Głogów.Damaged door of the office of Law and Justice MP.The police explain the matter

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4 grudnia 2021, 11:33

TVN24 |Poland

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On the door of the parliamentary office of Wojciech Zubowski, a MP of Law and Justice, an unknown perpetrator painted with red paint an indecent inscription "Je ** ć PiS".The matter is explained by the police.

The act of vandalism took place on Friday, on one of the floors of the building at Potsdamska Street in Głogów (war.Dolnośląskie), where the PiS deputy's office Wojciech Zubowski is located.The inscription "Je ** ć PiS", painted with red paint, appeared on the door of the office.As the copper portal informs.PL, a similar text also appeared on the mezzanine.

Głogów. Zniszczone drzwi biura posła Prawa i Sprawiedliwości. The police explain the matter


- vandals also let the glue into the lock.Not only representatives of the parliamentary office, but also other companies that have their activities on the first floor, could not get to work.It was only when we replaced the lock insert could be entered - she said in an interview with Miedziowe.Pl Anna Keep, director of the Housing Gospodarian Department in Głogów.

The police explain the matter

- I saw it.I don't think there would be something to comment - Wojciech Zubowski told the local portal MyGlogow.pl, announcing that the case will be reported to the police.

In the afternoon, MP Zubowski sent us his position.

"The inscription was reported by one of the people using the rooms on the same floor on which the office is located.The case was reported to the police, which takes further actions.Whoever committed this act showed an exceptional idiocy - my office on Fridays is closed, and locking the lock with glue in the door leading to a common corridor, hindered the work by companies having headquarters (the castle had to be replaced).I leave the perpetrators and suspect as to the identity of these people to the relevant authorities " - we read in the message from the MP.

On Saturday, in an interview with TVN24, a press officer of the Głogów police Łukasz Szuwikowski confirmed: - We were reported to the destruction of property.The policemen arrived and secured traces, began to clarify the matter.It is conducted towards Article 288 of the Penal Code - the destruction of someone else's item - said the policeman.

Author: IB/ Tam

Source: tvn24.pl, copper.pl, myglogow.pl

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