Towarowa 22. Jupiter shopping center for demolition in 2022?What will Echo Investment build in Wola?

Towarowa 22. Jupiter shopping center for demolition in 2022?What will Echo Investment build in Wola?


Towarowa 22 is the name of the long -planned Warsaw investment.This huge complex is to be built in a place where the Jupiter Shopping Center is still working.However, soon.The investor confirms that the tenants got notice.What's next?When will construction start?Find out what Echo Investment will build in the place of an old shopping center.You need to know that this will be the largest investment in the company's history.


  1. Towarowa 22 - News
  2. Towarowa 22 - a city in a city in Warsaw's Wola
  3. Who designed Towarowa 22?
  4. Where will Towarowa 22?
  5. Towarowa 22 in the thicket of skyscrapers in Wola

Towarowa 22 - News

Echo Investment confirms that the tenants CH Jupiter have already received notice.The building is to be closed in the first months of 2022.Next, the building of the former printing house will be destroyed and only then the construction of the Towarowa complex 22 will be able to start. We will keep you updated on the progress of the investment.

For now, the investor does not provide virtually no information about the investment, but the BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group project presented in 2019 will be probable.

Towarowa 22 - a city in a city in Warsaw's Wola

The new complex is to grow on the plot between Towarowa 22 and Miedziana streets, in the place of the old center of Jupiter.A multifunctional complex with a total usable area of 230 thousand is to be built on this 6.5-hectare plot.m².As much as 110 thousand m² will be occupied by the commercial part, and on the remaining 120,000m² will be offices, hotels and apartments.In this small "town" there will also be a theater, cinema and catering establishments.

Kazimierz Wielki Square is to be built at the investment center, and its showcase is to be renovated by the Polish Word House.The whole is to refer to the pre -war buildings of the capital.Around the square, buildings for various purposes will be built, and between them streets for pedestrians, including roofed glass along Wronia street.As you can see in visualizations, there will also be greenery around.In the future, this place is to be pulsating around the clock and all year round.

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Who designed Towarowa 22?

Towarowa 22 was created in the BIG architectural office - Bjarke Ingels Group.This is the world's famous Danish studio.Architects design, among othersin Copenhagada (8 House and Park Superkilen), New York (Via 57 West and 2 World Trade Center), Paris (Europa City), Toronto and Washington.They also designed the complex of Zowanowa 22 buildings in the center of Warsaw.The project was first presented at the MIPIM 2019 International Real Estate Fair in Cannes.

See what momentum architects designed this multi -functional housing estate.

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Where will Towarowa 22?

The new complex is to be built in the place of the old center of Jupiter, between Towarowa 22 and Miedziana streets.

Towarowa 22 in the thicket of skyscrapers in Wola

Przypomnijmy, że to właśnie na warszawskiej Woli w ostatnich latach przybywa najwięcej wieżowców. Dobrym przykładem jest 310 metrowy Varso Tower projektu Normana Fostera, który ma być najwyższym drapaczem chmur w Unii Europejskiej. Obiekt powstaje tuż przy warszawskim Dworcu Centralnym, w bliskim sąsiedztwie Towarowa 22 i jest częścią kompleksu Varso Place. Całkowita powierzchnia tej wielopiętrowej zabudowy wyniesie 140 tys. m². Czytaj więcej o inwestycji>>

The Legacy Tower Mint was also created in Wola.The modern tower of the office building reaches 140-meters high.The Warsaw Hub complex is already operating at the intersection of Towarowa and Prosta Streets, with three towers (two 130 meters and one 85-meter).The construction of the last stage of Generation Park, with a 140-meter tower, right next to Daszyńskiego roundabout, was also coming to an end.Next to it was the Ghelamco Poland investment, the Warsaw Unit skyscraper (formerly Spinnaker).These are just some of the 22 skyscrapers surrounding the goods plot.We would like to remind you that in this area in 2016 was put into use, among othersWarsaw Spire - the highest office building in Warsaw.

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