My keyboard in a MacBook does not jam, but it has a different embarrassing problem

The keys are solid

Ok, I use a keyboard in a lot.Well, maybe even a lot.But that after a few weeks after the purchase, the first symptoms of clapping the keys began to appear - this is something new.This is not my first computer, it is also not the first keyboard I write a lot.However, if my memory is not mistaken, even the cheapest constructions from the 90s.They were more resistant.Of course, the biggest problems are the keys that I use more often - and apparently S and Z are extremely active here.Just behind them in the queue is set C, which also has the first signs.If it goes on like this, in a few months half of my keyboard will be, at best, blurred.

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Moja klawiatura w Macbooku się nie zacina, ale ma inny żenujący problem

How is the service on Polish Apple services?Well - different.Once better, sometimes worse, but I think everyone will agree that they are far from the Apple Store quality.That's why I took the first steps after noticing the problem in the Apple Store.We do not have one in Poland, so I looked at him in Seoul.A nice gentleman told me that free key replacement (and cleaning the keyboard in free) should not be the slightest problem, but everything can take up to two weeks.Not this time.

I have already made the second attempt in Poland.When I asked an employee of an authorized website, he said that there should be no problems with replacement under the Apple warranty - but I only described the problem to him.However, I decided to make sure and ask again, by e -mail, this time joining the photo.And, as I expected, it was considered ordinary consumption:

- I was written in the message.Ninety zlotys for replacing three keys to which...I don't actually look anyway, but it's a bit.Because not, that it would bother me somehow - it just surprises me more.But you don't have to look far to find out that I'm not the only one with the clamping keys.And if it is with websites - well, it's probably a matter of happiness and...inhabited part of the world.

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Seriously, keys clashing after...A few weeks?

I understand that after years of long use, something will start to happen with the keys.It is known that the equipment is used - and nothing is eternal.But Apple is associated with the Premium brand: when buying their computers you pay for the system, for components (you know, 256 GB disks worth PLN 1,000 and matters) and for the quality of workmanship.At least I thought so, because now I'm not entirely convinced.