How to open the lock with a different key?  - Events at INTERIA.PL

How to open the lock with a different key? - Events at INTERIA.PL

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Each lock on the door should, as a rule, guarantee maximum protection of the house or apartment against the presence of intruders. But is this really the case? It might seem that opening the lock with another key is completely impossible, but there are already known cases where tampering with the lock mechanism has been successfully performed with another key. It does not apply to a higher-priced product group, such as Gerda door locks, but in Polish apartments you can still find cheap locks that are easy targets for burglars. So what is the method of emergency unlocking the lock with another key?

Bumpingkey, i.e. opening the lock with a different key

The term "bumpingkey" may sound unfamiliar to many people, but any good locksmith should know all there is to know about this not-so-sophisticated technique of opening a door with a different key. In short, the "bumpingkey" method is to manipulate the lock with a crafted key. One "false" key can open many cheap locks, the level of security used in which leaves much to be desired.

What does the bumpinkey key look like?

At first glance, the "shock" keys, i.e. those designed for the bumpingkey method, look identical to traditional flat keys, but they have characteristic, milled cuts that allow for the opening of cheap locks. For the bumpingkey to be successful, the strike key must match the size of the cylinder in the door lock. The rest depends on the ability of the lock forcing and the quality of the mechanism itself and its susceptibility to attempts to open it with the wrong key.


Bumpingkey - the noisy method of opening locks

Although it seems that burglaries or thefts do not concern us, we can become the target of criminals waiting for our property at any time. Thieves use more and more advanced burglary techniques, which fortunately turn out to be ineffective in most cases. This is also the case with the bumpingkey method, which not only works with cheap Chinese-made zippers, but also is not the most discreet. As the name suggests, bumping requires you to skillfully strike the key with another object, which very often causes excessive noise. Bumpingkey is definitely a louder method of manipulating a lock than, for example, lockpicking, but it requires less experience and theoretical knowledge.

Door locks - how to choose the best one?

Emergency door opening with a different key is not possible in the case of modern door locks characterized by high-quality security systems, which even for experienced thieves turn out to be an insurmountable obstacle. However, not everyone has enough knowledge to buy a door lock that will guarantee safety and at the same time will be comfortable in everyday use. That is why it is worth using the services of the Castle Ambulance Service in Krakow - experienced locksmiths will not only help you choose the appropriate security, but also take care of the quick and efficient installation of a new door lock. It is a great convenience especially for people who feel insecure in "DIY", as well as for those who lack free time. Good locksmith will not only professionally provide the express lock assembly service, but also dispel any doubts as to the care and maintenance of the door lock mechanism.

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