There are more and more electric vehicles.Insurance from the explosion soon?

There are more and more electric vehicles.Insurance from the explosion soon?

If any technology becomes popular among consumers, then there is no turning back from it.The progress vector goes one way here.When personal computers appeared - they never disappeared from the market.The same with the Internet and smartphones.Why do I mention this?Well, because today I wanted to tell you about an item that is not (yet) as popular as the above three, but also managed to settle in our world - an electric vehicle.We see scooters, bikes or cars every day on the street and there is no indication that they would disappear from them.At the same time, we hear more and more often that the biggest advantage of these devices is also their biggest disadvantage.There is practically a month that some electric vehicle does not light up, or worse - does not explode.Recently, in Warsaw, because of such an explosion in the underground garage, 50 cars burned down, and the new block can be intended for demolition due to the violation of the structure.

To cię zainteresuje Polskie prawo dalej w lesie. Kierujący hulajnogą to w dalszym ciągu pieszyMonitor nie musi być brzydką, czarną bryłą szpecącą biurko. Udowadnia to AOC U32U1

Maybe we will stop being afraid of the LPG explosion and we will deal with what really breaks out

I cannot not refer to the column of Kuba, the editorial lawyer of LPG, whom he goes every time, for example.In the shopping mall, he sees the entry ban on vehicles with a gas pad.And is right.Modern LPG installations are made in such a way as to not explode.Batteries in electric vehicles - there is enough to break the surface just so that the battery, the whole vehicle stands on fire or leaves a spectacular crater.And that the vehicles are exploited in "roadside roads" is the news that the electric scooter blew someone a piece of wall at home does not impress anyone.

Pojazdów elektrycznych jest coraz więcej. Ubezpieczenie od wybuchu niedługo obowiązkowe?

So the question arises, what to do with it.For if we do nothing, and electric cars and scooters will become even more popular (and they will become, because, as I said - the progress vector goes one way), we will have to face the consequences of such explosions.I see two solutions.First - transfer of the mentality of people from LPG to electric cars.This means a ban on entering underground parking lots and places where cars stand tightly set one by the other and a ban on entering the places where there are flammable ingredients (e.g..for gas stations).Although this would be the only solution in my opinion that guarantees safety, it is extremely impossible to introduce.First of all, then such a car could not be "reached" because in most places there would be bans.Secondly, most charging installations are found in such places ( the parking lot of Galeria Mokotów).

The second option is additional insurance for electricians

If the risk of an explosion is incorporated into the existence of electric vehicles and they can cause much more serious damage than exploding phones.Maybe it is worth considering some kind of additional insurance, compulsory for owners not only cars, but also scooters (about the fact that such scooters need compulsory insurance at all, I wrote here).However, a long way to this.For now, when I was looking through the insurers to check the rules for insuring electric cars, I noticed that one of the insurers claims on its website that due to the lack of fuel, electric vehicles are safer because they will not explode.It is a pity that nobody said it from Górczewska.

Czytaj dalej poniżej

And yes - I know that classic gasoline and diesel can light up, and the latter - also go down.I don't deny it absolutely.However, I have the impression that recently I hear much more often that an electrician has gone out in the air somewhere, which in comparison with the fact that there are many less of them on the roads, it begins to raise my fears, or that their popularization does not cause that such incidents will beon the agenda.

What do you think about it?How would you solve the smoking problem of electromobility?