Security of our homes is increasingly intelligent

Security of our homes is increasingly intelligent

The security market is still growing.Although most revenues in this sector are generated in the United States, they also grow in Poland.This is, among others, the effect of replacing traditional solutions with their modern counterparts from the Smart Home category.

The house is a refuge of every man.It plays the role of not only a place for rest, entertainment or work, but above all is a safety oasis.If we want four walls to be resistant to external threats, it is necessary to choose the right protection.The market reacts dynamically for the needs of consumers.

Dynamic development of the security market in the country on the Vistula

The security sector is developing at a rapid pace both in the world and in Poland.As the data from the Statista portal show.COM, the use of safety -related solutions will increase from 3.3% in 2021 to 9.8% in 2025.A large part will be related to SMART solutions.

- said Piotr Gmiński, president of the board of Gerda

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It is estimated that in 2021 the average revenue from one installed intelligent house in Poland will be around PLN 231.

Zabezpieczenia naszych domów są coraz bardziej inteligentne

- added Piotr Gmiński

Intelligent locks of the drive segment driving force

According to the analysts of the Statista website, the development of the security segment is generated primarily by replacing traditional devices with equipment connected to the network.In this case, products that grow the most dynamically are the aforementioned smart castles and intelligent safety cameras.

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- said Paweł Bijata, director of the marketing division at Gerda

Forecasts on Smart Home, including intelligent castles, and the still growing competition show that the future of the market is drawn in bright colors.

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