PoE (Power Over Ethernet), so if we use a wire connection, we will also have to connect the power supply.The set includes a 5V power supply and a micro USB cable with a length of about 2 meters.As for the Wi-Fi module, it only works in the 2.5 GHz band.

The camera has four legs covered with non -slip rubber that allows stable location of the camera, e.g..on furniture.In addition to the camera, the set also includes a handle that allows you to attach the camera to the wall or ceiling, as well as several dowels.

Nova J allows you to record in one of three resolutions 1280*720, 640*360, 320*180.We choose the resolution using the application, but about it in a moment.Of course, the higher the resolution, the greater and the more detailed the image, but each recording takes more memory.I think that the choice of the highest resolution is not always the best.The camera is intended for internal use, so it is worth checking which resolution will be the most optimal in a given place after setting the camera.A lower resolution is enough at a short distance.

As for the recordings, the video recorded during the day in the HD resolution looks good.The image is detailed and clear, and bright and sharp colors.If necessary, we can regulate brightness, contrast, and color saturation through the application, but there is no zoom.

Annke Nova J — kamerka do monitoringu dziecka

At night, the camera records in the night visor mode using six infrared LEDs, which results in a black and white film.The diodes have a range of up to 6 meters, and when they are active with red light, so they can work on average the children's room.On the one hand, it is a pity that the manufacturer did not decide to use LEDs with an invisible wave of 940 Nm, but on the other hand the lower wavelength provides up to 40% more light, which, considering that the camera is intended for internal use, i.e. we do not have most of itaccess to light from lamps or moon means better quality recordings.And this one stands at a good level, the faces are clearly visible, and clearly even in an almost completely dark room.

A little worse than the image is a sound recorded with a camera, it is of poor quality, noisy, but really loud.The sound is also not good using two -way communication, this allows you to use a camera like an electronic nanny, but again it gives tinnitus strongly, especially if we talk to a person who is not directly directed towards the camera.

The Myannke mobile application offers a lot of options that thanks to which we have great configuration and personalization of the camera, but its operation is not intuitive or simple, and if that was not enough, the application is also poorly translated.We encounter the problem from the very beginning.To use the application, we must register, but the "Register" option appears as "log in" which is very misleading.During the tests, an application update was released, after which, unfortunately, I had to add again and configure the camera again.

Most of the functions available in the application are well known from other camera applications, among others:

Camera recordings can be stored not only on the memory card, but we can also send them to the cloud, but only Annke, unfortunately I have not found an option to use my own server.

The camera can operate in "day", "night" or "auto" mode.The car mode allows the camera to automatically switch between day and night mode depending on the amount of light detected with the sensor.In addition, the camera automatically detects its position, if we mount the camera upside down under the ceiling, the image will be automatically reflected.

If the movement is detected, the camera may turn on the recording and send a notification using the application.The "Smart Tracking" option looks interesting.When it is turned on, the camera intelligently follows in its field of view behind the object that the motion sensor liberated.Such a function is rare even in more expensive cameras, the more pleasant the fact of placing it in such a cheap model, but it happens that the camera turns too much and views in the wall, then you have to turn it back again.

Annke Nova J is a nice, and a well -made camera that can connect to the network wirelessly.However, this is not a completely wireless camera, because it requires power for its operation.Image quality both during the day and at night is at a good level, but the camera has no zoom.It is poor with sound, which can be used to use low quality speakers and a microphone, or poor sound compression, but thanks to two -way communication, we can easily use the camera as an electronic nanny, although at night children can disturb glowing IR LEDs.The rare function in such a cheap camera is the option of intelligent tracking.The mobile application gives a lot of configuration and personalization of the camera, but requires refinement and a better language location.I hope that it will be improved quickly, because if it was better made, the feelings of using the camera could improve strongly.Camera defects are compensated by the price, nove j in the manufacturer's official store can be bought for 55 $, or about 210 PLN.

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