ECU - electronic car work guardian

ECU - electronic car work guardian

Electronic Control Unit, because this is the development of the ECU abbreviation, means the engine control unit.ECM (Electronic Control Module) is also used many times, which can be translated from English as a control module.It is a device that is responsible for managing the operation of electronic components in the vehicle.He takes the form of a microprocessor, managing data from inside the car, i.e..from various types of sensors.Such equipment has a VIN number, i.e. the vehicle identification number given by the manufacturer.Therefore, it is closely related to other components.

There are several modules of this type in the vehicle.Their number and level of complexity of the car's IT network depends on the number of components requiring electronic control.They include e.g..central locking, temperature or fuel level or - in the case of modern models - the work of lights.

How does Electronic Control Unit work?

If it intrigues us, which means that all components in the car, despite the complicated and independent work, maintain a high level of reliability, we should consider how electronic control units work.Each IT process in the vehicle consists in using systems connected to various sensors, taking specific values.Such data is sent to microcontrollers, which are equipped with special software.

The information provided is analyzed by devices and, depending on their indications.An example of such a process is the opening of the central locking.After sending a signal from the remote control, sensors in the vehicle analyze whether it is a pilot from the target car and process the received message.If everything is fine, the door is open.The same situation occurs in the case of even cruise control.In this case, we set the system to maintain a specific speed.

Where is ECU in the car?

ECU - elektroniczny strażnik pracy samochodu

The essence of a well -designed electronic system in the car is that it is as compact as possible.This is due to the restriction of the place that designers impose.Along with new technical solutions, it is increasingly difficult to fit new systems and devices so as not to expose them to destruction.It is also important to ensure general comfort to the user, and therefore you cannot forget about ensuring ergonomics.

As a result of the complications that engineers must face, the location of the ECU depends directly on the car brand.Some manufacturers, such as Audi, place it, for example, under the wipers behind the plastic cover.BMW, in turn, places it under the hood, near the battery.Many other brands decide to mount the control unit under the passenger or driver's seat.Therefore, if we want to locate such a system in our car ourselves, we must make sure what decision the manufacturer made.

What are the ECU types?

Due to the fact that the electronic control unit is a network of individual IT elements, we can distinguish several of its types.The division depends directly on the purpose.The engine controller can be considered one of the most important elements and more affecting the work of our vehicle.Through numerous ECU (Engine Control Unit) sensors, i.e. an element managing the operation of an internal combustion engine, supervises important processes such as ignition, the amount of fuel and air in the mixture, and even the moment of injection.This allows you to maintain safety and increases engine efficiency.

In addition to engine control, the door, car speeds (for example in the case of Tempomats), as well as more advanced processes taking into account internet connection and GPS.In this way, mobile communication in the vehicle is provided, which is gaining more and more popularity and is considered a great convenience.

What are the benefits of ECU?

Currently, it is extremely difficult to buy a new car that is devoid of electronics.However, we must remember that thanks to it not only convenience, but also performance and safety are provided.Modern solutions allow you to control and anticipate dangerous road situations.In addition, they provide drivers with countless relevant information, thanks to which he can safely reach his destination.In addition, information that analyzes these modules allows the development and improvement of automotive technique.