It is possible that the thieves are scouting! Disturbing signal and advice from the police

News26.01 at 09:23 Comments: 25 Mysterious people appeared on one of the properties in the Międzybórz commune. Local residents should be careful, as it is possible that thieves were scouting this way.

On the night of January 24-25, a disturbing incident took place in Bukowina Sycowska. This means that the inhabitants of this village and the surrounding area should pay special attention to suspicious people and cars near their property. - There were thieves walking on one of the properties! They looked at the windows, walked around the grounds to find out what was and what could be stolen. Put your yard lights on and let the dogs down, if you have them, to guard your homes. Secure important and precious things! Pay attention if anyone is watching you - one of the residents is alarming. Police announcement in Oleśnica - the police analyze each incident, determine the hours and places of burglary most often, and patrols are directed at these places. Regardless of this, the effectiveness of police actions depends primarily on the vigilance and cooperation of residents. Therefore, the police urge all residents to properly secure their flats and houses. In addition, the police asks for greater vigilance in the event of noticing people acting suspiciously in the stairwells - immediately alert the police, even anonymously. Then the officers will identify such people, and this will scare potential robbers. However, more effective than vigilance is the caution of apartment owners. The police advise that every time, even when we go out only for a moment to the basement or neighbor, lock the doors with all locks. Opportunity makes a thief. When we are preoccupied with housework, we may not notice that a stranger will enter the apartment unnoticed and take a purse with documents and money from the hall. When is the most frequent burglary? The observations of policemen dealing with crime against property crime show that burglars often choose the morning time when adults go to work and children go to school, which gives them time to act and delays reporting - owners realize that a break-in has occurred when they return late afternoon or evening. They observe or try to "tricks" It happens that a burglar earlier observes the apartment he wants to rob in order to get to know the habits of the household members. But there are also such situations when he checks the "availability" of the apartment just before committing the crime, using various stratagems - he calls the intercom to check if someone is in the apartment, pretends to be a leaflet carrier or says that he has brought the parcel. criminals knock on the apartment to check if there are any household members, and when someone opens the door, they ask for a person who does not actually live there, pretending that it was a mistake. The "door handle" method Sometimes, apartment thieves simply take advantage of the "bargains" left by the apartment owners - it happens that in one block they will even find several apartments in which the household members, being inside, leave the door unlocked, and in the hall ... , car keys, documents, wallets, mobile phones. This is enough for the thief to take advantage of the moment of inattention and take the things left behind. We also note methods that indicate broken door inserts or a tilted window that is tilted. We urge you not to create situations that the thief can take advantage of. We must remember to close the windows when we leave the apartment, and to lock the door when we are in the apartment. Why is it good to know your neighbor? When there is anonymity between neighbors, there is a greater chance that no one will notice anything suspicious in the fact that the apartment next door is carrying a plasma TV or wheelbarrow, or thieves loot packed in a travel suitcase. If, on the other hand, we know the neighbor, we will recognize the situation: whether it is a friend who takes his equipment, or a stranger - we will react, ask and, in case of doubt, alert the police. It is also worth asking a good neighbor for help when we are leaving - to collect leaflets from under the door or from the mailbox, and if we have confidence - watering the flowers and turning on the light from time to time in the apartment, so that the burglar has a clear signal that someone is watching over the apartment. What items disappear from apartments? Most often, electronic equipment, jewelry, money and items that are valuable are lost, and they can be easily removed from the apartment without arousing suspicion. Documents, credit cards are often taken (unfortunately quite often together with the PIN number on the card) .rd, source: KPP in Oleśnica

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Comments (25)

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These are Michał J and Marta S.

Report why? 28.01 at 21:38

In Oleśnica there is a plague of burglaries into apartments and single-family houses, and for years ... well, silence, somehow the perpetrators are going unpunished ... not enough policemen? - are there too many thieves?

Report Sarah on 01/28 at 07:53

The same situation took place in the Twardogóra commune, observing the property. Taking pictures. Entering the property. Apparently, the matters are reported but there is silence in this direction

Report Megi on 27.01 at 21:01

This is what it should be like, so as not to be afraid, to prepare traps so that they will eat each other when they want to steal from us. I do not want to do, because theft is the best thing to do. There is no penalty, it suits them better. The police are not able to be everywhere and this is the moment for thieves. So many people watch Kevin and we are still scared. As the proverb says: You can count, count on yourself "

Report GHOST on 01/27 at 16:59

I also invite you to the square, the Glock is already overloaded and waiting.

Report Wiesniaku on 27.01 at 08:48

I invite you to my yard, you guys. You won't get out alive.

Report ? 26.01 at 21:18

To do work on the back and for forced labor

Report to ABW on 01/26 at 19:39

Patole ala gangster ordinary fagots who rob people

Report the Taxpayer on 26.01 at 19:34

Showing rags of rags

Report Axel on 01/26 at 17:49

The police in Oleśnica should not advise that they just start patrolling the streets.

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