Metawersum is to make you spend money.Can he do something good too?

Metawersum is to make you spend money.Can he do something good too?

A mix of a social networking site and other popular internet services with virtual reality creates too great opportunities to earn money so that large IT companies should not even try to use them.

It's been over a month since Facebook, and currently Meta, has announced a completely new way to use the Internet - and we still don't know what it really means.

Because the fact that in Metawersum our avatar is to virtually represent us, have a house, clothes, profession, social and cultural life, is no revolution.Millions of people already play games and use services with similar assumptions.Since the first Sims or Second Life, our virtual "I" have gained much more technologically developed possibilities.exactly.Possibilities of what?

It seems that thanks to Metawersum our avatars are to massage and spread, and this will happen when the level of equipment to use virtual reality allows changes to change..And great.Or not, because at this stage it is really difficult to say.But what will our "I" in real life?

Mark Zuckerberg threw a grenade and escaped: he announced a change in the name of his company to the finish line and announced the transition to Metawersum, but left us with more questions than answers.

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Monopoly on the planet.Facebook has already conquered one world, now he wants to create his own

Wiktor Knowski

When does it all happen?When the right equipment is created.Probably with this in mind, Zuckerberga bought Oculus, a VR goggle producer in 2014.Will we only use metawersum only on Facebook?And if our virtual "I" look into other corners of the Internet, then how does Zuckerberg intend to do it with his competitors, even with Google?Because today the giants in this market are jealously guarding their positions and are unlikely to be famous for their willingness of selfless cooperation - or selflessness at all.And finally: will anyone who doesn't like Metawersum will be able to use "traditional" Facebook?

The answer to this last question does not sound: "Ok, boomer", because enthusiasts of total immersion in virtual space are about the same as his opponents.

An example of this is VR (Ang.Virtual Reality - virtual reality), which we were to use massively, and we use sporadically, rather in special studies and at gamer events than in our own homes.

In addition, nowadays, Facebook is most often entered on mobile devices, "the other hand" by doing something else.So it seems that Metawersum is to appeal to those who already spend long hours in the virtual world created for themselves and by them - for example, Fortnite or Minecraft game lovers.In them, we are also avatars that can create, work, entertain and, above all, spend money.The question, however, whether players and players will be most excited about the abstract finish for the finish line, since Fortnite already offers them concerts of real musicians (Ariana Grande, Travis Scott) or participation in a reality show with prizes of 80 thousand.PLN, and many of them represent a generation for which Facebook is an outdated medium and which their parents use.

However, if you understand metawersum more than just as the future of Facebook - there is no escape from him. A mix of a social networking site and other popular internet services with virtual reality creates too great opportunities to earn money so that large IT companies should not even try to use them.That is why the metawersum has already been a bit spread, although not everyone uses this name towards it.

Metawersum ma cię skłonić do wydawania pieniędzy. A czy może zrobić też coś dobrego?

Art after virtual

We hear, for example, about NFT (Ang.Non-Fungible token-a non-replaceable token), i.e. virtual coins that appear in a limited number, which determines their value.What can you sell in this way?Everything.Doda celebrity offers parts of her own body, and Martirenti influencer earned a round one million zlotys on her "digital love".

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NFT disaster, or how to sell a meme for a million dollars

Wojtek Borowicz

It sounds a bit suspicious, but it does not differ from investments in other goods with unique value, which may be worth even more over time.This is best seen on the art market.Because the form of individual, i.e. the most expensive and most desirable NFT, can take not only the feelings of Instagram stars, but also the works of artists.

At the beginning of December, during the auction at DESA Unicum in Warsaw, NFT was auctioned inspired by the work of Paweł Kowalewski why there is something rather than nothing from 1986 that was destroyed.A token that allows you to see a non -existent image in virtual form was sold for 100,000.euro.

NFT is an example of goods or services on the border of the real and virtual world, but at least for now they are entertainment for the rich.Over time, they will probably be furniture for our virtual houses and clothes for our virtual wardrobes.The more interesting question, however, is how culture and our ways of using it will change thanks to them.Because since we already have works of art already existing in virtual, we can expect digital galleries, which we will visit as avatars.It will be a unique experience that NFT does not have their counterparts in the real world. To co innego niż zwiedzanie z własnej kanapy muzeów w Google Arts & Culture, które nadal jest tylko namiastką obcowania z oryginałami dzieł sztuki.

Metawersum creeps into other cultural areas.Radiohead team, which has been providing its albums for free on the Internet for a long time, has prepared a surprise for fans in cooperation with Epic Games (producer of even the mentioned Fortnite).On the 20th anniversary of the iconic CDs Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001), the group released the combined Kid A Mnesia publishing house and created a game in the form of a virtual art gallery, which we visit, listening to the next songs.You can download it for free.Is this Epic Games advertising?Yes.Can you have it somewhere and simply devote yourself to tasty cultural experience?Of course.

This project opens the door with another in a similar spirit.Maybe we have to return to the times when the music videos were small film works?Maybe audiobooks and podcasts will be enriched with a visual layer?If the metawersum becomes upcoming, the cost of such undertakings will fall and even if they are known for them, they can be available for free or on the basis of subscription - just like the films of famous directors and with the stars in the cast are available on streaming platforms.

Metawersum in the service of the soul

Since the idea of Metawersum comes from the head of the company, whose flagship product is a social network.Here, hints should be sought in these less obvious ways of using VR.

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Epidemic in virtual reality

Katarzyna Niedurny

VR technology turned out to be surprisingly useful for some industries.The Polish startup 1000 Realities implements training programs for companies, in which, for example, factory employees get goggles and learn to use machines, physically without touching them and thus without exposing themselves to any danger.In Metawersum, a newly employed person will be able to "get" to get acquainted with the whole company before the start of work, which many of us will save stress, the embarrassing label of the rookie and panic wandering on floors in search of a department or room.

Mark Zuckerberg himself mentioned the advantages of metawersum in the context of remote work.According to him, the avatars meetings will be more "human" (because similar to the stationary ones in real life) than stuttering conversations through messengers.It is a matter of taste and individual preferences, so the assessment of whether the company's meetings will be "human" more or less, I leave readers and readers.It will certainly be easier to look at the company's 3D product, and even touch it, than nowadays, when, through the next quarantine, or in the workplace of patterns, photos or videos are the only thing we can count on.

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Lifting for Facebook

Steven Hill

Metawersum will probably deepen the problems of self -esteem of people who are already frustrating with comparisons to social media stars.Someone's avatar can always be more attractive or better dressed than ours, and by moving and speaking, it will be more convincing than current influencers in the pictures and in short videos.

However, the use of VR in relations typical of social media may also have advantages.Let's take a replacement of comments.Today, it takes place so impersonal that many people are easy to insult others.Maybe before reaching for hate speech, what usually stops us in real.This can civilize some of the conversations on Facebook, although there is also a danger that it will become an additional incentive for the most stubborn online sociopaths, enjoying the pleasure of living on others.

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Get out of poverty?The Tech industry proposes to escape to virtual

Karolina Wasielewska

Metawersum can also make life easier for people with various types of fears and inhibitions, because it will give the opportunity to practice various social behavior.Have you never been to a job interview and want to see what she looks like?You rent an avatar that will play a recruiter.This is just a development of one of the popular ways to use VR today: to fight phobias.A person who in real life for nothing in the world would not enter the room with a spider, in virtual has a chance to do it and get used to such a perspective.

But still: money

Even if we found a million advantages of metawersum, one thing is known: for giants from the Silicon Valley it will be another opportunity to earn.

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Pstryk - and now.Can you turn off the internet?

Jakub Chabik

Our avatars will send much more precise data about our tastes, health or living conditions in cyberspace than current profiles in social media.And the methods of selling us personalized products and services can be definitely better camouflaged than at the moment.Any interaction impersonating the usual chat can simply have the nature of the advertisement, because we will see the avatar of a given user or user and everything he wears, does, has and what he uses.

And this can be the biggest disappointment that the metawersum will bring: under the even more attractive packaging than before, all advantages, but also the ills of the social media already known to us will be hidden.And as the case of VR games showed - the same as always, only in 3D and without stimuli from the outside, it is still not enough to rub the success.