"Blue Castle" - built of emotionse-Teat.pl

"Blue Castle" - built of emotionse-Teat.pl

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When you saturate with the musical charm of "Pretty Women", and the "waitress" from Broadway - surrounded by the smell of cakes - will lead you through the recesses of your complicated life, then without any worries let yourself be seduced by dreams of a blue castle and get too much with Joanna Stirling with Joanna Stirlingin waves of happiness, love and delight over life.

"Blue Castle" is a musical, fairy -tale story about the strength of dreams, about searching (and finding!) Among the appearances around us.

At the Mazowieckie Musical Theater.JanKiepura in Warsaw, the premiere of the Polish musical "Blue Castle" on the motives of the novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery with the librette ofKrystyna Śląska and Barbara Wachowicz with the beautiful music of Roman Czubate, directed by Beata Redo - Dobber.

Polish premiere of the musical "Blue Castle" (dir.K.Sznerr) took place in 1978 at the State Theater of the Lodz Land. Musical w kolejnych latach pokazywano na muzycznych scenach Wrocławia,Krakowa, Szczecina, Poznania, Lublina.In 1995 he was staged on the stage of the Roma Musical Theater in Warsaw.

43 years after the premiere of director Beata Redo - Dobber builds a "blue castle", which is not only a product of the heroine's main imagination, but becomes a real, dream place where everyone would like to be.Viewers become witnesses of the creation of a multi -colored cap, consisting of scraps of colorful fragments: emotions, feelings, situations, interpersonal relationships, secrets, fairy tales and dreams.

"Blue Castle" is the story of 29-year-old Joanna Stirling (a very emotional creation of Anna Lasota!), Which, finding out that she was only a year old, boldly decides to realize her dreams and break the relationship with a rather specific family: aunt Tekla (Anna Lubańska), uncle Benjamin sleeping from the sleeve of biscuits (hilarious in this role Witold Żołądkiewicz), cousins Izabella (Katarzyna Trylnik) and sex appeal Oliwia (Zuzanna Caban - what a voice!) And aunt Georginia (Aleksandra Hofman).When traveling full of life changes, Joanna is accompanied by Zdun Abel (Grzegorz Szostak).However, it turns out to know the mysterious man, Eddie (Marcin Jajkiewicz - in his element), which is the main object of rumors of the inhabitants.As if that wasn't enough, it turns out that his father (Andrzej Precigs) is a known millionaire.

Eddi changes Joanna's life.The transformation we witnesses is impressive.Joanna flourishes and a wave of happiness even floods the stage.Anna Lasota makes it a real and tangible experience for the viewer!

I will add here that this is not the only pair of the main heroes of the musical "Blue Castle".Sylwia Gorajek and Tomasz Rak also play the form of Joanna and Eddie.I will gladly watch their acting.

"Blue Castle" delighted me with music.This is a musical feast at the highest level, played by musicians of the Masovian Musical Theater.I am convinced that if its author Roman Czubaty had the opportunity to create on Broadway or West End, today he could successfully compete with the largest musical composers.

In 1979, Jerzy Waldorff wrote in the review: "Blue Castle" has a chance to become a large noise of scenes not only Polish ".

The duets of Joanna and Eddie are just as moving as made of modern musicals - "Singing of Birds" (wonderful vocalization of Anna Lasota), "Offer me your loneliness" or a carol about a house from dreams (from the Murmando of the Music Band!) Allows the viewer to reach the viewer to the main emotionsheroes.Joanna's solo performances ("I don't want to live my life") and Edi ("Live, I mean...") They are not just decorations, cutscenes, trivial songs;When moving forward, they give the opportunity to look deep into the characters that undergo life metamorphoses.

„Błękitny zamek” - zbudowany z emocji | e-teatr.pl

On the other hand, we have unleavened, fastened and humor of the Song of the Stirling Family: "Appearances", "Plew, Ple, Plep,", "Counsel Szultz", a hit song about the sex appeal Oliwia (Zuzanna Caban) or a ballad about stuarts (or rather flighting).These are the hits of this musical, in which the Sterling family, like Dulscy Zapolska.

The culmination of the musical skirting craftsmanship in this musical is the guide the theme "in the Blue Castle", which stays with the viewer for a long time.As Jerzy Waldorff already wrote here: "Nice melodies composed by Roman the Czuby audience humming asleep from the spectacle".Is this not expected from a good musical?

Let me suggest here a small suggestion.Since the Masovian Music Theater has already opened the door to the "Blue Castle", he should now take an important step to save it, as he cares about the greatest monuments of architectural art (in this case musical, theater).

My dream is that the songs and music of Roman Czuby from this musical would be registered.It is worth sharing this musical with the world!And although this is not an orchestral workmanship as in the original from 1978, the instruments used here: violin, cello, flute, clarinet, Frenchman, piano, acoustic, electric and bass guitars and drum instruments (these subtle sounds of the triangle...) Broadway are harmonized in the arrangements of Mieczysław Smyda.

Speaking of music, it is impossible not to notice the choreography of Zofia Rudnicka - "Midsummer Night", a scene of ABLA's dance and sensational, hot tango (!) - performed by ballet and vocal ensemble - despite the small space of the stage, they delight with their complexity.There are also light choreographies like those in the songs "Plew, Plew, Ple", "Advisor Szultz".There are also particularly distinguishing dance scenes:

The dance of Joanna and the steaming postman recalls associations with "rainy song".Stepu is more important, you are happy to look at the master's exploits of Tomasz Pałasz (postman) and Michał Wierzbowski.There are also small things in the movement of actors that give comedy many scenes.Slightly exaggerated gestures cause laughter for viewers, e.g..When the Stirls sneak up to eavesdrop on the conversation of Joanna and Eddie.Also, the behavior and facial expressions of Parsifala (great Aleksander Zuchowicz) build the comic of this character.I liked how Joanna moved around the stage... siedząc w różowiutkim photoelu.

Mazowiecki Teatr Muzyczny dysponuje niewielką scena stworzoną w jednej z salKina Praha.There is no backstage here, the fall, rotating stage, thicket of die -bond.Creating a show is a challenge.When implementing the "blue castle", modernity was focused on, "building" the scenery with visualizations displayed on - filled all spaces - LED screens.I love the real set, but here I tasted the construction of stage worlds for the first time.

Wizualizacje JackaKamińskiego są chwilami nieziemskie, chwilami bajkowe, ale przede wszystkim eksplodują barwami jak podczas otwierającego drugi akt utworu „Śpiew ptaków”.Magic!

When we get to the island of Edward, we can warm up in his hut with a huge fireplace.At Abel's house, animals are looking at us, and on the candy-colored salons with stirling, the pink-yellow grille on the walls impresses, the same as the one on the dress (beautiful, like a Journal from the 1950s) aunt Tekla and on a kilt of benjamine.The author of costumes Maria Balcerek beautifully dressed the whole Stirling family!Joanna's costumes are a visualization of her internal transformation - from gray to blue.

In the spectacle - due to the small stage and limited technical capabilities (no backstage) - director Beata Redo - Dobber used a very interesting solution that allows changes in the elements of the stage design, or the movement of the actors in a completely unrestricted way.Let me not reveal the details so as not to receive the pleasure of watching..."Stopklatki" is impressive, during which Joanna presents her family.The figure of Dr. Trent (played by Dariusz Jakubowski) was also ingeniously introduced to the musical.

I hope that the musical "Blue Castle" at the Masovian Music Theater is just the beginning of the restoration of old Polish musicals.Universal topics and beautiful music combined with amazing implementation, the best acting are what the modern recipients of the musical are also looking for.Why not offer them!


Post scriptum.If you have reached this place, I will also share with you an event, which will certainly be as an anecdote cited while mentioning the premiere of the "Blue Castle" at the Masovian Music Theater.Just before the end of the first act, a moment after Abel tried to fix the stir at the Stirling House - hitting the key inside - the LED screens went out, the headlights turned off, the microphones fell silent... Awaria, która przerwała dostawę prądu dotheater oraz okolicznych budynków, nie zatrzymała Anny Lasoty i Grzegorza Szostaka, którzy scenę zagrali do końca, a wzruszającą piosenkę zaśpiewali z towarzyszeniem muzyków - unplugged.After a forced break, necessary to remove the defect, lasting nearly an hour, the premiere show was resumed.It's a good sign!