Płock wakes up at Audioriver.Some are playing and the others do not sleep

Płock wakes up at Audioriver.Some are playing and the others do not sleep

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The sun burns from the very morning, warms the concrete square on which the buses stand.Next to the group of young people smoke cigarettes, backpacks and tents are lying by them.Through the dark glasses, they look at the queue that is set to the door.

- I told you not to take so many tents - one of them reflects when they stuff the bundles into the trunk.

Tents take up more space than the suitcases of those who return home.The driver gets on, slamming the door.You can see that some passengers sleep and the young sit like on high heels.

The capital of melange

You can come to Płock to admire the picturesque panorama of the Vistula - preferably at sunset.You can visit the castle, admire the cathedral, romantically cross the market.You can sit on the pier, drink coffee there.

You can, but this is not why so many people come here that they do not fit in hotels.

They drink vodka rather than coffee, they want to dance, not walk.They don't come to sleep.The bass will rip all night, literally shaking the city.The streets are filled with a colorful crowd.

Because it's Płock.And there is Płock during audioriver.

Then the inhabitants get out of their homes to rent them to those who come.Restaurants work all the time, electronic music flies everywhere.She comes for her, nobody beats about the autograph of the pop star.

Silence before the storm

Restaurant gardens are still empty, guests are sitting at individual tables.Bored waitresses are watching the market, there are the most famous drunks on benches.Mothers push prams on the streets, stop at ice cream windows.

Only vans herald that something is happening.The later, the more there are on the market.Suppliers unpack the goods and set up mountains in front of the stores.They dominate those with beer, vodka, virtually everything that contains percentages.

- We also deserve thirteen - says Beata, the owner of the shop.- the city dies, and in the summer we live from the festival to the festival.

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Their houses were equaled with the ground.Only a handful of people stayed in the forest

A bit further, one car drives up to the taxi stop.The driver extinguishes the engine and tilts the seat.It starts to cover, because there are no passengers around the passengers.That is, a day like every day, a moment of peace.

- There will be so many courses that a person will not extinguish the engine - he leans out of the glass.- you will go to the taxi, it will be a miracle.

These three days are enough for him to earn almost as much as the whole month.Will carry a few cultural passengers, a few drunk, a few stoned.And some girls who will pick him up more than usual.

All of Poland to Płock

Greater traffic on the market begins when workers arrive.They blame the steel constructions from which tents are formed.They are surrounded by a market square, in the middle of which they place a small stage, the next one grows at the end of the street.

- Do you remember how they let the foam here?- giggling old lady passing the fountain."The trough was all white," her friend nods her head.- Everyone was bathing.

Because it was so that the fun kidnapped so much that he poured a liquid into the city fountain.As the residents suspect, it was a dishwashing liquid.A bath with bubbles was created.Latched old ladies go on, the church is passing by which the escarpment begins.

- It's a pity only our beautiful escarpment - sighs the old woman."That they don't destroy her!" The company will get out, there will be a mess, syphilis and a grave, "her friend nods."But if we forbid, there would be no one next year," they agree.

Other residents gather around them, they also look down, where the main stage is created.Evaluate what was a year ago and what is new.They remember which tent where he stood.

- some more extensive - says the father of one of the families.- Someone worked on it - someone else says.- It will be sharp - acknowledges a young boy.

Almost everyone looks with recognition and even admiration.Because in their city such an event takes place, everyone talks about it.The promotion is what nothing else gives.And for the fourteenth time.

- All of Poland goes to Płock - they repeat with pride.And well, not only Poland, because all of Europe.

I will rent my own apartment

Once it comes down, hotels lack beds, but the residents are not lacking in residents.Rent as much as possible.They offer their apartments, the closer to the center, the more expensive.They will take a few days and earn as much as in a month.

But there are also whole houses, even allotment gazebos.And the garden will also be found to break the tent.Even if someone has a harsh flat, he'll make it.Will put in any beds, they will definitely sell.

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Płock budzi się na Audioriver. Jedni się bawią, a drudzy nie śpią

A trampled soul of Kazimierz.You go for a waffle, not buy a picture

Some meet greater expectations, offer homemade dinners in the set.Others warn that they want to sleep in their apartment, so they will come back.But only at night, so rather so that they won't see guests.

There will be transport on the roads and on the water.Ordinary drivers become taxi drivers, and someone decided to drive people a motorboat.Because the bridge is closed, the traffic jams will be a river faster.His own motorboat, so who will forbid him.

I would prefer the philosopher

Festival life is concentrated around the stage, restaurants are also crowded, but what would the guests do if it wasn't for the toilets.To enter this public, they have to pay Krystyna.She watches through the window of her progress through the window of her life with life.

"They are polite, but there are too many of them," he says.- It's still a drummer!Let the young people look for, but it doesn't tailor me - Fuka.

The queues are lined with her long as never before.The tail winds from the very top, where there are showers, through the toilets on the first floor, to the entrance door.Ends at the very bottom, where the entrance with the reel is.Everyone culturally throws small, waiting for their own.

- I would like someone who will say a lecture about the world.Maybe some philosopher?I have a lot of questions - he thinks.- I would listen to wise things.

However, peace is not what will attract young people.And actually these a few days are the only time when young people come to the city and do not leave.They usually finish school and only think where to escape, because Płock offers them little.

- There are no young people with us - says Ewa when she approaches the bar.- Who wants to study, he leaves.

He collects empty mugs from the tables, pouring more beers for clean.Next to her garden, Karol sets his stall.First, he pulls out a trolley from the van, on which he roasts popcorn and makes cotton candy.Then he arranges cartons with toys, puts a chair.

- Society is elegant - he estimates.

It has been on the market for several years, so he has already seen his own.Once he noticed one drunk boy.He walked on the sidewalk, swayed sideways, showed an empty mug.Someone next to it noticed it and decided that it could not be like that.He poured some of his beer.

"The unity between them is, not aggression," he says with appreciation.- In my time there was no such fun.

I am waiting for it all year

The city enters the next phase when workers disappear, and festivalists begin to appear in the crowd.It's easy to distinguish them because they walk with backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.They besiege stations, get off buses and trains, distract around the city.

- I've been waiting for it all year - the young girl excites.- I was fascinated by how the whole city lives - says the boy for whom it is the third festival.- We went for coffee in the afternoon and electronic music also flew.- And location!- adds his colleague.- Skarpa and the beach are making atmosphere.

They disappear in the crowd of residents who are still watching the festival area.The stage is ready, but the workers are still bustling, machines are driving.The field at the bottom is covered with tents that come with every hour.

I will give me a ticket and they will not move

Darek is one of those who from the bench perspective watch everything that is happening in the old town.He sits here every day.He recalls how he entered the store once and saw a young girl there.She was only dressed in panties and a bra, she packed beer welds.

- How can you?- is indignant.- she could be a little ashamed.This city goes to the dogs.

It will go away, because she bought her, he, he remained disgust, but they diverged alone.It is worse that festivalists remain unpunished, at least Darek thinks so.Because what would happen if he entered the fountain?Or did he get it in the middle of the old town?

"They'll see the bands, they won't move them," he curses."You if you drink, you have to hide behind the gate," he warns.- when they catch you, a washer, three hundred zlotys.

Washer, i.e. the sobering -up room.Festivalists do not go there, and it happens regularly.He even thought to fake the band.Maybe he will have peace for a few days.

Electro for dumpling

Here is the day.This day.Electronic music masters restaurant gardens.He plays even in the inn, where sour soup and dumplings are served.Dudni from all sides, the old town resembles the atmosphere of a holiday resort, not the center of the sleepy town.

The saleswoman in the grocery store serves with baking on the face.Once hot dog, once cigarettes, once wine.It looks like at least a marathon is running.- It will only be worse - says the client who is waiting for the sausage to heat up.

- May the fun take place without any problems - I am asking me a hunched old woman.- Maybe old Gypsy will give you five zlotys?- whispers.- I want to buy a ice cream for my grandson.

Dressed in rags, disappears between the young who are crowded in the Old Town.Some go barefoot, others without shirts.Some are already jumping in front of one of the scenes.The wheels of their suitcases will knock on the pavement.

Is a customer at the level

Urszula unpacks the last cartons from the trunk.Everyone rings because it is full of bottles.Still vodka, still rum, and some whiskey.The tables in her pub are shaking from the bass.

"These clients are a higher shelf," the noise excites.- When we opened for the first time, it surprised us that such expensive alcohols are coming.

Because the customer at Audioriver is a client at the level.They order the most expensive at the bar, which is usually what rarely sells.If they take food, then de volaille, not a pizza for six people.

"The worst is after two days," he keeps screaming.- It's not my type of music yet, I'm too old.

When the festival comes, he sleeps for two hours.It happened that her son did not sleep at all.And so until Monday.They work all the time, around the clock.The garden has right next to one of the scenes, so the traffic is constantly.They laugh that these preparations are like doing holidays.

"But you have to be human, not just profit to count," he exclaims.

Once a boy happened who didn't even know which way to go home.He partyed so hard.Urszula asked him where she was sleeping, put it in her own car and took it to the door.

"Everyone happens, I felt sorry for the kid," he says this time, because the music has faded.- I understand you young people, I was once young myself.

The last, the most persistent, stay until Monday.They finish the party when the sun gets up.Then the waiters, bartenders and chefs go to sleep, the services clean tons of rubbish, clean the sidewalks.Workers disassemble the scene they have set over the last weeks.

- And the city is dying - says Urszula.He will wake up again when another festival comes.

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