Range Rover Velar test - a trip in the lux class |  Motocaina.pl

Range Rover Velar test - a trip in the lux class | Motocaina.pl

Range Rover - two words that are synonymous with class, refinement, luxury and enormous power. Until recently, the brand was also associated with classic elegance, and you could say anything about the body, but not that it was designed with panache. And suddenly, in 2011, the smallest compact SUV, the Evoque, appeared in the family. The world was speechless and marveled at the courage with which the British drew this car. Even today, six years after its premiere, it still looks modern and fresh. Now we held our breath again and froze ... The British manufacturer has completed the model range with another spectacular project!

Range Rover Velar took the place between the smallest Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, which let us recall: it is finally a "full blown Rendż". However, don't be fooled by its place in the range. This is not a small car. 4.8 meters long and over 2 meters wide! It is good that the European Union has ordered the newly built parking spaces to be expanded by 20 centimeters from 2.3 to 2.5 meters. You will have a chance to get out of it after parking among other cars. From the side, to the window line, the car resembles a large Range Rover. The large areas of lacquered aluminum and the huge wheel wells are characteristic. The manufacturer fit twenty two-inch wheels in them. The roof line, along with the glass surface, is a completely new design quality. The roof runs very low and the glass area is extremely small for such a large SUV.

However, it is the front of the car that is the highlight. He is so aggressive and predatory that if I met him in a dark alley, I would immediately run away screaming. But there is something about it that I could sit and look at for hours ... Adaptive Matrix-Laser LED headlights make a great impression. The stylists let their imagination run wild and designed door handles that slide out by themselves when the central locking is unlocked. I bet they waited for project approval until the chief accountant went on vacation. The door opens widely, making it easier to get in, and its lower part covers the threshold, which has a beneficial effect on keeping clothes (especially dresses and coats) clean.

The interior is a real stylistic and technological revolution. No, there is another such project on the market. The seats are remarkably comfortable and luxurious. The vented leather, as well as the aluminum speaker covers, feature a Union Jack flag pattern. The dashboard trimmed with soft leather is a real work of art. The central display plays the role of satellite navigation, 360-degree camera view or the Meridian audio system. The latter is a true display of the abilities of sound engineers. If I had it, it would be exactly the place where I would listen to my favorite music. The fantastically soundproofed interior perfectly insulates from the rest of the world. Let's go back to the console below the main screen for a moment. It has been turned into a huge display that allows you to set the suspension, driving modes, air conditioning or massage in the seats. The solution is brilliant in its form and intuitive to use. When the car is turned off, it is perfectly smooth and black.

There will be enough space in the back for even the most demanding. Our model lacks a separate climate control for the rear seats, but the heating and electric adjustment of the backrests have not been forgotten. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 673 liters. It is regular and deep.

So it's time to awaken Velar's heart. It is a three-hundred-hp, six-cylinder V-diesel, known from the Jaguar XF. While in Jaguar he seems to be wild, in Velara he becomes more elegant. It sounds more elegant, but does not lose any of its dynamics. It reaches the first hundred in 6.5 seconds, but it is 700 Nm of torque that makes the biggest impression in it. Range Rover accelerates without restraint and does not get tired even when we approach the top speed of 241 km / h. It does not tilt when cornering, and has a weight of two tons. The impression while driving is as if we were driving a sports car and only the position behind the wheel reminds us that it is not a car. The Velar can be both subtle and comfortable at the same time, hovering over the road in a way. And all of this on these big wheels. This is due to the air suspension that does the job perfectly. The turning diameter of 11.6 meters will not allow it to turn back at once, but it does surprisingly well in the city and parking lots under office buildings.

For those who already see him in front of their home, I will give you one more argument. The average consumption in the test is 9.1 liters per 100 kilometers. Let me remind you that the engine produces 300 hp. The starting price is PLN 239,900. The configuration of our test specimen easily doubled this value - another PLN 100,000 was added here - the car is valued at PLN 560,000. Is that a lot? Answer yourselves. I will just add that it is worth every zloty spent on it. So if I planted a little thought in you to buy it, hurry up before Britain isolates itself from the world and the current price will be subject to additional duties.

Range Rover Velar is a unique car. It cannot be confused with any other. It impresses with the powerful engine and luxury of a large Range Rover at a fraction of the price. A valuable ideal!

YES - great look; - luxurious interior; - perfect soundproofing of the interior; - powerful engine; - comfortable suspension.

NO - I can't afford it ...

Specifications Range Rover Velar


Diesel, supercharged V6


2993 cm 3


300 hp at 4,000 rpm

Maximum torque:

700 Nm at 1500 rpm


Automatic 8 gears

Maximum speed:

241 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h

6.5 seconds

Length Width Height:

4803/2032/1665 mm