Skoda in the Volkswagen group avant -garde.Elejaaq IV is the first such SUV in Europe

Skoda in the Volkswagen group avant -garde.Elejaaq IV is the first such SUV in Europe

The premiere of such a SUV as Enyaq IV under the Skoda brand is a great distinction.It is a clear example of the fact that Skoda has become one of the company's pillars and Volkswagen believes in its success.It is also a great responsibility, because the task of Enyaqa IV is to introduce one of the largest concerns in the world to new times and start an electric era in Europe.Why is Skoda Ennyaq IV unique?


Enyaq IV is one of the first SUV cars with electric drive that will go to European sales salons.It can also be the first car that has a real chance for high sales.If he wins the hearts of customers on the Old Continent, he may be able to start a real breakthrough - an interpretation increase in the popularity of electric cars.This is a difficult task, but the new SUV has a lot of arguments in his favor.

Skoda Ennyaq IV is electric from scratch and from the first project

The new Czech SUV has solid foundations.Unlike other structures of this type, it has been designed only for electric drive from the beginning.Skoda Enyaq IV is based on the flagship platform of the Volkswagen group, intended for this type of car, and is the first SUV that was created on it.

What are the advantages of such a solution?Flexibility and great freedom in design.Skoda Enyaq IV may have a rear -wheel drive or high -capacity batteries, because when designing the right amount of space in the car chassis is provided.

Nothing disturbs the flat floor of the passenger compartment, thanks to which the interior of the Enyaqa IV is spacious and comfortable.The new Skoda SUV is available with batteries with one of the three selected capacities: 55, 62, 82 kWh.They all provide an impressive range, which ranges from 340 to 536 km, according to WLTP.

Even the basic version of Enyaqa IV with a 148 HP/55 kWh engine provides range and sufficient performance for a large part of users and better than most competitors.At the other end is the sports Enyaq IV RS, whose engines reach 305HP, which allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just over six seconds.Along the way, there are still varieties with a power of 179 HP, 204 HP and 265 HP.The most powerful of them have a 4x4 drive, implemented by engines located at both axes.

Thanks to this offer, the customer can easily adjust the drive variety to their needs and at the same time not pay for the parameters that he does not need.Competitors do not always give such an opportunity.This is allowed by the versatile Meb platform, on which Enyaq IV was created.Also thanks to it, the interior of the car is extremely spacious and equipped with capacious and practical storage spaces.You can feel like a home in him.

Skoda Enyaaq IV photo: Skoda

Skoda EnyaAq IV is the first universal electric SUV

The compact car class is - for a reason - the most popular in Europe.The so -called "compacts" are the most universal cars.Skoda Enyaq is the first electric SUV of this category.Thanks to this, it can be used as a truly family car and at the same time allowing efficient movement in the city, and yet such a function is most often played by an electric car.

Skoda Enyaq is prepared to introduce pure transport zones in cities.The owners of this model will be able to reach wherever you can do it by car, and in addition to the privileges available only for electric cars.At the moment, this means the ability to ride bus lanes and avoid traffic jams, and free parking in metropolis centers.Who knows what the future will bring?

Skoda Ennyaq IV is modern and has impressive parameters

It is worth taking a closer look at the technical given of the new Skoda and the solutions used in it.ENYAQ IV offers impressive performance, better than almost every electric car that has the ambition to become a popular model on European roads.The top RS IV variety accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.2 s and reaches 180 km/h.

The others do not disappear, and in some respects outweigh her.Skoda Ennyaq IV 80 with one axle drive is a real traveler who allows you to drive up to 536 km without charging.This range means that the unrest of the use of electric cars disappears.You can even go on a further journey with the ENYAQ IV model.

When you need to supplement energy in batteries, depending on the version, the electric SUV offers the possibility of fast charging with a capacity of up to 125 kW, thanks to which the travel break will not last too long.

Also, electronic solutions used in the new model are the latest scream of technology.It is, among others, a versatile multimedia system and a HUD display on the front glass, with an extremely large area and augmented reality function.

Nor should you forget about numerous systems that care about safety while driving.It will be taken care of by 130 LEDs, the radiator grille called Crystal Face.It not only has an aesthetic function.Even with limited visibility, it allows you to easily reach the car and be sure that the central locking has been launched remotely.This is an example of clever design.

Skoda EnyaAq IV implements the motto of the brand "Simply Clever"

This is Skoda's slogan.The Czech brand boasts that it designs cars whose daily use gives great pleasure.Also for this reason he reaches for not so many customers.It is not only about advanced technique and good performance, but also various details, thanks to which cars become more user -friendly.

Due to the fact that electric cars do not need a gearbox, it was possible to save additional space between the seats.They were intended for large storage spaces.The Jumbo Box placed in the armrest has a capacity of 6.2 liters, and in front of it there was a set of shelves and storage compartments with a volume of up to 11.4 liters.In addition, pockets in the side door allow you to place 1.5 liters bottles.Anyone who has tried to hide larger items in the interior of the car at least once.

Skoda Enyaaq IV photo: Skoda

What else?Traditionally, in the front door there is a place for a folding umbrella, and in the luggage lid for a storage space for a scraper integrated with a tire tread depth meter.Thanks to this, we always know where to look for this useful item.Skoda Enyaq IV also has several USB ports.Two of them and even a "home" 230 V socket can be located from the back of the car.

Passengers also have folding tables and special phone pockets.Another example of clever design is an electrically and contactlessly opened trunk - it will be useful when our hands are busy with shopping or luggage.

Under his floor we will find a practical storage space for charging accessories.Even a small thing was taken care of as a parking card holder, charging station or on the highway.It can be placed on the post and from the driver's side.Just "Simply Clever".

Skoda is a unique brand: a popular and at the same time trusted

The reasons mentioned above are enough to believe that it is Enyaq IV that has the best chance to get the European market and change the thinking of drivers about electric cars.

Creating a brand that is also leading on the market and is widely available is a great success.Especially in Europe, Skoda is perceived as a producer who offers many features of premium cars, but without a high price associated with it.Many drivers are not able or do not want to overpay, and at the same time they do not want to give up good performance, safety and comfort.

Skoda Enyaaq IV photo: Skoda

Skoda offers both.Until now, she has proven this with Octavia, Superb and a whole range of modern SUVs: Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq.Now EnyaAq IV joined her, who has the best chance to wipe the trail for electric cars due to belonging to this family.

Enyaq IV is proof that Skoda's transformation into a swan has come to an end.The best times ahead of her

Skoda Ennyaq IV is more than just an extremely successful model of the new category in the popular European car class.This is proof of how much the Czech company has achieved in the last decades.Skoda is not only a producer of practical, popular cars, but one of the best European brands and plays a very important role in the Volkswagen group.

Skoda Enyaaq IV photo: Skoda