Newsweek Polska What electronic gadget is worth buying for a Christmas gift?The latest try the Newsweek mobile application

Newsweek Polska What electronic gadget is worth buying for a Christmas gift?The latest try the Newsweek mobile application

Data publikacji: 16.12.2020, 09:40


Electronic equipment is almost always a good idea for a practical gift.In this ranking, we look at eight devices from various price shelves, which will make a lot of fun to coffeers, music lovers, players and all gadgets.

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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean HX6859/29 sonic brush

Szczoteczka soniczna PHILIPS Sonicare ProtectiveClean HX6859 29Fot.: Materiały prasowe

A practical gadget for everyday use that helps to take care of healthy teeth.The sonic brush allows you to clean your teeth more thoroughly and more effectively thanks to 62 thousand.movements per minute, and also reach hard to reach places.Thanks to intelligent technologies, it will also help whiten teeth and remove discoloration, it is also adapted for cleaning orthodontic appliances, fillings, crowns and varnish on the teeth.She will also conduct diagnostics herself and suggest changing the used head, measures the optimal brushing time, and costs PLN 366.Check the best offers.

Newsweek Polska Jaki gadżet elektroniczny warto kupić na gwiazdkowy prezent? Najnowsze Wypróbuj aplikację mobilną Newsweek

Tedee Castle

Zamek Gerda tedee Fot.: mat.pras

A gadget tailored to the 21st century.This is an innovative solution, developed by Gerda, allows you to close and open the door with a smartphone remotely.This is possible thanks to a special castle and application for iOS and Android, which was additionally equipped with an integrated notification system about the opening and closing of the lock, as well as access to the event log.Interestingly, the application also allows you to easily and quickly send keys to other users.Tedee has many intelligent functions such as auto-reflecting after getting closer to the door, self-closing after entering the house or pulling the latch for the door with the vaginal.The battery allows you to use the lock for up to six months on a single charge.Check the best offers.

Golarka Philips OneBlade Pro Face&Body

Golarka Philips OneBlade Pro Face&BodyFot.: Materiały prasowe

A great idea for a gift for every man - a modern shaver for all types of facial hair.It works hybrid, can work dry and wet, and its battery is enough for 90 minutes of work.The knife used in it makes as many as 200 moves per second and can cope with even a few days of stubble, the blade is accurately adapted to the shape of the face, and the set includes several different tips.The equipment is locked in a modern and practical housing, and we will pay less than PLN 450 for it.Check the best offers.

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack V2

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack V2Fot.: Materiały prasowe

A proposal for all PS4 console owners - this equipment will be impressed by games to an even higher level, to virtual reality.The set includes a modern headset with VR glasses and a microphone, as well as a webcam.It offers a range of 360 degrees, 120 frames per second provides smooth graphics, and 3D sound equally excellent sound experience.The goggles are equipped with 9 LEDs, which is followed by the camera precisely reproducing the game world regardless of our position in the room.Price?Less than PLN 1,300.Check the best offers.

DJI Ryze Tello Iron Man Edition

DJI Ryze Tello Iron Man EditionFot.: Materiały prasowe

Or maybe a drone, a real hit of recent years?Especially in the Iron Man Edition version!The distinguishing feature of this model is a very convenient and intuitive control - the application for smartphones has a transparent layout, and issuing commands after a few minutes seems trivial.The drone can do air acrobatics, is equipped with a camera recording in HD quality (720 P) and taking pictures in high resolution.On one battery he is able to fly for 13 minutes, and we will pay less than PLN 630 for it.Check the best offers.

Tchibo Cafissimo Easy Red espresso machine

Tchibo Cafissimo Easy Red espresso machineFot.: Materiały prasowe

A gift "from holidays" and every day, because many of us start a day with a cup of coffee.We will get this compact espresso machine for less than PLN 200, and with it in a few moments we will prepare aromatic espresso or latte - just put the appropriate capsule, add water into the tank and press the button.The power power is 1250 W, pressure 15 bar.Check the best offers.

Smartwatch Huawei Watch GT 2E

Smartwatch Huawei Watch GT 2EFot.: Materiały prasowe

Smartwatches currently belong to one of the most popular electronic gadgets, they are also effective and practical, especially for active people.The Huawei watch professionally monitors 15 different types of disciplines, also has 85 new training modes, regardless of whether we run, climb or dance.It measures our parameters and results, watches over a healthy sleep, also helps to control the smartphone ( and webcam), and also allows you to listen to music.We read all the data on a compact, but very clear AMOLED screen.We will get it in the promotion for less than PLN 500.Check the best offers.

JBL Live 300 TWS earphones

Słuchawki douszne JBL LIVE 300 TWSFot.: Materiały prasowe

This gadget is compact earphones with very high power and great sound quality, which is a showcase of the JBL brand.Thanks to the technologies of Ambient Aaware and Talk Thru, we can smoothly go from music to concentration on the environment, as well as for telephone conversations, using your finger pulling on the headphones.The battery is enough for about six hours of listening and talking.The equipment is charged in a protective case, it is also compatible with a voice assistant, and we will pay less than PLN 500 for it.Check the best offers.

Lenco L87 turntable

Lenco L87 turntableFot.: Materiały prasowe

Finally, another gadget for music lovers, and more specifically - black records.Before we start to search at the vinyl fair in search of pearls, we need good equipment to play them.Lenco L87 works at two speeds, 33 and 45./min, on a stable strip drive, enables digital ripping of songs to a computer via a USB port, and thanks to the built -in priority it can work with external speakers and other AV devices.Price?1000 PLN without a single penny.Check the best offers.

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