Drinking the interior of the car.Can you improve them yourself?

Drinking the interior of the car.Can you improve them yourself?

A frequent source of noise is the trunk, specifically the items that are in it.It is worth removing unnecessary little things, and useful to fix, as well as verify whether the reason for riding while driving is not, for example, inaccurately fixed spare wheel, a set of keys or a lift.If we improve their fastening and the noise does not stop, the elements can be tried to additionally protect, e.g. rubber, cardboard or a piece of flannel.

After ordering in the trunk, look around the cabin.A frequent source of noise, especially in cheaper models, can be creaking plastics.Removing unpleasant sounds can be difficult.Usually you need to dismantle the element and improve its embedding.It can be difficult and does not always have an effect.Some advise to inject between the plastic gaps for the maintenance of plastic elements or the agent for ... loosening baked screws.This preparation is also suitable for lubricating the creaking hinges of pedals.

The noise can also come from inside the door.There are a lot of parts in them - locks, glass guides, cylinders for their window control or bundles of electric wires.If you can locate unwanted sounds in the door, there is no advice - you need to remove the side panels and check what is buzzing.Elimination of noise usually consists in tightening and correctly fixing the elements.You can also use insulating tape, e.g. to fix the beam of cables striking on the sheet.

Muting up the car - do it yourself

Often the source of noise are plastics surrounding the speakers placed in the door.This is a characteristic resonance that we hear when we turn up the radio louder.First of all, it is worth checking if the screws need to be tightened, and the clips fastening the door bacon are not broken.If everything looks good and the noise does not go away, you can try to eliminate it by gluing plastics from the inside with a piece of felt or a special damping mat, which can be bought in construction supermarkets, as well as on the Internet.

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Drivers who valued a good mute of the cabin liked the damping mats.Many of them try to improve the car in this area.This mainly applies to the door through which a large part of the noise gets from the outside.Styrofoam was used to sound soundproofing once.Mate and suppressing foams are considered a much better choice, which more effectively suppress noise, are easier for modeling and non -flammable.

There are mats of different sizes and thicknesses in trade, as well as differing in the method of assembly.The cheapest sheets of the bituminous damping mat, 100x100 cm, can be bought for just PLN 5.But there are also those that cost up to PLN 100.Make sure that the mat is waterproof.It's best to choose those that are self -adhesive, because it makes them easier to install.

Before we start soundproofing, you need to properly prepare the surface that will undergo this procedure.The sheet or plastic should be cleaned and degreased.This is very important because all pollution affects the durability of the connection.Stick the mat directly to the surface and cover it with a liner or masking.In this way, you can suppress not only the door, but also the trunk.If it is a sedan car, you can also additionally cover the trunk cover with a mat from the inside.More meticulous silencing enthusiasts even suppress the floor in the cabin.However, this is quite complicated, because it requires removal of seats and sofa and dismantling the liner.

Muting the car - for wealthy

Car owners who do not have time to mute the car independently, but they have a lot of cash, can take advantage of the offer of companies providing this type of service.The offer of such plants includes not only soundproofing the door, trunk or floor, but also the roof, posts, wheel arches, engine partitions and even door seals.

However, a professional service is expensive.The price of comprehensive calmness of the car is, depending on the size of the car, from 3000 to 7000 PLN.Such a high price is mainly influenced by the time -consuming of the operation (soundproofing of the vehicle can take up to 4 days), also the need to dismantle many elements, which is also meticulously included in the bill.

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