An accident at the castle in Łapalice.Two 15-year-olds in the hospital

An accident at the castle in Łapalice.Two 15-year-olds in the hospital

TVN24 |Pomerania

31 października 2021, 12:16

TVN24 |Pomerania

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Two 15-year-old boys fell into the elevator shaft in the so-called castle in Łapalice (Pomorskie), they both went to the hospital.The castle in Łapalice is a building self -alarm from the 80s.The building is unfinished.Formally, there is a ban on admission, but it is often broken.

The police received a report about an accident at the Castle in Łapalice after 22 o'clock.- Policemen initially determined that two 15-year-olds entered the construction site, where they fell into the elevator shaft.As a result of the fall, both were taken to the hospital in a conscious state - says ST.asp.Piotr Gdaniec from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Kartuzy.

Wypadek na terenie zamku w Łapalicach. Dwóch 15-latków w szpitalu

The police now determine the circumstances of the incident.

Castle in Łapalice - what is it?

The building in which the accident occurred is sometimes called "the youngest castle in Europe".Established as a construction arbitrariness in the 1980s.A Gdańsk businessman came up with the idea of creating a "work of life".In 2013, the Poviat Construction Supervision Inspector in Kartuzy decided to abandon further works - no appeal was lodged against this decision.Earlier, resolutions were made to demolish the building, but were repealed.

In 2015, a group of fans of Harry Potter was interested in buying the castle, but the transaction did not take place.

The area of the unfinished building is forbidden to enter, notoriously broken, also by tourists.- In the past, we have already talked to the owner of this facility to fence the property in a way that prevents access to bystanders.To date, however, the fence has deficiencies and this makes people enter the construction site, exposing their lives and health - says ST.asp.Piotr Gdaniec.


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