Used Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005-2014) - reviews, specifications, faults


"Simple and intuitive operation, everything within easy reach and without unnecessary complications"

“For a car of this class, very well made, nice and functional interior. Great dimensions for city driving "

"Diesel heats up very quickly - the car has additional heating of the coolant"

"Very comfortable seats - perfect for long journeys"

Używany Volkswagen Golf Plus (2005-2014) – opinie, dane techniczne, usterki


“Big rust problems. Garaged car, and yet in many places you can see reddish traces "

“I miss the 6th on the highway. And so the single is a bit too short "

"Wide posts and their slope limit visibility"

“The car frequently visits workshops. You can see VW wants to trick customers, and their satisfaction comes next "